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BEAUTY BULLETIN: Say Annyeong to these new Korean Beauty Brands!

Annyeong Haseyo! I just want to share that I am addicted to K-Beauty products lately and I want more, more, more!

And more is what I got; I recently received these new K-Beauty players and both are something to look forward to!

Esfolio, a popular Korean skin care brand is finally in the Philippines and here are some of their best- sellers: Marin Water is a deep hydrating skin care and Aloe Vera is for light to moderate moisture and hydrating needs. Of course, I have to try their sheet masks so I got the Hydro-Gel masks. There are also cute, everyday facial foams in the variants namely Violet Mangosteen, Cherry Foam Cleanser, and Powwow Blueberry Foam Cleanser.

For more information about these products, please visit ESFOLIO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Have you seen those lip balms with preserved flowers inside? They look more like works of art than makeup! These became viral sometime last year and they're from a brand called KKOT; there are four variants to choose from and it is available through an online shop called beautynstyleseoul on Instagram. Check them out!

Reviewing these soon! Let me know which one you'd like to go first. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I want the lip balms with preserved flower!!!! So beautiful :*

  2. Review on skincare first Ms. M please, thanks

  3. The moment I saw Esfolio Philippines on IG by most of the bloggers, I already followed their account it seems that they have great line of products too. I hope I could try any of them. anyways, looking forward to your review Ms. M!

  4. Annyeong Ms M! i've been switching to korean skincare lately it all started when I tried getting korean products from Althea (first product: Missha BB Cream and Innisfree sebum powder) then i tried their skincare product (i got the chance to try the Trendy Box: Porecare 101) and like you I want more.. looking forward on your reviews on this babies..

  5. Korean beauty products are awesome. I am also addicted to their sheet masks!!!

  6. So inlove with korean products these days especially when I get to visit it last March. They are obssesed with facial masks and anything related to skin care and beauty. I can't wait for your review on them especially the lipstick with flowers inside

  7. Infairness ang cute ng flowers sa loob ng lip balm parang totoo 😊

  8. Hi Ms. M! First of all, I would like to say that I totally enjoyed watching your video about the 12 step Korean Skincare. Kaya naman pala K girls have that glowing and youthful skin. :) I wish we had all the time, patience and cash (!!!!) para ma-achieve and ganyang glow.
    Anyway, I've only ever tried Korean makeup but there are many skincare stuff that I'd like to try from Althea. Their packaging is really cute and the ingredients are all very unique, that sometimes I don't know which ones I would get. These Esfolio products seem like a good place to start.

  9. Marin Water and Hydro-gel masks first, please! :D I'm a sucker for skin care products than to make-ups when it comes to Korean products. As for the lip balms, how much does it cost? ;)

  10. I never heard about Esfolio before but their products were eye-catching especially the facial foams sila talaga una ko napansin when I saw this post. hihi!

    The lippies is sooo cute! It would be a great gift this coming Mother's Day, too bad hindi ako umabot sa B1T1 promo nila. T.T

  11. Lip balms with preserved flowers inside. Looks like the makeup junkie counterpart for belle of beauty and the beast 😍


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