Powerpuff Girls X PeriPera Blossom Collection Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Powerpuff Girls X PeriPera Blossom Collection.

PRICE: Cushion- P495.00; Mascara- P450.00; Ink Velvet- P395.00; Ink Stick- P395.00
FROM: PeriPera, Korea
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please visit PeriPera's official website


I grew up watching Powerpuff Girls a lot; they were my first heroes because they made me realize that strength knows no size, age, and gender, and if you choose to have it, you can, and you should use it wisely. I've always associated myself with Blossom because I related a lot to her tough-yet-soft personality.

When PeriPera's Powerpuff makeup collaboration came out, I literally shrieked at my laptop and knew that moment that I had to get it! Thanks to a friend who got it for me in Korea, I now have one of the best cartoon-beauty brand collaborations to date! Swatching these babies now!


PeriPera collaborated with Cartoon Network to create the Powerpuff Girls makeup collection. This limited edition collection features three capsule collections named after Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, and include a mascara, eyeshadow palette, sheet mask, lipstick, liquid lipstick, BB cushion, and nail sticker.

Upon its launch, the collection went sold out and it's been hard to get hold of the products every time Peri Pera restocked because it was THAT in demand. Good thing it was my friend's lucky day in Korea and she was able to get some including my request which is all or whatever is left of Blossom's collection. I only lack the sheet mask, eyeshadow palette, and nail stickers from the collection.

The BB Cushion featured the face of Blossom and comes with a puff decorated with a photo of Blossom. The packaging is lightweight and plastic- like, not as luxurious as the cushion compacts of Laneige, Tony Moly, or The Face Shop, but I like that it's personalized enough by PeriPera.

The BB cushion only comes in two shades: #1 Pink Ivory and #2 Pink Beige. I got Pink Beige, no choice, and it's 3 shades lighter than my skin tone. #2 Pink Beige is a light beige with a pale yellow undertone. Finish is demi- matte and coverage is light to medium.

PeriPera Ink Blackara Long Setting is a lengthening, waterproof mascara. I REALLY love the fact that it came with an eye mask! I wear eye mask to sleep and this is a welcome addition to my collection!

The mascara has a spiral wand with big spacing, which indicates that it is for lengthening, but the rich, creamy formula accidentally made it a bit volumizing too.

 Ink Stick is a pigmented, long- wearing lipstick.

 Here's what the product looks like with a cap on. So cute!

Ink Velvet is a liquid-mousse lipstick. Not sure if this can be used as a cheek tint though because it's too pigmented.


Bare skin

Skin with 1 layer of Ink Cushion

#2 Pink Beige is obviously way too light for my skin tone so I bronzed my skin on top of using a shade- matching powder. It sets onto the skin fairly quickly and can cover light acne marks; use with a concealer for heavier marks.

Ink Cushion has a demi- matte finish and feels light and looks natural; it can control oil for a good 3 hours.

#6 Seizure Eye

Bright red rose shade. Finish is satin and coverage is medium to heavy.

It's my first time to try PeriPera's Ink Stick and I am impressed at the opaque coverage that makes lips appear plumper and conceals lines, and intense color payoff; truly lives up to its Ink name! It has a light fruity scent.

Seizure Eye is a lovely intense red rose; I think I'll wear this on Valentines day!

Staying power is pretty good. It does come off whenever I eat due to its satin finish, but it leaves a hint of stain that lasts.

Celeb Deep Rose

Vintage Rose with a peach undertone. Finish is soft matte and coverage is medium to heavy.

Ink Velvet is like PeriPera's liquid lipstick. It has a mousse- like texture, sets into a matte finish, and has a light fruity fragrance. It stays on longer than Ink Lipstick and doesn't dry out my lips. I love the formula! Staying power is very good: it virtually doesn't come off during wear and even if I eat or drink!

2 layers of Ink Blackara

Ink Blackara provides decent extra length and I noticed that it can make lashes look a bit thicker too, which I appreciate. This mascara is one of the best waterproof mascaras I've used! It's as tough as Make up Forever's Smoky Lash Mascara!

Overall, I like how wearable all the shades are in this collection and the fact that everything's Rose and Red- inspired. I would highly recommend the mascara, ink velvet, and ink stick! But even if the Powerpuff Girls collection is gone, I would still recommend that you try Peripera's Ink products if you get the chance because they're all long- wearing!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I went cray cray when I heard that peripera released a powerpuff makeup collaboration. They are my favorite girl superheros when I was young and up until now! That's why I immediately check their website and bought immediately the shadow and tint. I'm not much a lipstick person but from what I've read in the reviews, Peripera seem to be known for their vibrant lip products, so I knew that I had to try it!
    Its sad that you missed their eyeshadow, and for me that's one of the best product on this line. I've got the blossom one and the eyeshadows are smooth and they are pigmented and pack a punch. They are buttery and blending is an easy task, tho I don't really like the brush, but I do have a different brush naman for shadows so it's not an issue to me.
    Hopefully their mascara is still in-stock, it looks really good on your eyes! It lengthen your lashes and very black siya which I really like. Will definitely check this one out now! Hihi.
    BTW, I'm so inlove in their ink velvet too! Ganda ng shade and formulation nito. Worth the price indeed!

  2. Wow! That is soooo cuuutteee! I remember that my eldest daughter who is now 19 loves PPG when she was little and now my youngest who is 8 loves them too. Korean brands rwally know how to catch someones attention especially who loves makeup. Cushions always come in a whiter shade, it's hard to find that will suit Fikipina skin tone. Anyway, you did great warming it up on your face. I think among those I like the Ink Velvet..stays long on the lips for hours.

  3. Wow! �� I'll definitely visit their website, since I live in Davao and some cosmetic brands aren't available in our area. ❤️����

  4. Bubble is my favorite character in the bunch...perhaps because we're both animal lover? Lol!

  5. Peripera's new to me, entirely. I was curious because of the Powerpuff Girls and just like you, I also grew up watching them. My fave though is Buttercup =)
    Anyway, I liked Celeb Deep Rose. It's the kind of shade that you can wear anytime and you still look classy. And the mascara! Oh, I would love to use Ink Blackara too! I wonder if they someone/ somewhere, would retail this in the Philippines...

  6. aww everything is very cute XD everytime I wanna buy this at Testerkorea they are always out of stock .ㅠㅠ Im curious with the cushion and the Palette.
    I love how the cushion turn out well on ur skin after u bronze it. So pretty ^^~
    thanks for sharing this dear


  7. Wow. Ang cute. Gusto ko to lalo na ung shade na Celeb Deep Rose, ang ganda. Will try to find this at Althea. Thanks Ms M sa review.

  8. Blossom is my fave character in Powerpuff Girls this is just too cute, too cute I don't think I'll ever use it but juat have it for the sake of having blossom in the packaging. Waaaaaa. But I love the lipstick :*

  9. Me and my sister love these puff girls.. and now a powerpuff girls makeup collection wow cute lang..my sister will love this collection...

  10. Wow, Blossom is my favorite in Power Puff Girls. A must-have indeed!


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