BEAUTY BULLETIN: Cute Holiday Exchange Gifts

Still looking for an exchange gift for your late Christmas parties? Here are awesome, cute suggestions!

Mary Kay unveils a new Botanical Effects skin care collection; this time it's super cute and powered with super fruit Dragonfruit and Aloe extracts to infuse skin with powerful antioxidants and keep it fresh and hydrated and called Botanical Effects Revolution. Botanical Effects is a simple, no- fuss skin care range made for women on the go; it's gentle and effective, and complements a busy lifestyle.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Evolution Cleansing Gel (P299.00)- dissolves impurities and oil, and leaves skin refreshed.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Revolution Refreshing Toner (P599.00)- removes deep- seated dirt and preps skin for the rest of the regimen.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Revolution Moisturizing Gel (P699.00)- lightweight and refreshing, and promises to keep skin hydrated for 12 hours.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Revolution Regimen Set (P1,499.00)- includes the Cleansing Gel, Refreshing Toner, and Moisturizing Gel.

Relive your love for music and festivals with Upbeat EDT, a fragrance inspired by music. This upbeat fruity floral is fresh, pretty, and fun, truly encourages you to revel and enjoy! Bottle costs P949.00.

For more information about Mary Kay Botanical Effects Revolution and Upbeat EDT, please visit MARY KAY PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Origins' cute, holiday gift sets are sure to make every one's skin merry and bright such as this trio hand moisturizers at P1,750.00. There are a lot more Origins gift sets to discover so pay their stores a visit for the entire collection.

Please visit ORIGINS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like everything. But Marykay caught my attention coz it's super cute. I never expected it to be Marykay upon seeing it. But well, when it's this time of the year, amazing and adorable stuff starts to appear. And of course tons of discounts. I just wish I have a lot of money to buy gifts for everyone.

  2. Ang cute ng packaging nila! Kyaaa! Specially the mary kay, I remember before, I'm a mary kay girl and yung packaging niya is super simple yet yung pinaka product is amazing and mabango. Not too harsh, amoy gulaman siya for me. Hehe. Mahirap nga lang talaga hagilapin ang mark kay products, kasi wala sia sa malls. But if you know someone who sells this, mas convenient talaga and good product ito. :) The upbeat perf looks very mabango! And the packaging, kumichristmas! Ang ganda, I love fruity floral scent. Lakas maka teenager! I love it!

  3. I knew how Mary Kay products works. I have attended a "talk" about certain products and I really loved the effects after. Me and my friends have tried the facial wash and even perfumes and we all loved the effects. Yun nga lang may pagkapricey mga products but the good thing is pangmatagalang gamit naman. :)

  4. I love the Mary Kay set!

  5. the mary k packaging looks really cute and been wanting to try anything from origins. these are really good gift ideas for my loved ones or myself :)

  6. Additional items for xmas gifts. I would like to try Mary Kay. Happy Holidays Ms. Martha mwuah mwuah mwuah

  7. Whoa I'm amazed that Mary Kay now offers cheaper skin care sets :) Love to try this Botanical Effects line! and those Origins trio hand moisturizers are too cute, gonna get them asap!

  8. Products are really cute during the holiday season. Right? :)

  9. That Mary Kay line with dragonfruit and aloe extract is interesting!I need those!

  10. YASSSS i love everything!!! Personally I love sending (& receiving too!) gift sets to everyone. It's just perfect for the holidays and travel seasons too!

  11. The hand moisturizers look like they would great gifts to my girlfriends! I can get the set and split them up! Buti na lng hindi pa kmi nakakapagmeet for our annual Christmas party, this is a great last minute gift idea! Hehehe... thank you!

  12. Oh! More gifts to my self! haha I want to try the Mary Kay skin care. I hope they sell them in sets for a cheaper price. I'm dying to try something from origins! Still convincing myself though. :)


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