This week has been a bit stressful and packed as I am now in the process of procuring suppliers for my wedding next year; so much to do and so many choices that I am overwhelmed! Remind me to take a break!

To take my mind off the preparation for a while, I'm blogging about the place where our forever had its finality: Marcia Adams.

PRICE RANGE: Appetizers: Start at P225; Salad: Starts at P300; Main Course: Starts at P700; Dessert: Starts at P100

Marcia Adams is a rustic- style restaurant serving Mediterranean fare. Great food + lovely place= great experience; an equation Marcia Adams has so perfectly adopted that's why it's one of the most- visited and must- visit restaurants in Tagaytay.

The place has two venues: this is the first one, a stone house where you can dine and purchase some consigned goods.

 Small room inside the stone house; for intimate, private gatherings.

The bigger al fresco area that can sit up to 60 people. There's my Pikachu after the proposal - ah, writing about this makes me smile from ear to ear! :)

Let's go to the delicious food!

 Free oven- baked, homemade bread dipped in Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.


A refreshing salad that's exploding in flavors; it's sweet, tangy, and earthy at the same time; gotta love those fresh peppercorns; they added the surprisingly good earthy twist to the salad!


We opted for a light appetizer to make way for our giant main courses; 


A sizeable steak that can feed two people; the steak is grilled to perfection and I love that I can still taste beef, if you know what I mean; the Truffle Butter topping added a dash of creaminess and it accompanied the steak very well. Those truffled fried marbled potatoes have the perfect crisp!


It's been a while since I had lamb and I thoroughly enjoyed this one; slightly burnt, soft lamb with creamy cheese with marbled potatoes and grilled tomatoes.

P.S. You can order rice too!


Marcia's dessert servings are just small, which is actually what the size of desserts should be; it's only meant to cleanse your palate and end your meal on a sweet note. This is a straightforward dessert and the sauteed cherries were lovely; however, I was expecting a more artisan- tasting ice cream to complete the experience because this one tasted like commercial ice cream.


PS, I love Creme Brulee and the lavender sauce of Marcia Adams's version gave it a lovely floral taste; trust me, it's good!

The proposal made our meal even sweeter, but even without it, I'd love to go back because the food here lived up to my expectations, plus the place is so relaxing!

Marcia Adams is located in J.Rizal St., Bgy. Sicat, Alfonso, Tagaytay City. Give them a call at 0917-8011456.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Awww... I love how sweet and cozy the setting for your proposal is, he must have planned for it really well! I am truly happy for you, Ms. Martha and please take time to relax and pamper yourself, I know how stressful it is to prepare for a wedding. To ease the stress I suggest you give your maid of honor and bridesmaids tasks so you don't have to carry all of the burden. You can even ask your groom for help, I'm sure he'd love to do things with you and for you. Cheers to your happy ending! Ps. The food looks amazing! Yum!

  2. Ms. M, super ganda ng place. it looks serene and beautiful. Sobra! Parang pang movie ang datingan, eeeppp kilig ako sa proposal. Congrats sainyo Ms. M! I smiled on the Aegean salad, because that's where my name came from hahaha. :) Anyways, I'd love to visit this place, hopefully before the year ends. Pang romantic date ang datingan, and the food looks very delicious too! By just reading your reviews about these foods, nagutom na ako haha. Thanks Ms. M for sharing this beautiful place!

  3. I'm starving now. The lamb sure looks delicious. Mr. Randy chose a great place for the proposal. The place has lots of interesting things to look at. Great ambiance and good food- perfect for a special day.
    Aaaw you caught Pickachu! And just like what i said on IG, i wonder what will your baby wear as costume? Well, one thing is for sure, she/he will be really cute.

  4. Beautiful place! Pwede pong mag unwind :)

  5. Wow it's a beautiful place for a wedding reception!!! Love the food selection as well. You deserve a break if ever you get too busy

  6. ...aaaand I'm hungry. :) Thank you for sharing this awesome place! I'll definitely check this out.

  7. Napaka cozy naman po dyan! I love it! ang ganda ng view! tahimik and tlgang masasarap foods they serve! kung ako rin stress and need a ME TIME, dyan din ako pupunta..Truly recommended yan ah, especially sa couples! Congratulations po pala madam sa Wedding mo po next year! Hope you post a lot of pictures and videos of your special day! Merry Christmas po!!

  8. Pati ako napapasmile kay Pikachu, napakasweet. Relax relax lang Ms. Martha at hingi ka din ng help kay Pikachu for your wedding needs. Kameng dalawang mag asawa lang ang nag asikaso ng wedding namin. Kapagod pero masaya.

  9. The place is super nice!!! Ang galing ni fiancee pumili ng place! The place looks cozy, intimate and classy eventho the prices of their food is swak lang sa budget! Will check this out soon. Thank you for this review, I really enjoyed it :)

  10. I am so hungry now! And the place I wanted a home like that, It's like I am in a resort all the time and all parts are instagram-worthy. Hihihi. Perfect for OOTDs like what you had in that door and also for flatlays and all other photography stuff.

  11. I love the place, very quiet ambiance, place to relax/unwind, nakakagutom un steak:)


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