Unboxing my favorite Althea Box + Product Demo Youtube Video

They say third time's a charm and I could attest that it's true because my third Althea box called Dis-A-Pore is my most favorite! 

Dis-A-Pore is such a cool word play on 'disappear' and 'pores', and to describe what the products in this box will actually do for your enlarged pores.

In the box, you will find the following:

1. Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist- a 'spray type oil paper' or a setting spray that helps control and rid skin of oil.
2. Banchic Spa Pads- exfoliating pads with charcoal and moisturizing ingredients to clean and revitalize the skin.
3. Innisfree No Sebum X Emoji Mineral Loose Powder- my favorite Innisfree product has partnered with Emoji and came up with this 'awww' inducing version!
4. Tu Mask Pack- a mask duo that contains one oil- controlling mask for the T- Zone and revitalizing mask for the V/U-Zone.
5. Etude House Fix and Fix Primer- a silicone primer with a flesh tint plus Tea Tree, Moringa Oil, and Green Tea Seed Oil
6. Caolion Pore White Cake Pack- an exfoliating mask with Niacinamide, Adenosine, Sticky Rice, Buckwheat, and Orange Peel extracts to tighten pores and make the skin glow.

I like all the products in this box because they're mainly skin care and address all the needs of my combination oily/normal skin, specifically excessive sebum and enlarged pores. I also like that all the products are so cute and the fact that I've discovered 99% totally new Korean beauty brands with good products for oily skin.

I also unboxed this one on my Youtube channel, but I have put a little twist; you'll see the products in action in the video!

Click HERE for the Youtube video.

Did you get this box from Althea? What are your favorites?

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Meron din akong box na to. Favorite ko ung Banchic Oil Contro Powder Mist, Innisfree X Emoji Mo Sebum Mineral Powder at Caolion Pore White Cake Pack. Thanks for this post Ms M

  2. Done watching this vid of yours Martha kanina lang :) Di ako makaget over sa emoticon hihi :) fav ko po kse ung emoticons and super love the color yellow! I would to try Banchic Spa Pads mukhang nakaaliw po sya gamitin hihi

  3. Ang ganda ng skin ng mga Koreans kaya naman gusto din natin ma achieve yun kahit very very light lang..hehe! Ang skincare regimen nila ang sagot.

  4. Already watched your vlog about this. Gusto ko yung mask because it was really popular korean skin care nowadys. Lakas maka soft at glowy ng face.

  5. Just finished watching the video. 😊 I also have the no sebum loose powder and it's really good. My favorite too! 😊

  6. Someone once told me that I should use Korean beauty products and skin care because it's very good daw. I watched your video

  7. Althea box is so great! They always send box that you surely use all the product inside.I also want to try that Dis-a-pore box. 😊

  8. That innisfree emoji is too cute!! Gotta love Althea! 😍


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