L'Oreal Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick Collection Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on L'Oreal Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick Collection.

PRICE: P400.00/each
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores


I remember the time when people wouldn't dare wear red lipstick; nowadays, people have gotten much more daring; blue lips are quite commonplace and glitter is slowly becoming a new lip obsession. L'Oreal's new Gold Obsession collection dares us to go all out and go all glam with new colors and also...GOLD LIPSTICK! Swatches below!


The newest Color Riche collection features rich, exotic shades that are made for fair, medium, and warm skin tones, plus a limited edition gold lipstick that can be used on its own or as a topper for regular lipstick.

This collection is simple and sweet, but the Gold lipstick opens up the floor to a ton of makeup possibilities.

L-R: Mocha Gold (warm skin), Rose Gold (fair skin), Rouge Gold (medium skin), Le Gold (topper; all skin types)

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Le Gold

Light Gold shimmer.

Le Gold has a sheer, semi- watery texture; it feels like lip balm and looks similar to those glitter jelly lipsticks, except that this one has pigment. It's flecks of warm and cool gold shimmer on a moisturizing lipstick base; it can be worn alone or as a topper, although it's best worn as a topper because it's hard to even out due to its formula.

I like the tone of Le Gold; it's great for warm and cool skin tones alike, plus the shade and shimmer don't make my teeth garish AT ALL! In fact, I even think that it makes my teeth look brighter, thanks to the yellow tone of the lipstick (fyi, yellow is a brightening color).

TIP: Want to wear Le Gold properly on its own? Put a lip primer or concealer on your lip then proceed to applying the lipstick.


L-R: Mocha Gold; Mocha Gold + Le Gold

Mocha Gold is a deep red with a brown undertone; perfect for warm skin tones. Add Le Gold and you get a sexy, shimmering red that's perfect for night time!

L-R: Rose Gold; Rose Gold + Le Gold

Rose Gold is a vibrant pink shade that's good for fair skin tones; add Le Gold and you get a fun, summery pink color!

L-R: Rouge Gold; Rouge Gold + Le Gold

Rouge Gold is your classic red lipstick that's great not only for medium skin tones, but for all skin tones as well. Add Le Gold and you get an oriental- inspired color!

This is a very nice collection and kudos to L'Oreal for being daring with this and for also coming up with a gold lipstick that is wearable and compliments skin tones. If you love experimenting with lip looks, you better grab everything in this collection! But if you only have a budget for one lipstick, I'd say don't pass up on the gold lipstick because it has great transformative powers!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Adding the gold shade on your lipstick makes the color pop more and looks glamorous! Do you think that the gold shade will look good when used as a highlighter on the cheeks? :) It is shimmery and looks buttery kasi hehe! The packaging looks alluring, it feels luxurious and travel friendly. The pigmentation is nice din, I can barely see your lip lines on these lippies, which is really good for me. :) Anyways, hopefully, L'oreal will come out with more shades sana no, they create lipsticks kasi with perfection. Hopefully more fun colors like blue, green or black. Hihi.

  2. Lipstick shades nowadays are getting bolder and they more on experimenting new shades. I never thought they would come up with gold shade that is truelya unique one. You have a very nice skin color Ms. Martha! Most of the lipstick shades you've swatched even from the past blogs really compliments your skin color very well. This color selection is great especially for those fierce and bolder women who wants to stand out at their best.

  3. All the shades look so good but for the gold I think I need to be more confident and brave muna before I can use it as it is really bold but maybe I could use it to events but not on a daily basis. Hihihi.

  4. I love Mocha Gold! All shades are all pigmented and gorgeous. :)

  5. Ang ganda ng effect ng gold lipstick, lalo na dun sa Rose Gold. Still, bagay lahat ng shades sayo Ms M. Thanks sa review.

  6. Mocha gold is love! At first when I've read that glitter will be the bomb this year, I have doubts (especially bec I am a matte lippie girl) but this looks good too! Makes me want to try it. :)


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