K-Palette is the Brow Authority + Photo Shoot by Pat Dy!

I remember, sometimes around 3, 4, or 5 years ago, Cheryl emailed me and invited me to the first- ever launch of K-Palette; she happily greeted me and the rest of the guests upon our arrival and though new, she spoke with much enthusiasm and confidence about her brand; more than the product, what gets me hooked is when people believe in their brand more than anything else. Confidence is sexy.

A few years after, K-Palette is now in everyone's kits, from Bloggers, Makeup Artists, Celebrities, and everyday women; it's now apt for them to claim that they are indeed, the Brow Authority.

To cement their status as the leader in Brows makeup locally, K-Palette invited me together with my fellow bloggers, celebrities, and makeup artists for a fun photo shoot and to showcase our love for K-Palette with celebrity photographer, Pat Dy!

I'm no stranger to the camera, but the thought of being photographed by a master always gives me butterflies; glad that Pat Dy made me feel comfortable and he was totally encouraging; I warmed up in no time in front of the camera!

So glad to be working alongside passionate people and people who share my love for brows and beauty. These are the things that make blogging worthwhile!

And here's my photo! In this photo, I used my favorite 2 Way Lasting Eyebrow Pen!

To more brow-tastic years to come, K-Palette!

See the rest of our campaign over at K-PALETTE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Did you do your own makeup for this?...Your brows looks a bit different from your usual.

  2. Your brows look a bit thinner here. I saw the pictures of other bloggers and you are all amazing. I need to experience the magic of K-Palette. I can't live without on fleek eyebrows hehe

  3. Nice photo! agree with Ann, your brows look different here, should i say its more natural?

  4. I love this campaign from K-Palette :) Now that I have tried their two-way eyebrow pen, I understand what the rave is all about. It's definitely the best eyebrow product I've tried. I use pencils and powders frequently for my brows, but the eyebrow marker from K-palette offers the ease and the longevity that other products just can't offer. I'm glad I was able to try them because of you Ms. Martha <3 :)

  5. Nice photo Ms. Martha, pang model na. Someday matututo din akong magkilay, paglaki laki na ni baby.

  6. so many good reviews on Kpalette brow kits even Nadine Lustre said that she was using KPalette that's why her brows always on fleek, your brows here is good but I have noticed it was thin.

  7. You look gorgeous Ms. Martha! Yeah, I love KPalette too! Awesome photoshoot too with Pat Dy.

  8. So pretty! Your brows just looked a little thinner though. But still pretty nonetheless. I also love K-Palette products! I used to think that K-Palette is pricey. But when I got to try it, I was hooked. Definitely worth every penny. :)


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