This is the key to make your moisturizer stay in place the whole day

One of the biggest mysteries in living in the tropics is how to keep moisturizer intact the entire day; I have oily skin, but I still moisturize because my skin can get fried in the summer; but despite having sebum that supposedly helps keep moisturizer in place, I still experience a bit of dryness, especially on the cheeks. Augh!

So here's a technique I discovered; when I tried this, my moisturizer stayed put longer and weather permitting, the entire day; I SWEAR! You'll be surprised, it's a product that won't require you to shell out cash at all!

Ladies and gents, meet the GOOD OL' PLAIN WATER.

That's right. Water is the key to keeping your moisturizer intact.

Here's the thing; we're taught by labels to pat our face dry and apply moisturizer afterwards. However, dry skin will only repel moisture, which explains why our moisturizers tend to evaporate or run off despite how moisturizing they claim to be, leaving us at our wit's end. The missing key is water; water keeps skin in a state that's optimal for absorbing additional moisture, resulting to moisture that lasts the whole day. However, don't allow water to evaporate from your skin because that will result to dryness!

You can use tap water or better yet, leave your face a little damp after face washing then proceed to applying moisturizer. But then again, there's a barrier which is the toner; you can skip toner if you need more moisture or after toning, spritz your skin with water then moisturize asap.

Personally, I prefer using Thermal Water because of its mild formula; it has little to no minerals that may be corrosive for my succeeding skin care products. 

But you know, it's just me and my vanity; plain water will do!

Hope you like this tip!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The post if helpful. Before I even read that I should tap my face than making the water evaporate. But then that would still make the water try on the face. however, instead of spraying water, can i use facial mist?

  2. Oh my! Really? I often dry my face like super dry before putting on anything especially moisturizer coz I am thinking that's should what I do. My life is a lie. hahahahaha

  3. I have Evian facial mist, will that do Miss Martha? I also have oily skin and despite that, I see to it that I still moisturize twice a day (am and pm). This trick will surely help. Thank you!

  4. Woahhh! Didn't expect that at all. I think that is why facial mist are also invented to freshen up. I will try this at home and use a spritz bottle to spray my face. This is great, perfect timing for summer

  5. Great tip! I have a problem with keeping my moisturizer on too.. and i have dry skin.. will try it right away. Thank you ms martha :)

  6. your kilay is gorgeous even without any products :)

  7. This is new for me. I have tried it and it worked for me as well. Just notice that when i do this the moisturizer takes a little more time to dry.

  8. Thanks for this tip Ms. Martha! As always, you always share your beauty hacks. I think just like when we slather lotion in our body it's much better to keep our skin moist when we apply it so for as the skin can absorb it better.

  9. I usually bring my body lotion with me whenever I take a bath to "seal" moisture.

  10. I didn't know that I am doing the right thing. Haha. I have my moisturizers with me in the bathroom. I also do it when applying lotion ;]

  11. Thanks for the tip Ms M, hindi naman nagdadry skin ko sa ngayon pero nag ooily sya pagdating ng hapon kahit na nasa bahay lang naman ako.


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