FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: What To Do When You're Breaking Out on the Chin

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Today's FMF is from Kat:

Hi Martha,
I've been suffering chin break out for a little while now. If you could share or help me on what products I can use to stop this. I've tried a lot of products now, but it is not stopping.

Hi Kat!

Oh, sorry to hear about this. Chin breakout is a b*tch and it's one of my most hated types of breakout. :( Hope yours subsides soon and to help you with that, let's get down to business and bust chin breakout.

Chin breakout is often caused by the following:

1. Hormonal imbalance
2. Genes

and is often aggravated by the following:

1. Lifestyle
2. Diet
3. Beauty products
4. Wrong medication
5. Habits

If you've applied every single treatment out there and it's still not getting better, take a look at the following things that aggravate chin acne and if you're doing any or all of them, then temporarily (or permanently) stop doing these:


- Habits such as resting your chin on your hand, excessive use of mobile phones, shaving and accidentally scratching a pimple all contribute to its severity. All of these can trigger an infection, ergo additional zits so make sure that when you're suffering chin acne, always clean your mobile phone and clean surfaces before resting it on them, stop shaving temporarily, and put your hands somewhere else other than your chin.


- Breakouts caused by toothpaste and mouthwash is a thing and it's called Perioral Dermatitis. SLS in toothpaste is always dubbed as the main culprit behind breakouts.

Lip balm with fragrance is considered as a potential cause of chin breakout too.

Facial wash with heavy fragrance and SLS can contribute to the breakout too.

If chin breakout is severe at the moment, switch to SLS- free toothpaste, mouthwash, lip balm, and facial wash first until breakout subsides.


- Dairy is notorious for being one of the culprits behind breakouts. If you consume dairy a lot, minimize or avoid it completely temporarily until your breakout clears up.


- I've read that Tretinoin is an ideal topical solution for chin breakout. But before usage, please make sure that you do not have any known allergies with the product.

In relation to number 4, if your breakout is not getting any better, then it's time to seek a dermatologist.

Hope this helps and I hope your skin gets better. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I tried belo acne treatment set and I love it so much especially the gel but it's just expensive. hahahahaha. I even tried Argan oil as well which is so bango and I think is effective as well in ytreating my pimple evry now and then it's available in Watson's and it's so expensive too. hahahahaha.

  2. I do experience breakouts on my chin, good thing is it dries up. But when my monthly period comes then it pops out again. I try to avoid touching my face so as to prevent more breakouts.I use an acne gel too which helps dries out my pimples.

  3. I do experience breakouts on my chin, good thing is it dries up. But when my monthly period comes then it pops out again. I try to avoid touching my face so as to prevent more breakouts.I use an acne gel too which helps dries out my pimples.

  4. Out of the blue last week, a pimple grew on my chin. It hurt especially when I accidentally touched it. Found a remedy in a nearby 7-11 store. I used Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum plus Foam Cleanser with Tea Tree serum, and the pimple on my chin was gone in less than a week.

  5. This is very helpful Ms. M I've been breaking out around my chin and jaw area and I'm pretty sure this is hormonal and I'm still in search of a good Derma (searching for a good Derma is like searching for your soulmate lol). I'm pretty sure some would want to say consult a Derma right away (it is no brainer) but, not all people have the TIME, money and a trusted Derma. I'm glad that you have listed every possible cause of chin breakout in this blog I'm now I'm in panic mode reading all the ingredients in the products I use. I've been inspecting this so-called "organic" toothpaste of mine too.

  6. This post is so informative. May nalaman din ako sa konting pagbabasa ng blog. Thanks Ms. Martha.

  7. Thanks for this post Ms M, its such a helpful one. Bihira lang naman ako magkapimple at paisa isa lang kapag magkakaron na ko. Hinahayaan ko lang cia. Gonna read this again when my daughter reach her teen stage.


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