Where I got my Awesome, Affordable Ringlight

A Ringlight is now an essential to any content creator because aside from illuminating the surroundings, the subject, and providing ample light to reveal true colors, it lets anyone shoot and film anytime they want to; the last part is especially important to me because I only have time to film at night.

After canvassing not only for the best prices, but best packages, I settled for this ringlight package from APEX Digital. For only P6,500.00, I got 13 items to assist me during filming and taking photos!
The products come in this package: the huge box contains the ringlight and accessories, and the stand has its own carrying bag.

Here's the complete set and the inclusions:

1. Ringlight carrying bag
2. Ringlight (LED, 5500k temperature, 18")
3.Orange filters
4. Ringlight stand carrying bag
5. Air cushion stand
6. Screw driver
7. Screws x 2 (for Mirror)
8. Half mirror
9. Mobile phone holder
10. Bluetooth remote for smartphone (android and ios)
11. Gooseneck
12. Camera bracket and holder
 13. AC power supply adaptor

Air cushion stand is the newest product of APEX. How is air cushion stand better than the regular ringlight stand? Air cushion stand 'cushions' and protects the ringlight from the risk of breaking due to abrupt falls when you loosen the screws; with this stand, the ringlight descends down slowly with the help of compressed air.

The ringlight package originally came with the regular stand; there's an option to add P200 to upgrade to Air Cushion stand; only P200 for better equipment so I upgraded!

Bendable Gooseneck is one of the best things for me in this package; it allows the ringlight to be tilted so I can take flatlay photos anytime. Awesome!

Finally, my FB and IG videos will be much better because it's well lit! Say 'Hi' to Lord Nermal on my iPhone. :D

The half mirror can be attached along with the mobile phone or camera. How efficient! It's my first time to see a ringlight with a half mirror.

And here's the first photo I took with my ringlight. Wowww! Get ready for better photos! :D

You can buy the ringlight plus stand only for P4,000; it's one of the cheapest prices around, but if I were you, go get the entire package because you'll end up spending nearly or exactly the same amount anyway if you buy the accessories separately, plus the items are all so useful and make shooting much easier!

Visit APEX DIGITAL on Facebook to inquire. Disclaimer, I am not paid for this post. :)

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  1. yeyy! Congrats Ms. Martha ๐Ÿ˜ yayamanin na talaga. Mas gumanda pa yung quality ng vlog mo ngayon. Mas na eemphasize na din yung ganda ng glittery effect ng background. I love it! ๐Ÿ’—

  2. Congrats Ms. Martha for your new baby!!!! It is also my dream to have this kind of ring light, lakas magandaaaaaaa <3 Thank you for sharing infos and tips! Godblessss!

  3. Yay..I also got it at the same place...RINGLIGHT twinsies!

  4. Love this setup and your effort!! So amazing ate Martha! ❤๐Ÿ‘Œ

  5. That's a good buy Ms. M! Looking forward to moorree videos! ❤

  6. This is the ringlight that you talked about and very much excited on your last YT video. Cheers to more quality and great videos.

  7. I can see that it's definitely worth the money, ate! Someday, I can afford one too. ๐Ÿ’•

  8. The ring lights are really heaven sent, nakaka fresh at nkakaganda din talaga ng pictures eh hahaha! But I got mine as a gift from my dear brother and I think they have the same price and not sure where he bought it.

  9. Awesome! I can't wait to see your future videos! Cool!

  10. Pampadagdag sa magagandang flatlay mo at vlog posts.

  11. Congrats! Your vlog now will be much better with the help of ring light. You can now film anytime, no need to sunlight anymore. hehehe

  12. Ang gandaaaa!! I wnated to have a decent studio din with ringlight and vanity table kaso I must get a decent room muna. Hahahaha!


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