Shu Uemura to Exit Philippine Market

This is probably the only photo of Shu Uemura's boutique that I have in my blog.

As some of you may not know, one of the beloved luxury Japanese beauty brands, Shu Uemura, will bid the Philippine market farewell.

A Blogger event at Shu Uemura's Powerplant store in 2012

What's with the #Shuxit

According to a statement of L'Oreal Philippines in an interview with

"L'Oreal Philippines has become a strong market player in the local beauty market. To prepare for our future and to strengthen our position, we have decided to make choices within our brand portfolio. We have made a decision to discontinue the sales of Shu Uemura products in the Philippines."

I'll surely miss their futuristic store at Powerplant Mall and my HG cleansing oils.

That said, time to hoard for your favorite Shu products while they're still here.

Crossing my fingers for a comeback!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ay. So sad about this one. But if it's for the best, let's just wish the best of luck for the brand :)

  2. Sad...I have to stock up on their lashes

  3. Not familiar. :-( but you love them madam, siguro magaganda din mga product nila. Sad naman nag farewell na sila dito sa Pilipanas. Hindi ko man lang nalaman.

  4. What sad news it is for the world of makeup. Hope they come back

  5. I knew that Shu Uemura is a high end brand..too bad for those who love them they're moving out. But for sure they are still available in our neighboring countries.

  6. They'll be back..I hope..

  7. i have tried their cleansing oil!

  8. This is a sad news! They have a really good quality products pa naman. Too bad they have to leave due to business decision. I'm with you with wishing that they will come back!

  9. What? Wala pa nga akong natatry na products nila eh.

  10. Awts ... they will come back ! Sana

  11. Aw, I'm not familiar with this brand. 😞


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