BEST CONCEALER DISCOVERY: Clio Kill Cover Concealer 4BY + Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad Amber Sleep 01 Review, Price, Swatches

Here's a review of Clio Kill Cover Concealer in 4BY and Pro Eye Palette Quad in Amber Sleep 01.

PRICE: Concealer Kit- P850.00; Pro Eye Palette Quad- Free
FROM: Concealer kit from Korea; Eye quad from Althea
OTHER LOCATIONS: Palette available at Althea Korea; Concealer Kit available at Clio's website


One of the most insightful Youtubers around, Anna Cay, is a huge lover of Clio's Kill Cover concealer; she swears by it and uses and mentions it in almost all her videos. I like watching her videos because I can relate with her makeup and skin care choices, particularly with full coverage products. Anna said that Clio's concealer is one of the best full coverage concealers she has tried and that encouraged me to buy it; full coverage is music to my ears. Her good friend, Raych, went to Korea for a vacation and grabbed some of these for reselling; luckily, I was able to reserve one.

Anna's right! This is indeed one of the best full coverage, not to mention long- lasting concealers around! I'm also reviewing my second Clio product, Pro Eye Palette Quad.


Pro Artist Liquid Concealer is a highlighting and concealing set; features a liquid concealer, concealing pencil, highlighting pencil, and sharpener; it comes in 5 shades.

Pro Eye Palette Quad is quartet of complementing eyeshadow shades in shimmer and frost finishes.

For P850, the concealer is such a steal because I get a set, not just an individual product. The eyeshadow palette, on the other hand, looks chic and classy!

The highlighter can be used for the brows and to lift certain areas of the face while the concealing pencil is for spot concealing.

L-R: Pale beige shimmer, peach shimmer, champagne frost, chocolate brown frost

The eyeshadows have a smooth texture; not exactly buttery, but not chalky either. These are surprisingly pigmented considering that Korean women prefer their eyeshadows sheer and sparkly.

L: Concealer, Highlighting pencil, Concealing pencil

Look at that creamy, pigmented concealer! It's so concentrated that I only need a few swipes to get significant coverage. The highlighter and concealer pens have a slightly creamy texture, and are pretty easy to blend on the skin; both pencils have good pigmentation too.


Bare under eye

One layer of the concealer

Yowza! Look at that; it has significantly reduced the appearance of dark circles all while providing a smooth finish; it even covered my dark pimple scar really well! 4BY is a light yellow shade; a little light on me so I use it under foundation.

What's lovely about this concealer is it blends well, doesn't need a lot to provide great coverage, and for the staying power? OMG. I use this at Crossfit all the time because it doesn't budge, but doesn't dry out my under eyes!

The eyeshadows of Pro Eye Palette provide a natural, smooth finish that looks almost skin- like in texture, only with color; it's a great everyday eyeshadow palette.

I've only got good things to say about Kill Clio's concealer; it's prolly one of the best concealers ever made and I'm itching to repurchase! This concealer is perfect for heavy duty, long- lasting concealing, and good for normal and slightly dry skin, and perfect for oily skin!


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  1. Been wanting to try this clio concealer, I think the rave is true! :)

  2. Wow! This makes me loved korean products more! I've never tried concealing in my make up routine but hopefully I'll be able to try one soon!;)

  3. This is amazing!!!😍😍😍 concealer is one that should be always in my vanity kit and as far as ive seen on ur review i will surely need to get a hand of it. Good thing i have korean friends that will come over here in ph. Need to hoard this brand 😊😊😊 thanks for the tip ms martha

  4. Wow! Ang ganda nga ng coverage nya! 😍😍😍 pak na pak! worth it naman sa prize hehe

  5. The most talked about concealer!!! Ate Ryach love this product too! Will definitely try this out! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Btw, loving the look you made for the eyeshadow Ms. Martha ��

  6. I should have bought myself the concealer when my brother's GF asked me to purchase this for her when I was in Korea. That time I had no idea what is was and I am nearly tempted to buy because it's like 700+ but I just bought too much make up already so I really have to stop myself. And then I saw a lot of good reviews and then your's too. I hate myself for not buying this lol!

  7. I also watched videos of Ms. Anna Cay, her videos always got me especially when she features her dogsss. I found out about Clio because of her as well. I thought it is expensive but wow, this is more affordable compared to high end brands! I love how it hides the dark circles. Super win.

  8. Ang perfect tlga ng Clio pero pricey sya para sakin..

  9. I've seen it that Anna Cay's raving about this. Does it matches the Tarte Tape concealer,many are also raving aboit it too. Though its pretty expensive than Clio. I think this is worth for our money.

  10. rave review on this product, parang mapapabili ako nito. πŸ˜€

  11. It looks similar to zero kuma though I doubt that it can withstand crossfit lol. Currently I got my hands on Vichy dermablend I say a little goes a long way too bad I'm breaking out with this so I'm back to zero kuma.

  12. Whoaw! This product is amazing. No more dark circles for all of us.

  13. Thanks for this post Ms M. vey nice nga ang coverage.


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