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The Falsies brand that Makeup Artists Swear By is only P70.00

Here's a review on Taiwan Lashes #17.

PRICE: P70.00/set
FROM: Gladking, 999 Meisic Mall, Divisoria, Manila
OTHER LOCATIONS: widely available in Divisoria; online shops


I've been made up by a dozen makeup artists already and one thing in common that I've noticed with their makeup kits are the piles of white boxes that contained falsies; these falsies are lightweight, look fantastic in photos, and don't look too fake, which I like; they look and feel expensive to me as well. 

I learned that they're called Taiwan lashes and can be found in Divisoria; in my recent trip, I looked for it and holy moly, I was flabbergasted upon learning that these lightweight, superb falsies that look and feel expensive are nowhere near pricey; a box starts at P70.00 only!


Taiwan Lashes is an affordable brand of false eyelashes that come in various styles, thickness, and length.

The style I got is #218; it's slightly dense, wispy, and long; I have too many thick, dramatic lashes and I wanted something that I can wear even on a daily basis and will make my lashes look longer even from afar. There are TONS of styles to choose from. This particular style is P70.00 only for a box because it's one of the thinnest styles.


Just the way I like it: long, wispy lashes with moderate thickness. I love that this pair is so lightweight and the strands feel almost like hair. However, the string base of Taiwan lashes is very slim, thus the falsies feel pretty delicate, but they don't break easily unless you're careless with handling. On the upside, these falsies don't poke my eyes too and don't need too much lash glue to stick!

I am really happy with this discovery and I can't wait to go back to Divisoria to hoard! If you're going to visit Divisoria, be sure to look for these!

ADDENDUM: A couple of followers on my Facebook fan page are discussing this product and asked a good question, and that is if I got this on wholesale that's why I was able to get a box for P70 only. For this style, it's P70.00/box; no minimum purchase required to get it at this rate, but of course it will be cheaper if you buy in bulk. :)


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! So cheap yet it looks really good. I think they also sell that online for 90-100pesos. Now I'm convinced to buy one. Thanks Ms. M!

  2. I layer my falsies and that could work with Taiwan lashes too.

  3. This falsies is everyone's raving about!!!! Worth every penny ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  4. I also bought lashes in Gladking but what I got was 217 kaso hindi ko pa magamit cause I don't know what's best glue to use and I have a hard time of applying it on my lashes.

  5. That is really a great lash find. I owned a box of Taiwan lashes too in #217. Although I seldom use it, it really feels nice for once in awhile to level up my makup with these lashes. You can get it for a much cheaper price for P40-50 at 698 mall, that is where I bought mine.

  6. It's so cheap oh my!!! How may piece in one box?

  7. Style #216 is my absolute favourite for bridal looks because they are very lightweight and natural! For pageant looks, I use a combination of #216 + #Y66 (I cut the thicker style in half and stack it on top of #216, just on the outer corners of the eyes).

  8. This makes me want to go to divi asap!haha

  9. holy moly I thought it's your real lashes. It doesn't look like fake at all because it doesn't have an over reacting strands (if you know what I mean) ๐Ÿ˜ Would love to try it too. I will definitely look for these once I get to divisoria. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

  10. Oh yes, these lashes are superb! I bought mine from an online shop for 99php. This is my most favorite!

  11. Yaay we have the same style po ng taiwan lashes :) I got 218 din and I have also 217 :) I bought them po on an online shop and it cost 100 pesos per box :) hihi :) Madami po napuri ng lashes ko everytime I use 218 :)

  12. Thanks for this post Ms M. Super cheap nito for a box.

  13. This is a cult favorite and I have watched a haul from youtube in which nabili nila to ng 45 pesos only!!!

  14. I was hesitant on purchasing this although I've seen them countless of times on so many beauty tutorials. Lesson learned, let us not underestimate inexpensive beauty items:)

  15. I agree with you! I've been hearing a lot of beauty bloggers rave about Taiwan lashes and some of them even included it as their 2016 favorites. I only got to try Taiwan Lashes when I have to attend special events in school. But a friend is sending me over some Taiwan lashes and I can't wait to try it to more events! Plus, it's very cheap but has a very good quality kaya I think that's the reason why many bloggers love this product

  16. Wow! This is a must have for someone na nagtitipid. Maganda siya at abot kaya! Pwede to sa mga college students.


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