Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Blush (New) and Sweet As Sugar Lipstick Sets Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks Blush (New) and Sweet As Sugar Lipstick Sets.

PRICE: Blush- P299.00; Lipstick Set- P499.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading SM department stores


Pink Sugar ups the game of their best- selling lipstick and blush collection for the holidays. Behold, Sweet As Sugar Lipstick Sets and the newly- repackaged Sweet Cheeks HD Blush with two new shades!


The new Sweet Cheeks HD Blush now comes in a smaller, much handier packaging; the brush has been removed from the pack, but the size of the product has been increased for a bit; these now remind me of Nars's blushes, but only a wee bit smaller. Also, they've gotten more affordable at P299.00!

L-R: Sin, Morocco, Miss Independent, Summer Nights, Florence

Three best- sellers, Sin City, Miss Independent, and Summer Nights have been retained; the classics are joined by two shades namely Florence, a deep rose shade and Morocco, a taupe beige, which seems to be the replacement for South Beach.

For a detailed review on Sweet Cheeks HD Blush, please click HERE.

Here are the two new shades of the blush:

Morocco, I suppose, is a replacement for South Beach, Pink Sugar's previous contouring powder. I like this better because of the matte, taupe brown finish.

Florence is a matte deep rose shade; this is VERY pigmented so I take and apply the product in just a tapping motion.

Meanwhile, Sweet As Sugar Lipstick Set combines four of Pink Sugar's best- selling shades. The Green set features Diva and Naked and the Pink set features XOXO and Fancy. If you're on the bolder side, choose the green set; if you're on the romantic side, choose the pink set.

For a detailed review on the lipsticks, please click HERE for the HD range and HERE for the Creamy Matte range.

These are great gifts for your girlfriends!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the flatlay. Hihihi. I only knew blush to be pink :) I am so naive when it comes to make up but I love seeing them all the time. I am so impressive how other people can do it flawlessly, effortlessly. I can't even put a perfect lipstick on my lips. Hahaha. But I always enjoy you swatching and all that :)

  2. Omygosh. I love all the colors! Pink Sugars really up their game this year! Collection of lovely hues and textures perfect for everyday glam. Love it :) Thanks Ms. M!

  3. I have been waiting for this eversince you posted a photo of these blushes on IG. Morocco looks amazing, and I'd still use it as a blush! :) That's why it looks a bit different, they removed the brush! Sure am glad it's less expensive though, because I believe they run about a lot more than 299 before.

  4. I love Pink Sugar blushes... I have Tokyo Rush and I want more shades.. Might get Florence :D
    I wanted to try the lipsticks as well, ahhh andami kong gusto!

  5. Wow. These are affordable at ang ganda pang shades. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha.

  6. I recently bought morocco! I spotted it while looking for a contour powder at SM Store. It's super nice! I love it and its packaging.:)

  7. Affordable prices,at pang mASA ang kulay :) love them all

  8. I'm team Diva and naked both looks perfect for the season :D

  9. I dont think I could wear the Morocco, but nice how you pulled it off. I alway slove Pink Sugar lipstick and I am beginning to love the blushes, they were beautiful shades.

  10. My first pink sugar item is their highlighter in south beach, I really loved it because it is a great dupe to nars laguna! Ultimate fave ko yon, and now they're releasing new colors na naman na super magaganda ang shades! What I liked about PS is that, super affordable ng products nila yet super ganda ng quality. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that they are made in Taiwan? And knowing Taiwan, I was a bit hesitant first to try this brand but when I gave it a try, pak! Oks na oks talaga! :) Their lippies are beautiful too! Filipina can easily wear that colors. What I don't like is the packaging naman, since it can easily be broken :( Or di lang talaga ako maingat siguro. Pero oks naman siya, I just wish na sana more sturdy. But for the price, keri na :)

  11. Affordable na pero napakaganda ng product! di halatang mura lang po ah, ang ganda! yan ang pinakamadaling nagawa ko sa face ko, ung mag apply ng blush :D

  12. I honestly don't like the blushes. I feel na hindi bagay saken. But it looks good on you huh Miss Martha. I don't think I would buy something like this siguro based on my skintone na din. Hehe.

  13. I've been meaning to try the morocco blush for contouring. Saw a couple of youtubers rave about this product. Will put this in my to-buy list once I finish my other contour powder.


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