Kanebo's New Skin Care helps your skin during your period

Did you ever ask if your skin care products actually 'listened' to your skin, meaning they adjust according to what your skin is going through and provide you the necessary help to make it better or keep it good? Or did it ever occur to you that there's actually a thing such as 'listening' skin care? Kanebo has and that's what I discovered lately and will share with everyone today.

In Kanebo's Spring-Summer 2017 launch last week, I was introduced to their latest color products and new skin care.

CHRONO BEAUTY is Kanebo's guiding concept for this new collection; Kanebo believes that skin fluctuates and changes from time to time, and a skin care line that can go with the skin's natural flow and changes is what's needed in order to make it good and keep it good.

Kanebo Selections Color Eyeshadow (P3,3300.00); Dual Radiance Foundation (P2,700.00); Variant Brosse Cheek Palette (P1,500.00)

Before we go into their very interesting skin care line, let's take a look at the new makeup collection first; new blush and eye palettes in warm and cool tones were introduced, plus a new powder foundation called Kanebo Dual Radiance. Kanebo is the pioneer of dual pressed powders and they've pioneered once again a powder type that features creamy and airy powders in one, making it good for all skin types; use the airy powder for a light, fresh finish and the creamy side for heavy coverage.

P.S. each powder foundation only comes in one shade despite looking otherwise because the airy powder formula is very lightweight, thus gives the illusion that it's a shade lighter than the other; that's how lightweight it is!

Now onto skin care. Kanebo's skin care line features products for daily, monthly, and yearly use; they took into consideration skin cycles and specific changes that skin goes through in those cycles by introducing the following products:

DAILY (as the name implies, use it everyday like regular skin care)
Clear Cleansing Toner (P1,800.00)
Fresh Day Cream Light (P3,600.00)

MONTHLY (can be injected in skin care routines once every month, especially when skin is hormonal)
Relaxing Brume Mist (P1,800.00)
Bloom On Serum (this is the serum that helps assist skin during hormonal months!) (P6,000.00)

YEARLY (can be used once a year)
Frosty Gelee Lotion (a summer- friendly moisturizer) (P2,800)

The rules are not set in stone and of course, you may use the products daily if you wish. Kanebo will also introduce a skin care range for aging and features the same concept of CHRONO BEAUTY as well. How cool is that? An aging skin care line that adjusts to your skin's aging process and needs!

Which of these products are you interested to try?

All products are now available in Kanebo counters. Visit KANEBO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! Would love to try all their products. I love that they came up with daily, monthly and even yearly. �� The monthly was superb since my skin was very sensitive during my period. It's a must try product. ����

  2. The Variant Brosse Cheek Palette is the makeup product I'm excited about! Can you make a beauty look using these products?

  3. Their packaging is so on point and classy Ms. Martha :) I am interested to try the Frosty Gelee Lotion that can be used once a year. I am really amazed by the application rule that it has:)

  4. Wow looove this products ate Martha!! and the packaging is promising! ����

  5. Wow! I think we all need that bloom on serum. Kinda pricy but it looks worth investing for.

  6. Whoa I don't know if it is just me but Kanebo make an effort to make us all feel special.

  7. I think this is a good find. A tad expensive, but I guess it's value for your money because you'll have beautiful skin afterwards.

  8. I would love to try any of them..for free! Hehe! Yayamanin kasi for sure it is worth the money. Magbibigay sya ng gandang di mo inakala! Hehe

  9. can't stop but read all your blog entries! Because in every entry (is it called entry? Or article? 🤔), I learn new things. Like this one! Wow I didn't know that there's a listening skin care. If only it's not a little bit pricey I would def avail one now! Everytime it's that "time of the month" I always feel extra ugly because of my pimple breakouts. And it is so depressing because you're dealing with cramps na nga tapos may breakouts pa 😭 Thank you for this ate! I would definitely save up to avail these, especially yung Bloom On Serum.

  10. I would love to try the Frosty Gelee Lotion (a summer- friendly moisturizer) because we in a tropical country that is why summer has always been on a extended vacation lol!

  11. Will wait for their anti aging skincare line. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  12. I would love to have try with their product, for free syempre, cause Kanebo is so pricey. Anyway, is Kanebo an international brand??

  13. Cetaphil products are also good for all types of skin types and gentle too. It will help you to exfoliate your skin and give a fresh look.


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