FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 10 Random Questions

A cute Scottish Fold to make your Friday happy and bright!

Time again for one of my highest read FMF posts, 10 random questions. This time, I didn't choose beauty- related questions for a change!


1. Are you open to the possibility of vlogging your married life?
- Keith

- Hmmm...Yes and no. Yes because since I'm enjoying taking videos now, I might just consider doing it in the future. No because I treasure my offline time and make it a point to spend it appreciating life in actual, plus it's something that I have to talk about with my husband-to-be, who's a pretty private person, btw.

2. What's an ideal weekend for you? What do you do on weekends?
- Marishka

- Nice name, btw. :) An ideal weekend for me is having uninterrupted sleep plus getting a massage and a good meal in the evening. It's a very simple routine, but it makes me very happy. :)

3. Will you have children right away (or at all) when you get married?
- Paula

- My fiancé and I are definitely open to having children, but maybe not right after the wedding because we would like to adjust to the married life first and fix everything, from the house to finances so the baby will have a comfortable time when they come. But if it comes right away, then of course we'll still be glad!

4. What's your biggest luxury?
- Bell

- Actually, it's ARE; Luxury handbags and expensive food!

5. Will you be blogging about your married/mommy life?
- Cory

- Yup, I think I will.

6. What do you think of heavily sponsored Bloggers/Vloggers/Influencers who pass off their lifestyle or what they show on social media as authentic?
- Hailey

- About the 'pass off their lifestyle or what they show on social media as authentic' bit, I don't think that that's the intention of some, but I can see why this is your observation because their lifestyles become and what they show on social media are so lavish, it's almost unreal.

Sponsorship is not bad, per se, because what they get from such, perks, cash, and all, help them maintain their blog, channels, and pages so they can keep on producing content for their fans - for you. It's hard to run multiple social media platforms, not to mention it's costly in terms of both time and money!

I think there should be a healthy combination of sponsored and non- sponsored posts in every blogger/vlogger/influencer's social media accounts to show that despite the sponsorships, they're still in touch with authenticity and their core values.

7. You have a successful blog and a business; The Beauty Junkee has truly soared to new heights! What's next for you?
- Jamie

- Thank you! :) What's next for me is marriage - let me get that over and done with first LOL. :D

8. What's your motivation to work out?
- Helen

- A lean, solid, strong body and most importantly, good health. :)

9. What light do you use for your photos?
- Eddie

- Natural light, but I wanna go get a ringlight.

10. What camera do you use for your photos?
- Kaye

- Sony A5000. I want the Sony A7 or A6000!

Have the loveliest weekend, folks!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I want something like this in your upcoming blogs. It feels so intimate to me. It's like a talk show but at the same it's like a convos between friends. Hihihih.

  2. Thanks for sharing those info about your plans etc.. God bless!

  3. Keith Relevo NocusMarch 10, 2017 at 5:48 PM

    Hi, Ms. Martha.
    I don't miss a day without going to this blog but I don't comment a lot. Today, I am, because you answered my question. Thanks for that! I'm enjoying your youtube channel and I hope you vlog more :)
    More power and I am excited about your wedding prep posts.

  4. More fun facts and random questions Ms. M pleaseee!! Hehe I really enjoyed reading it, and really happy at the same time because I felt that you're really inlove and excited on your wedding day :) Hoping for more success of TBJ and happy and stronger relationship with you and your fiance! 😍 We're always here to support you!
    PS. Love your answer on question number 6, hihi

  5. Thanks for answering those questions. Lalo ka naming nakikilala. Love No. 2, uninterrupted sleep. Gusto ko din to, pero hindi pede as a mom. Hehehe need to do house chores eh.

  6. I am imagining your voice while reading this post. Hehe. Feels excited for your mommy and married life vlogs and posts. :D


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