The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalizing Face Oil and Sleeping Cream Review + Price

Here's a review on The Body Shop Oils of Life Face Oil and Sleeping Cream.

PRICE: Oil- P2,395.00; Cream- P1,695.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all The Body Shop stores


The past November has got to be the BUSIEST month of the year as I was out left and right attending meetings and creating never ending proposals and pitches; whew! My December break will be well- deserved!

My skin suffered immensely throughout the -ber months, but thankfully, I discovered The Body Shop Oils of Life; it's been sitting in my dresser for quite sometime now and while lamenting over my really dull skin, I spotted this and was moved to use it due to the INTENSELY REVITALIZING tagline. A month after, my skin look and feel revitalized indeed, as if the pitches and proposals did not happen! <3 p="">


Oils of Life features the most potent oil extracts sourced from the best sources around the world; it contains Black Cumin from Egyptian Nile Valley, Camellia from China, and Rosehip from Andes Valley in Chile. Nourishes, hydrates, protects, revitalizes, and soothes skin. The range features a Revitalizing Essence Lotion, Facial Oil, and Sleeping Cream.

Left- Oil; Right- Cream

Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil is a hydrating oil; it's soothing, nourishing, and hydrating, but doesn't feel slick and greasy; it provides ample moisture throughout the day; I even use a drop of this with cream foundation to give it a lil' slip.

Intensely Revitalizing Sleeping Cream is a night cream with a cute name; I use it as a 'sealant' for the Facial Oil; it has a gel cream texture: it's superbly rich, but doesn't feel heavy at the same time, thanks to the innovative consistency.

Both products have an oriental, peppery floral smell; the scent can get pretty strong yet I like it, but not everyone will. Both products can be used independently as well.


This is the only bare- faced photo I've taken in a while so this is what I'm showing here; take note, I am outdoors and I managed to go out barefaced, thanks to my glowing, healthy- looking skin that needs no makeup. :) My skin always looks energized, deeply nourished, and supple; true enough, it's intensely revitalized! No breakouts experienced with the facial oil and sleeping cream even if I use both, but I do so during night time only; I don't use these during daytime because they take a while to absorb.

The Body Shop Oils of Life creams are perfect for those with dry, flaky skin as well as dull skin; the potent oil extracts in the products work together to deliver deep nourishment while the beneficial ingredients join forces to restore skin's vitality!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow, you look great without makeup I want to cry! 😂 I saw these in Body Shop last sunday but was I looking at the whitening versions the ones that come in white bottles to help with my acne scars. But gosh, they're pretty costly. At night I love using serums and oils as they make my skin feel so soft and dewy in the morning!

  2. KaHit wala pong kayong make up maganda parin. MukHang effective ngapo talaga.

  3. How awesome it is to go out barefaced... truly amazing! You got nice, healthy & glowing skin po! I wish ma-achieve ko din...
    I like The Body Shop products, though not really a fan of oil based moisturizers but would love to try the cream one!

  4. Wow ang pretty mo Ms. Martha kahit walang makeup. Mejo expensive para sakin ang The Body Shop Oils of Life.

  5. Ms. M! You looked so pretty even without make up. Pak na pak ang glow, blooming ika nga :) I'm currently using naman yung sa HHN na sunflower oil and it works really well. At first, hesitant ako kasi baka lalo magbreak out kasi oil, but then, it helps pa nga to stop my face to oil up crazily! Will definitely try this after I finish my bottle, but this one is a bit pricey. I bet this is such a holy grail product. Sana magbigayan na ng bonus hahaha, will definitely buy. #SkinCareAddictHere :D Thanks for the great review!

  6. kahit wlaa ka pong makeup maganda ka pa rin po...blooming pa! kita po sa picture mo na tlgang shining yet glowing! I like that product kasi sbi mo nga po di sya malakas sa mukha, ingredient-friendly and totally user-frinendly pa.. Ako tlga, palagi rin po naiinitan and tlgang nakakalimutan ko na lagyan ng kahit cleanser mukha ko... :( d man halata sa pics ko po but my face skin is really dry and may acnes pako..

  7. It really feels great when you can go outside without any makeup on. Parang you have nothing to worry about foundation getting cakey, eyebrows getting patchy, lipstick getting smudge.IF only I can afford these kinds of skin care, I would definitely buy them all. Wedding preparations can stress you out Ms.Martha, I've been there so always make sure to take a break and pamper yourself once a week.

  8. Rocking that bare face look, Ms. M! The product is quite costly but I think with your verdict it must be pretty good for its price! Will definitely check this out soon!

  9. Wow. I think I need this as well as I look so tired this past few months due to busy schedule at work and I still have to talk to my bf working in Japan at night so I really lack a lot of sleep. Waaaaa. But you look great barefaced, no cover ups just you :)

  10. You look so fresh and glowing with your bare face Miss Martha! I like the products from The body shop especially their products with tea tree oil, kaso medyo pricey talaga considering na im still a student. Anyways, would you recommend this product for those girls with oily skin? Sometimes kasi nabobother ako to put creams and oils at night, i feel na nag ooil up lalo or baka magclog lang sa pores ko and some products ive tried kasi before feels sticky and "heavy" sa face. :(

  11. i do have oily skin so this is probably not for me. but kudos to going barefaced outdoors. :) wish I can do the same but my skin is really far from perfect so I need to use at least 3 products when I'm going out.

  12. Wow! This is really interesting! Bare glowing face is love!


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