Want To Learn/enhance your makeup skills? Book Now With Make Up For Ever

If you love Make Up For Ever, there's a reason for you to love it even more. Ladies and gents, say hello to Make Up For Ever's on- counter makeup service menu.

Mr. Patrick Alcober showcasing his brow skills

For every purchase requirement, you can take advantage of either Make Up For Ever's on- counter service or makeup lesson; choose whether you want to know how to get brows on fleek, do artistic makeup, or enhance your makeup party skills.

Make Up For Ever's launching their massive brow collection this May 2017 so stay tuned for that!

It's always a great time brushing up on and discovering new makeup skills with friends who share your love for makeup!

Also, Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD line is made even better; the foundation has been reformulated for maximum performance, plus Ultra HD lip primer and skin booster, which have skin care + primer properties, have been introduced. More about these products soon!

To inquire about the makeup service, please visit MAKE UP FOREVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is just in time since I want to purchase their Hd foundation. I appreciate that more cosmetic brands are putting a makeup lesson or short class on their stores. It helps in knowing more about the brand and the product you purchased from them. It is pretty good deal. Hope I can wait your review about their products before I purchased :D

  2. Wow! This is awesome! Would want to have a lessons if ever I'll purchase. Is this forever? Or just for the moment?

  3. I wish they have the same offerings in malaysia.

  4. I would love to enroll in a makeup class, but my financial issues won't allow. Hoping someday I can have my formal lessons and certificate too.

  5. Awesome! Before it is just MAC now MUFE has this service too! A super big heart for that!

  6. As much as I love to learn on makeup lesson, I dont have extra money to buy makeup from them. Maybe someday, ipon ipon muna. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  7. This is something to look forward to. I am very much interested in tying their HD Foundation bec of my acne dark marks.

  8. This is something to look forward to. I am very much interested to try their HD Foundation bec of my acne dark marks.

  9. I would love to learn but hindi accessible ang area. Thanks for this info, Ms. Martha. :)

    -Maria Victoria Siasat

  10. Wow this is awesome! Love how they have a makeup service!


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