FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Date Night/Night Out Beauty Tips

Going out on a date with either your friends or special someone? Then this FMF is for you! Thanks, Angie, for sending this in!

I'm a typical girl who's not into makeup, though I have been doing my best to learn a few tricks on how to use makeup. I don't use makeup at work (we're not allowed to) though I want to know extra tips when I have a date or night outs with my friends. I have oily and somewhat acidic face. When I apply pressed powder, after a few minutes, my face becomes shiny. I don't know what to do. I just want to achieve a no makeup makeup look. Please help me.
Hey Angie!

Thanks for writing! I am a bit surprised when you said that your job does not allow you to wear makeup. Is there such a job? I couldn't imagine being in a job that forbids me to wear makeup (and I think you know why haha!). I think jobs should allow women to wear makeup, not forbid them because there should be a choice between yes and no; that way, both parties will be served; it's a win-win situation for those who want to wear and don't want to wear makeup. But then again, if it's a non-issue to you, then we're good. :)

I digress. A lot of points are raised in your query: 1. You want makeup tips that you can follow for special occasions. 2. You want to fight an oily face. 3. You want a no makeup makeup look.

In this light, I've made a general list that addresses your concerns. Kindly read on.


- I'm a fan of strengthening foundations first and foremost so before you jump on trends such as strobing and baking, find out what constitutes basic makeup first.

Click HERE to see my list of beginner makeup tips and tricks.


- Night outs and date nights require hardworking bases to keep you looking great the whole night. No one wants patchy makeup in a groufie and a melting face while talking to a date. To secure your look, a primer is definitely needed.

Click HERE for my recommended affordable foundations under P1,000.
Click HERE for my recommended foundations over P1,000.


- Proper hydration can prevent skin from producing excess oil so don't skip skin care. Proper skin care equals proper makeup.


- Keep in hand your oil blotting sheets, blotting powder, facial mist, lipstick, and tube of perfume to keep you looking fresh the entire night.


- Here's my secret to having good, glowing skin for night outs: DRINKING WATER, especially before going out; it will show right away and the hydration water provides from within will keep your skin from looking dull, dry, and tired during your night out.

As for the no makeup makeup look, I find that it's always the hardest to do because it's not easy mimicking the natural look of your skin! Most of the time, it requires a lot of products more than a colored/glam makeup. Not a fan of the no makeup makeup look too, to be honest, but if you need an answer, I would most definitely recommend a tinted moisturizer, light touch of powder, cheek tint, slick brows, light coat of mascara, and lipstick/lip balm.

Hope you found this useful. Have a great night out. Enjoy!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. amazing tips! thank you for sharing Ms M! at the moment I prefer no makeup look due to our current weather..

    (Yes Ms M there are jobs that doesnt require any makeup on! Kahit pulbo lang my youngest sister worked in a semicon as operator, they were required to use non-talc soaps and they werent allowed to use kahit powder -- because of sensitivity of "hard disks")

    I would do that "invest on primers" hugs Ms M! I cannot wait til tomorrow!

  2. Tamang tama for a friday night maraming couples or friends go out on this day. Hihihi. A lipstick for me will always do the trick pero gustong gusto ko din talaga matuto tamad lang talaga ako hahaha kasi everything's searchable na so it's just us ang naghihinder satin to learn haha. Hanapin ang kasipagan!

  3. Following your advice regarding drinking lots of water Ms Martha to minimize oiliness of the face

  4. "I think jobs should allow women to wear makeup, not forbid them because there should be a choice between yes and no; that way, both parties will be served" Agreed! I couldn't imagine also my job doing just like that, I would definitely quit lol!

  5. Magandang primer at foundation pala talaga ang kelangan lalo na ang pag inom ng water. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  6. I know how to put my makeup on but I still learn a lot from reading this or your other blog post. I'm not a pro at it, but it really helps when I get to learn tips and tricks from someone who has master it or more knowledge about it. Thanks Ms. M!

  7. "Proper skin care equals proper makeup." x10 agree ako dito. Ito talaga ang tsinaga kong gawin para maging ok skin ko, kasi kahit na stay at home mom ako na palaging puyat because of my 2 kids, sinisingit ko ang skin care routine ko lalo na sa gabi. Para woke up like this ang peg kinabukasan. haha. Pero honestly, I really love your tips and advices, malaking tulong lalo na sa mga stay at home mom na hindi ganon kadalas lumabas at mag shop. :) Thanks Ms. M.

  8. That's is why I turned down a job offer from a semicon company (electronics) because it will surely kill my creativity. I super agree even if you are oily WE NEED TO HYDRATE and slap on lightweight moisturizer. My night-out shortcut is wearing red lippie.

  9. Tinted moisturizer. Hmmm.... 🤔 I agree! No makeup makeup look is one of the hardest to do 😂


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