10 Products to try at Tony Moly

Hola! Welcome to another 10 things list; got a lot of requests from people for this segment so I'll be blogging about this frequently until we've touched at least half of all beauty brands in the world (wow!). For this list, I'm sharing the 10 must- try products from one of my fave Korean skin care brands, Tony Moly!

- Actually, the entire Ferment Snail line collection is a must- try; this line is what converted me to a Tony Moly user! This particular set is amazingly restorative and visibly improves skin's feel, look, and condition, plus has some serious brightening effects as well. A lil' pricey, but worth it and it's technically cheaper than luxury face creams that work.

- An affordable smoothing and sebum- controlling primer that has hydrating properties to boot; I love using this lately!

- A wonderful cold weather skin care; Naturalth moisturizes skin really well, plus the nice, milky scent makes you warm and fuzzy all over. :3

- Affordable, gentle, and removes waterproof mascara and long- wearing lipstick well!

- The mascara is waterproof and yields the right kind of fullness for everyday, while the lip tint comes in cool, cute colors for different takes of the natural flush. These are great everyday essentials!

- A cleansing balm that is affordable and works; it really helps dissolve every makeup there is. Great for waterproof and long- wearing makeup wearers!

- Pocketable, pigmented eyeshadows that are guaranteed to give your eyes a splash of color when needed! Love the nudes of this collection!

- One of my most favorite hydrating toners; this baby actually improves the skin; heck, it even helped me control acne!

- A cute, casual collection that's great for makeup collectors and as gifts! The lip crayons and concealer are great!

Now what brand to blog about next? :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love this segment, and excited for your next brand feature!
    I also love using Tony Moly products...surprisingly, haven't tried any from your list! I only tried the Petite Cotton BB Cream, Tony Tint Delight, Cats Wink compact, Cherry Lip Balm and the Pure Bamboo Soothing Gel...

  2. I like to have those Panda Collection. Fast absorbent ung Naturalth Goat Milk Moisture Toner, at ang sarap haplusin ng face after.

  3. I sooooo want to try the TONY MOLY INTENSE CARE PREMIUM SNAIL SET :)

  4. My second favorite korean brand after etude!! Yay! Their packaging are oh-so-cute, specially those panda thingy. Their skin care lines are great, but their make up is not so good (at least for me). But their cheek tints are the bomb also! Been using it for a year now, and super pigmented compared to other brand. I was using their facial wash, but wanted to try the snail line also. Does it smell awful ba? According to other reviews I have read, snail skin care line smells a bit oldy. hehehe. I hope this one is not, coz the packaging looks pang mayaman eh, ang bongga pak! hahaha.

  5. I love it all! especially yung snail set!need ko yun! tlgang dry na face ko kakalabas pasok samin! it's very hard and tlgang nakakalimutan ko na sarili ko kakaalaga sa mga anak ko :( hirap maging Single Mom.btw...perfect gifts mga yan! worth bilhin! I love Tony Moly!!

  6. Korean beauty products have the cutest packaging! Yes, the Panda's Dream collection will surely make a great gift. I have a Tony Moly primer from another collection but it's not that effective and so i would like to try the Face Mix Smooth Primer one day. What are your The Face Shop top picks, Ms. Martha?

  7. I only tried one Tony Moly product and that is the Tony Moly Lip Tint Delight in 02 and it's my hold grail lip tint! Now after reading this post, I guess I need to try these rave products as well! And oh, can I request for a local brand top 10 picks? :)

    Thanks Ms. Martha!

  8. i only tried their Lip and Eye Remover (a sample size) from Ms Nikki's loot from attending her workshop, i alternately use it with the EH Cleansing Oil (which i got as GWP from their store)

    and from the above i would love to try their primer!

  9. They all look so fab I wanna take them all if only I have the money. But the pandas really stood even if they've been there for quite some time. Still the cutest ever.

  10. I remembered purchasing my first ever Tony Moly product, which is their lip tint which is still my favorite one up until now. Super pigmented + tipid gamitin that is why its good to invest to Korean skin care products and make ups too, you'll get an A for the quality. I would looove to try those cutie pies from the Panda's Dream collection! Im such a sucker for cute things and who wouldnt resist having those ones? Para ka lang naglalaro like a little kid. :)

  11. im curious about the face mix smooth primer. maybe it's time to check out the tony moly counters :)

  12. Panda dream is super cute!! Have you tried innisfree? Please blog about that next!

  13. Haha. Natawa na naman ako dun sa Tony Moly Lip and Eye Remover. Lip and Eye talaga? hahaha

    Btw, if you would ask me what to try Miss Martha, I think I prefer the Goat Milk Cream and that Panda set. Haha. I just find them cute. 😍😍😍


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