VLOG: Best Restaurants in Boracay (NEW LIST) + Youtube Video

Starting this post with HAPPY EID'L FITR!

A couple of years back, I wrote a blog post entitled BEST PLACES TO EAT IN BORACAY. Here's part 2 and I've made some wonderful discoveries based on recommendations. Sharing with them to all of you today.

I went to Boracay last May to celebrate my birthday and to get that much needed R & R from work, my blog, and wedding planning. It was the breather that I needed!

Our resort of choice was The Boracay Beach Resort located in Station 1. It is very near D'Mall and has a pretty good beach front.

The place is inspired by Santorini and Filipino home aesthetics.

Room is P3,900.00+/night; by far, it's the best room we've had in Boracay. Room is very decent compared to our last two stays. Service is great as well and the staff are friendly. I don't mind staying here again when I go back. I recommend it if you're willing to shell out a little more for a really good room, but it's not necessarily priced as luxury.

Now onto my food adventure. 

SMOKE (Station 2)
Price: $$

A lot of friends recommended Smoke for my affordable food adventure. It is located at D'Mall Palengke (wet market).

We ordered Bulalo and Beef Salpicao, two of their best- sellers. It's a good, filling meal; enough to fuel you, but I won't say it is amazing. I like the fact that compared to most of the main meals we've had in Boracay, it's the most affordable so yay for savings, but comparing it with the food prices in Manila, Smoke's pricing can be considered mid-range, but what the heck, it's a tourist spot so expect tourist prices. If you want really affordable food in Boracay, go for fast food, but where's the fun in that, right?

Price: $$

Real Coffee and Tea has been around since 1996, one of the good ol', well- loved restaurants of the island.

The pride themselves with the best- selling Calamansi Muffins.

These muffins are so popular that I have friends back in Manila who asked me to buy some for them. I tried it out with a glass of Iced Mocha and it's was just the perfect ender after a light lunch: soft, moist muffins with a tangy, citrus taste; the muffins are just perfect to have when you're in the island.

HOY PANGA! (Station 2)
Price: $$

Hoy Panga! is known for tuna panga and other tuna- based meals, but in Boracay, they offer wholesome treats such as Smoothie Bowls and Poke Bowls; these are so good to have after a succession of cheat meals.

MERLY'S (Around Boracay)
Price: $

Craving for isaw, barbecue, and grilled meat, plus you also want to try the famed island burger, Choriburger? Look for Merly's, which claims to offer the best- tasting Choriburger in the island.

As much as I wanted to have Choriburger, I was stuffed.

So I got myself my favorite grilled innards instead. YASSS.

Price: $$$

Tides Bar is famous for Oyster Sisig and Four Cheese Pizza.

Here's the mouthwatering Four Cheese Pizza; every table in the restaurant had this! It's one of the best- tasting 4 cheese pizza versions I have tried. Gosh, my mouth's watering as I'm typing this!

Angus Beef Burger for my fiancé with a serious appetite. The burger's juicy!

Yes, heaven is definitely sizzling! Here's the famed Oyster Sisig; I'm not a huge fan of Oyster, but I really liked this one!

Price: $$$

I featured Tibraz in my first food- related post for Boracay, but when we returned, we learned that they've merged with two other restaurants already: Damiana and FUEL.

We opted for Damiana's and ordered Lechon Sisig, which is REALLY GOOD.

Lechon Binagoongan. Yes, I love pork. :D

Eggplant Salad to give the illusion that we are eating healthy LOL.

Price: $$$$

For my birthday dinner, we celebrated it at Indigo at Discovery Shores, one of the recognized fine dining restaurants in the island.

Grilled Canadian Scallops with quail egg and salad at the center. Oh, I love scallops so much!

Mediterranean Shrimp Salad. Refreshing and filling because of rice so I had to share this one with the fiancé.

Steak and Frites. Only the best for the birthday girl, right? :)

Now check out my VLOG on Boracay 2017 part 1 on my channel; I've included some of old time favorites here too!

Click HERE for the video.

For part 2, my Vlog will be about places to visit in Boracay!

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  1. OMG,nagutom ako sa mga pictures Ms. Martha lalo na sa four cheese pizza :) You really had fun on your birthday Ms. Martha and you really deserve it!!!!

  2. My sister went there last June 19-21 and she told me how beautiful Boracay is, but so far she said it has the most expensive prices! She told me the price difference of the basic goods there compared in Manila. Plus, she said she ordered sinigang in this restaurant that tasted nothing like sinigang. It was her first time there, if only she went there after this entry, I would definitely recommend your top picks. But for now, saving it for future Boracay escapade with fam! ❤ Thank you for this, Ate! Hope you had a good stay and break in Boracay. 💞

  3. Will definitely take note of this for future references! Thanks for sharing Ms.M.❤

  4. Thanks for this Ms.Martha! We'll definitely use this blog when we go to bora someday with my hubby. All food are really mouth-watering! 👍

  5. Wow! Nagutom ako bigla! 2012 pa ang last visit ko sa bora.. Ayiee, nakakaexcite magbakasyon uli. Belated Happy Birthday!

  6. Nakakagutom Ms M. Namiss ko tuloy ang Boracay, last punta namin ay 2008 pa. Kelan Kaya kame ulet makakapunta dyan? That time kase one pa lang child namin, ngayon ay tatlo na sila. Need pag ipunan bago bumalik sa Boracay.


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