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Liquid Sculpting and Highlighting For Oily Skin: Cathy Doll Highlighting and Shading Cushion Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Cathy Doll Highlighting and Shading Cushion in Fair Skin and Honey Skin.

PRICE: P899.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in select SM Department Stores


Thanks to Instagram tutorials and Kim Kardashian, everyone's pretty much into cream contouring and highlighting now; these techniques and corresponding products aren't new, but were mainly used in professional makeup artistry; today, almost every makeup lover wants to incorporate these in their makeup routine.

Some find cream products quite heavy on the skin, especially on oily skin, and a little too pigmented for their beginner contouring/highlighting skills; if you say aye to any of these problems, then check out Cathy Doll Highlighting and Sculpting Cushion, a good replacement for cream contour and highlighting products.


New from Cathy Doll, these highlighting and shading compacts feature a customized compact that allows for a 'one press' application on the skin. Comes in two shades.

This is the first time I've encountered a highlighting and contouring cushion compact, and it looks mighty cool! The configuration of the cushion lets you highlight and contour properly in one go, if you use the puff; more about this below.

L-R: Honey Skin; Fair Skin

There are two shades for this product: Honey Skin for warm skin and Fair Skin for...yup, you've guessed it.

Consistency is like emulsion and feels very light on the skin. Pigmentation is light to medium.


Honey Skin on my skin

Okay, this is not what the 'one press' action (or Sponge Ditch feature, according to Cathy Doll) that I mentioned at the top of this post is supposed to look like; that technique makes use of the puff included in the compact: press the entire puff on the cushion and you'll get the same product configuration on the puff, as it is in the cushion, and dab on the skin for instant highlight and contour.

In here, I used a brush to apply the products; I prefer leaving a space between both products because I normally put blush in between the two products. If I don't use blush, then I do the 'one press' technique.

I blend both products with a stippling brush and the result is a barely there contour and highlight.

I actually like my cream/liquid highlighter and contouring products looking light because the look can end up looking dark and muddy on my skin when finally set with complementing powder products; I just need these as base to help my look last without the additional coverage because the powder products will solve those for me. However, if you like it intense, then choose cream products instead as this product is only meant to provide light to medium coverage.

For the highlighter, I prefer the one from Fair Skin compact because it shows up better on my skin.

Product set with complementing powder

Cathy Doll Highlighting and Shading Compact is good for those with oily skin because of its bearable, light consistency, good for those who are yet to perfect their contouring and highlighting skills because its pigmentation is friendly to beginners, and perfect for those who want a good base for contouring/highlighting products without providing too much coverage.


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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've seen this from Ms. Nikki's IG stories last time, it was very easy to use! I would love to try this out! (Ms M, wala po ba talagang text yung post nyo for this one? Puro pictures lang nakikita)

  2. I have a BB cushion from Laneige, is it like this as well?

  3. That Sculpting product from Cathy Doll is like contouring too on a different version or level because it is in a cushion form. Cushion is really popular nowadays first foundation/BB cream , then the blush and jow a sculpting product.I think the product is not that pigmented basing on the pictures but blending it makes it look more natural on the face.

  4. Waaaahhh excited ako sa review nito! Their AA cushion is good.

  5. Nakakatuwa naman po Ms. Martha meron na po palang cushion for highlight and shading :) Sobrang cutie ng packaging!

    1. Yaay bumalik po ako kase po kanina Ms. Martha wala pa po ung review, picture palang hihi :) Good thing pedeng pede sila for oily skin like me :)

  6. Wow! Cathy Doll! πŸ’• Ang ganda po ng naging results. Thank you po sa review na to. I found this useful, hirap na hirap po kasi ako magcontour using cream talaga, di po sanay. Pero wow lang meron na din silang in cushion, nice technology. πŸ™ˆπŸ’•

  7. Cathy Doll is really doing a great job on producing cute, affordable and fun to use make up.

  8. I'm pretty amazed with Cathy Doll's idea of Highlighting and Contouring in a cushion. Hopefully it'll work for me, since I have plenty supply of facial oil.

  9. Perfect to sa mga mabilisang make up especially for working girls. This so nice and good option for those beginner in make up like me. Nahihirapan pa kasi ako sa pag bblend. 😊

  10. Perfect to sa mga mabilisang make up especially for working girls. This so nice and good option for those beginner in make up like me. Nahihirapan pa kasi ako sa pag bblend. 😊

  11. I always believe that cushions will save everyone from being late. From cushion foundation, cushion eyeliner and now cushion highlighting and contour! One of my favorite cushion is the Cathy Doll AA, I hope this one works really good on my skintone. :)

  12. The only cushion contour that I have are the pen type ones from Miniso. I have to check this too ;)

  13. Mga gaano katagal po yung lasting power nyan? Thanks

  14. Yes. Pede sa oily skin at sa beginner. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  15. I have yet to discover the art of contouring and highlighting. Pero I read here in the comments and pwede sya sa beginners so would def consider this too!! Plus, I heard Cathy Dolls is available na on 7-11 stores! 😍


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