Honest thoughts on Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush Irresistible

Here's a review on Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Irresistible.

PRICE: Sale at P841.00+ (Original Price: P1,800.00+)
FROM: Sephora.ph
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at sephora.ph in the Philippines


When Marc Jacobs went on a surprise sale at Sephora.ph, I browsed immediately and picked up a blush; I wanted to get more, but there were people who were faster than me and wiped out the on sale items, unfortunately haha!

This is my first- ever Marc Jacobs product and here are my honest thoughts about it.


A blush inspired by Marc's tattoo, Shameless Bold blush promises vivid, pure, unadulterated color and features amino acids and bio-lipids that give it a lightweight, silky texture that melds onto the skin. Comes in 10 shades.


This is one of the most gorgeous blush compacts I've seen, plus I love the petite, curvaceous shape and lacquered black finish.

When you open the compact, a domed disc with the brand name inscribed on it is inside and protects the blush. I was expecting a velour pouch and portable brush, just like what I've seen in reviews of international beauty bloggers, but alas, there were none. I was told that this version I have is 'for Asia' and to be honest, I am quite disappointed about it; Marc Jacobs, why didn't you give us the pouch and portable brush????

Here's the product: overall look reminds me of Chanel Joues Contraste; Shameless Blush in Irresistible looks like the sun setting in the horizon with accentuating linear mirage. However, mine has tiny, perceivable dots on it; was this product opened or it's just a slight default in packaging? Another issue I've noticed with the product is the surface tends to look a bit dirty if you rub on it.

Irresistible is an apricot shade; first time for me to own an apricot blush and it's much warmer than orange, coral, and peach, and looks like a love child of orange and warm coral.

Blush is silky, yes and amazingly has no fallout. The powder sets very well, although it's a little hard to spread out; best way to apply the product is to dab it on the cheeks and gently swipe the brush on to finish. Pigmentation is medium to heavy.


Irresistible looked really dark on the photo in the website, but in actual, it's natural and okay (phew!). As I said, the powder sets very well and I like that it looks very natural and not powdery. It has pretty good staying power at 4 hours before it fades.

As the name implies, I was expecting I'd get vivid, unadulterated color, as the website has described it, but it's just okay; it's pigmented, but I've seen more pigmented blushes; it's more muted on the skin than it does on the pan.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold is an okay blush; I like some aspects of the packaging, the staying power, but not so impressed with the quality. I won't be letting go of it anytime soon because I like its compactness and at least 50% of it, but I don't think I would be buying another one, unless formula is improved. Glad I got it for P800 only!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Buti talaga at nabili mo ng 50% sale, parang discrimination naman sa mga taga Asia, walang pouch at brush. Pero ang ganda ng packaging. Thanks for this post and M.

  2. The packaging is so nice Ms. Martha :) Glad you got it on sale! I also noticed the dots on it and wondering why is that so.

  3. I think the Marc Jacobs Air Blush is much better than this, because of its ombre style on the compact. Dreaming of having that kind of blush.

  4. Awww! Problem of high end makeup. Sobrang taas ng expectation mo sa product then once you use this don mo na mapagccompare yung expectation vs reality. Glad to know na 50% mo lang siya nabili pero medyo masakit padin sa bulsa yung 800 lalo na kung di nareach yung qualifications na expected mo. Thanks for honest review Ms. Martha!

  5. Miss martha The shade made you look refreshingly beautiful. Thanks for your honest review, as always..

  6. Phew, at first I was like "This must be good!!! I love the packaging so simple yet so classy!" and I already got high expectations. But glad it's an honest review, I totally agree with you Ate Martha. I think since a well known brand kaya the hype is high pero in reality... but thank God you got it on sale! Bawas panghihinayang ng very light πŸ˜‚

  7. While I love its gorgeous packaging, sayang walang velour pouch and brush. Good thing you got it on sale.

  8. Good thing it's on sale. You look pretty on the picture, btw. Always slaying! πŸ‘‘


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