Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush Review + Price

Here's a review on Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush.

PRICE: P1,500.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Shiseido boutiques


Shiseido may only have one brush, but they made sure that it will make a huge impact in every makeup lover's life. Enter Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush; there's been a lot of buzz about this brush - they said it's a magic wand that seems to buff all sorts of foundation perfectly on the skin. I have one finally (thank you makeup gods!) and after first use, I could say that the hype is real!


Shiseido combines innovation and the traditional art of Japanese brush- making come together in this brush. Perfect Foundation Brush is designed to apply all types of foundation on the skin seamlessly and claims to deliver varying coverage in one tool.


The product is a semi- slanted, flat baby kabuki; it has synthetic bristles that are of high quality because it is very soft on the skin; it is sturdy and dense, yet flexible enough to reach any area of the face. No shedding when I washed the brush and texture remained the same after being rinsed with soap.

Shiseido suggested ways to use this brush:

For heavy coverage, dab the brush.
For medium coverage, move across the skin in half circles
For light coverage, sweep across skin

Shiseido also said to maximize the brush, for liquid foundation, apply foundation directly on the skin and then blend with the brush. I have tried this technique and it doesn't make any difference between that and applying foundation at the back of my hand first then onto my skin; brush works great no matter the technique. I love using this product with powder foundation as well, especially when I am applying powder on my under eyes; the diameter of the brush allows for effective spot application. Works great with cream foundation as well. I just wish that they would come out with a bigger version so I could cover more skin in one go, thus shortening my preparation time.

Overall, I'm impressed with this brush; love that it's so versatile and travel- friendly. Btw, I use it with blush, contouring powders, and highlighters too. If I can only have one base brush to bring with me during traveling, this is it!

P.S. Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush is part of Shiseido's Beauty Dash; it's happening all- December long. Click HERE for more value sets offered in the dash plus join my Shiseido giveaway too!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I immediately bought this brush upon googling on what's the best foundation brush to use, and this one ranks at number 1. Hehe! I'm very curious that's why I asked my friend who's in Japan to bought it for me right away. She bought it around 18 dollars, and I bet it is only around 800 pesos when converted sa atin, Oh My, the tax sucks. Anyways, I considered its dense, short-bristled flat-top as my holy grail. It has a simple, yet elegant design. I love the density and softness, as well as the beautiful finish it creates. Very user friendly, with no apparent shedding. My only complaint about this brush is that it is hard to clean! Haha. I soak it to my cleaner about 3 times to totally removed those pesky foundie left. Hehe. Hope you could share us on how you clean your make up brushes Ms. M :)

  2. By just merely looking at it, I already its soft touch to my skin. Oh my. I have no idea that its price would be that much as I've always been wanting to have one as what I only have is really a cheap one. It lose it's bristles every now and then and it hurts like hell on face.

  3. This brush is so pretty po! but the price naman is super mahal...

  4. Another new brush in town! Will visit Megamall's Shiseido branch later. I'll check this out! Thanks, Ms. M <3 xx

  5. I totally love the brush Ms. Martha :)

  6. Sa brushes di ako masyado maselan, kung baga I use kung ano avail sa mga gamit ko..can you give me po madam a tips sa right brush sa pag contour and paglagay ng foundation, dba pwd po brushes? I like that Shiseido Brush! parang pwede syang pang foundation and blush :D

  7. yessss. i think i need to invest in a good foundation brush.

  8. Gosh I need this brush in my life! It might look expensive but if it does multiple things and it's as good as you say it is, then I'm sold! This for sure will cut down the brushes I have to keep and wash regularly.

  9. This foundation brush is so sulit because you can also use it in your blush, contouring powders and highlighters. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha

  10. I used to not be such a big fan of using brushes to apply foundation (or any liquid product on the face for that matter) because I always preferred using a sponge. But it's so hard to maintain a beauty sponge (my Real Techniques one is sooooo battered) and they get moldy so quickly so I finally gave my round top kabuki brush another chance and I was so shocked by the airbrush-like finish. Idk what the heck I was doing wrong before but now I'm a believer ahaha. Shiseido's way out of my budget but that's the goal one day!!!

  11. If the hype is real then I think sulit na sulit naman yung 1500 na presyo kasi napakadaling gamitin. ;)


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