Brows on Fleek Real Quick with Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity Review, Price, Complete Swatches

Here's a review on Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity (Light, Medium, Dark).

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I am quite boring when it comes to brow products because I tend to stick with the classic types-by this, I mean the good ol' pencil, liner, gel, and powder- but Sleek Makeup's new Brow Intensity is taking me away from my comfort zone, in a good way; this brow emulsion defines brows in a snap, plus it's cleverly packaged with a highlighter to give me intense, on fleek brows in just two simple moves.


Brow Intensity, the newest from Sleek Makeup, is a brow liquid and highlighter duo that promises to intensify and lift the brows. 

 Locally, there are three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark.


The highlighters have a precise, slanted tip; they're not the sturdiest, however, so don't twist it up too much and apply on the skin gently.

This is the brow emulsion applicator. The tip is a rounded sponge applicator that's supposed to help you shape your brows and apply the product, and the spoolie portion is supposed to help you spread the product and comb your brows into place.

The spoolie, however, cannot be used without the sponge applicator getting in the way so I just use a separate spoolie to comb my brows and spread the product.

L-R: Light, Medium, Dark

Sleek didn't call the formula brow emulsion; it's just me describing the product, although Sleek didn't exactly indicate what formula it is. Sleek said that formula is long- wearing and waterproof. Pigmentation is heavy (it's not called Brow Intensity for nothing!) so apply it gradually on your brows; product sets into a soft matte finish.

Light is a medium taupe with a reddish undertone, Medium is a dark brown with a semi- reddish undertone, and Dark is a deep, charcoal brown.

L-R: Light, Medium, Dark

The highlighters have a light shimmer finish and pigmentation is light to medium. Texture is semi- creamy and can last even if not set with powder.


Bare brow

Step 1: Define
With Brow Intensity, Medium

Here's me sporting a dramatic brow with the product. At first, I thought that the product will clump on my brows, but it did not; it clings onto the skin and leaves the hair strands free, thus it does not look flat and unnatural; it is very easy to spread across the brows; it sets efficiently too, giving you enough time to spread the product all over.

TIP: This is the optimal way to use the product: Using the sponge tip, apply the brow emulsion on the center of the brow and using a clean spoolie, spread outwards to the tail of the brow until product is properly distributed; using the product residue on the spoolie, finish off the look by brushing on the edge of the brow.

Step 2: Highlight
With the highlighter, Medium

With Brow Intensity, Dark

Here's me sporting a natural brow with the product.

Product stays put the whole day; it's long- wearing, although I have not tested if it is indeed waterproof. I have oily skin and I find that it stays intact on me even without primer.

Aside from the small learning curve, there's a small catch with this product: it will work very well on shaped brows because the sponge applicator is what you will use for mapping and it's not as precise as a brow brush so it's better to have shaped brows to begin with; if your brows are unkempt or have no semblance of shape, you might end up with very thick or shapeless brows with it. 

My advise is groom and shape your brows to get the most out of the product; when you have this covered, you will be able to enjoy this product; it's actually a pretty good product because it lets me shape, define, and highlight my brows quickly and in one go. Also, I enjoyed discovering this new product formula.


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I would love to try this produt. I am in when it comes to finding a good brow product that would last on my brows for the whole day. Oily skin problems that is. I think because of its pigmentation this would last a long time. A little goes a long way once you get to learn how to use it.

  2. The spoolie brush reminds me of Loreal's.

  3. Parang two-toned lipstick yung from Sleek Make up. So cute. Ang gaganda din ng final look nila on brows.

  4. Lalong gumanda ng may highlighter na. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  5. Wow! Gusto ko ito para sa kilay konga manipos at saka mukhang di mahirap ilagay sa kilay... Saka kahit papaano affordable din naman ang price. Thanks po sa review. Next time kapag pumunta ako sa sm makati titignan ko itong pang eyebrow na ito.

  6. I love the Sleek solstice highligt palette and it is one of the reasons why they are popular that's why I am pretty excited when they release this unique brow product! I agree that those with ungroomed brows may have a bit of struggle when using this but this is such a unique one with a highlighter, brow gel and all it is the new tool for kilay goals! I only wish they release more shades as I find the three leaning on the warm side? I hope they have a taupe color too. I love the highlighters as well especially the one that comes with the medium, i find it perfect to highlight the brows since it gives a subtle glow. I use it as well on my upper lip and it works fine. Love love love this one from Sleek so much!

  7. Wow.. Maganda ito ah, kasi may kasama ng high lighter. 🖒

  8. how i wish i could have a perfect eyebrow like yours.. even i buy lots of brows makeup im having a hard time having that perfect arch...


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