Beauty Blender and Real Techniques dupe? Miss Bella Makeup Sponges are AMAZING! Review + Youtube Video

Here's a review on Miss Bella Makeup Sponge.

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I live for makeup sponges nowadays. Makeup sponges have already come a long way since its rubber- scented, flimsy, it-can't-blend-makeup-honestly days, thanks to the makers behind Beauty Blender who set the benchmark for damn good makeup sponges that can actually blend and deliver a fine finish; brands are now coming up with good sponges and locally, Miss Bella is one of them. 

Could Miss Bella's sponges be dupes for Beauty Blender? Let's find out.


Miss Bella is a local makeup tools retailer online; they're known for acrylic storages, brushes, and recently, these exclusive sponge. By far, Miss Bella has the most extensive sponge collection to date: there's a Beauty Blender-esque sponge, Real Techniques-esque sponge, wedge sponge, and diamond sponge; these are hypoallergenic and latex- free.


My favorites among everything are the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques- inspired sponge; I really love the orientation of both products and I think the shapes are amazing, and really effective in delivering a good finish. Lastly, I love the Diamond sponge because it's great for lightly diffusing and blending contouring and highlighter products.

The sponges are EXTREMELY soft and have no odor; no breakout whatsoever and they're very easy to rinse and dry up fairly quickly; they also tend to swell like Beauty Blender and makeup blending sponges I've tried, thus they can cover more skin in one go. 

These are unbelievably soft and light, therefore so nice and easy to use; I also like how they blend makeup nicely on my skin. However, since these are very soft, they're prone to scratching and breaking especially if you have heavy hands and you do not store it properly. My hands can be pretty rough and I ended up putting nicks on the Real Techniques dupe so piece of advise, wash these sponges gently and store 'em properly. If heavy hands is really an issue and you can't commit to taking care of these, I would suggest get the Beauty Blender dupe and Diamond sponge because their shapes are less prone to breaking.

I really like these sponges because of the softness, convenience, and different variants to cater to different tastes. I recommend everything, actually, because they all serve unique purposes; I'd love to repurchase the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques dupes, and diamond sponge again!

Check out my video review here and a quick comparison with Beauty Blender:


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  1. Wow, you look great! Ganda ng makeup mo Ms.M!Thank you for your suggestions regarding these sponges!

  2. Hi Ms. Martha! Firstly, I wanted to THANK YOU for giving such helpful and lovely reviews on beauty products! I've been following you and reading all your blogs and watching your videos. I like how you really passionately review the products you use and provide helpful insights. I love make ups but I dont really know how to apply them on my face . When I watch your videos, it appears it's very enjoying and easy to do! God bless you and more power! I like how you've reviewed Miss Bella's beauty sponges. I would want to buy one after watching!:)

  3. I wanna try the sponges as well waaaaa!

  4. they all ook promising and I'll take note of your advice in your video, wag masiyadong pigain ng bongga ang sponge, baka masira ganern :p

  5. Hindi ko pa natry gumamit ng kahit anong sponge. Buti at may local online retailer na nagbebenta ng mas pasok sa budget, bagay sa mga gustong magtry. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  6. ang dami nyang shapes!!! I only had one from MIINE (korean brand which I got from Watsons) I would love to try yung kay Miss Bella saka yung sa Nippon! (ehem thank you ms m and nippon for including one -- the pink sponge on our loot) iba talaga ang finish when you use sponge on foundation/bb creams! watching the video at the moment..

  7. I'm excited to try their sponges, especially u give good reviews about it. I'm just waiting for my order to arrived. It is cheaper than the real ones which I can't afford to buy.

  8. This is on my to-buy lists! Beauty sponges is life!! I feel like something is wrong with my makeup when I don't use this 😂


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