Tony Moly Eyetone Shimmer and Matte Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Tony Moly Eyetone Shimmer and Eyetone Matte.

Price: P298.00/each
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Tony Moly boutiques and counters


It's official: Tony Moly is my favorite Korean brand. I knew it my heart ever since after trying out a lot of TM products that worked on me; I should've professed this before, but I've always been thinking that "Maybe there's another Korean brand that may surprise me". Tony Moly Eyetone Matte and Eyetone Shimmer Eyeshadows have just sealed the deal for me and if you're going to ask me the next time around which Korean Beauty brand I will recommend, I'd say Tony Moly in a heartbeat!

I digress. I thought of startup makeup artists the first time I tried on these eyeshadows. As a freelancer, I know how hard it is to operate with a very small capital (or sometimes, non-existent capital) and as much as possible, we all want to invest in things that are very affordable yet deliver that's why I thought of sharing these affordable but very nice eyeshadows right away. Tony Moly Eyetone Matte and Shimmer series are low cost, high performance eyeshadows for every starting makeup artist!


These latest eyeshadow singles from Tony Moly are made with rich pigments to create infinite, bold looks and intense color payoff; they come in 10 shades, respectively.

The shades I have are S06 for Shimmer and M06 for Matte. I like the teeny weeny packaging; makes it perfect for traveling and the all white, clean design makes it posh. Also, there's something about the packaging that's so Pantone. :) The transparent cover is a great idea as well because it shows you what the actual shade is, although it doesn't feature any locking device whatsoever such as magnets or clamps, making it vulnerable to damage.

S06 Eyetone Shimmer- A chocolate brown eyeshadow with soft, gold shimmer
M06 Eyetone Matte- a midtone tan shade

For a very affordable product, Eyetone's smooth, easy-to-blend texture, and good pigmentation can compete with more expensive eyeshadow brands; Shade selection is all neutrals, but there are interesting ones like Rose Beige, Copper, Chocolate Brown, Taupe, Gray, and Tan among other colors. Who says you can only find nice nudes from pricey makeup brands?


S06 Shimmer applied on the lower lids and M06 Matte dusted on top of it, specifically on the above crease

Like most eyeshadow brands, Eyetone still needs an eyeshadow primer to perform better. Color payoff on the skin is true to the pan!

Aside from its affordable price, great packaging, and good Urban Decay Naked Palette- inspired shade selections, Eyetone by Tony Moly offers a pretty good matte collection; there aren't a lot of good, affordable matte eyeshadows to choose from here so this one's a real awesome find; You can collect all the shades of a certain collection and it will still come out cheaper than a Naked palette! Eyetone is not only great for any budding makeup artist, but for anyone who wants a bargain, but great eyeshadow for everyday use.


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha! Thank you for introducing this brand to us :) Being a credible reviewer that you are, I believe immediately that Tony Moly offers good Korean products. Marami-rami rin akong nakikitang Korean brands sa mall and usually pricey talaga ang products so hesitant akong bumili. These eyeshadow singles are quite affordable and I LOVE THE COLORS! Nawala ko yung nag-iisang eyeshadow set ko from In2It (Island Sands) and I'm now considering buying this pair from Tony Moly!!! :D ~ Starr

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate them! :)

      Yes, Tony Moly is a very good brand. It's actually my fave Korean brand! :D

      Try this out! You won't regret it because I can attest that quality is very good. :)

  2. When I saw the swatches, I was also sold on these! I also adore their packaging. It's always so darn cute it makes you want to use it more or maybe not use it because you want to preserve its cuteness! Haha. Though I don't think a makeup enthusiast such as myself would need this. I already have eyeshadows of the same tone. This would truly work out for makeup artists that are just starting out. Thanks for this post!

    1. Yes! The packaging reminds me of chocolates haha. :D

  3. I was also reminded of the same thing: Pantone! I'm just concerned with how this one should be locked. You really need to have a separate compartment or mini pouch for this since it will stain other things that's inside your makeup bag.

    Overall, the colors are basic and classic. I specially like these shades for the office and I wouldn't mind purchasing the whole set myself if it's cheaper than UD Naked palette. Thanks for this review, Martha!

    1. yeah, hope it will come and a 'snap' lock or magnet. :)

  4. this is on my list too ms m! i found this from one foreign blogger via wordpress and she even use this for contouring (the darker one - eyetone shimmer) just by looking, it can pass the pigmentation payoff of MAC e/s! the price is just right (if i will compare it to other brand)

    The shades you used above is good for day wear; office, to school and yes even in simple gala =) now my TM to buy list is going way long! haha

  5. I love Etude House for skincare but Tony Moly wins in the makeup department!!! I love their new Liptone Get It Tint, it also has the Pantone feel to it, both the shade and the name, LipTone from Pantone I guess XD I want to try this! I've been into matte neutrals lately with brown liner and light pink lips or just lip balm :D

    1. Pantone's a good design inspiration. :D I also read that there's a Pantone cafe? Would love to have that in the PH! :D

  6. I have 2 from both the shimmer and matte collections and I agree they performed well. :) I like the shimmer though than the matte, they're more pigmented. And they're really affordable, especially if you want certain colors lang and not a palette. Travel friendly too. I sometimes bring just one and I'm good to go.

  7. It would be a great purchase for a makeup. I loved the neutral shades too..the very basic colors that I can use on an everyday basis. I would definitely check this out.

  8. It would be a great purchase for a makeup. I loved the neutral shades too..the very basic colors that I can use on an everyday basis. I would definitely check this out.


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