True Tea: Let's Make the Philippines Diabetes Free by 2025!

I am an Iced Tea lover - that I confess; I treat it like water and I have to have it in almost every meal; I know it's definitely way too much sugar, ergo unhealthy, but blame it on my sweet tooth!

Over the years, I've realized the importance of making healthy choices without totally sacrificing taste and quality so when I crave for sweets on non- cheat days, I go for anything sugar- free; used to be hopeless for iced tea though until I discovered True Tea, a low calorie, no sugar added iced tea sweetened with Stevia!

True Tea is by the same makers of Green Stevia. It contains real Black Tea leaves that are overflowing with benefits. Here are some:

- Lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack
- Rich in antioxidants that help protect from cell damage
- Protects from Osteoporosis and Lung Cancer
- Boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss
- Aids in oral health by preventing tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel

This refreshing drink is naturally sweetened with Green Stevia. But what is it? Stevia is a plant native in South and Central America; it's being widely used as a sweetener and compared to popular all natural sweeteners such as Aspartame and Coco Sugar, it has no chemicals and generally safe for hypertensives and diabetics. Here are the other benefits of Stevia:

- Does not cause dental cavities
- Non- carcinogenic
- No cholesterol and sodium content, making it safe for long- term use

On top of these, True Tea is also enriched with Vitamin C; one glass will give you 133% of your recommended daily intake!

True Tea is pretty good iced tea, but without the guilt! Nice to know that I can finally enjoy my favorite drink without putting myself at risk of Diabetes!

Speaking of Diabetes, did you know that according to an FNRI survey, there are 5 million recorded cases of Diabetes in the Philippines in 2007? According to WHO, if the trend doesn't stop growing, the Philippines will be part of the top 10 countries with the highest incidence of Diabetes by 2025. Yikes! That's why I'm switching to True Tea now and encouraging you to change your food habits too; together with True Tea, let's aim for a Diabetes- free Philippines by 2025! Share the cause!

True Tea is available in all leading department stores. Please visit TRUE TEA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha, where did you buy this tea? i love the other benefits that will benefit the whole family:) thanks for the daily dose of latest.

  2. Pwede ba to sa kids? Kids ko kase hilig din sa iced tea, hindi na nga ako nabili nun kase baka magkadiabetes sila, husband ko kase may diabetes na eh.

  3. My mom is diabetic, she lose weight and she often have boils. She is taking medicine and hopefully, kung hindi man mawala, pero at least bumaba ang sugar nya. Will definitely recommend this to her.

  4. I saw green Stevia yesterday at Mercury Drug. quite curious about it til' i reached this post. will check out True tea next time!

  5. I so love iced tea too! Especially now that I can't drink soft drinks anymore. Would love to try true tea. I don't want to be the first person to have diabetes in our family.


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