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Here's a review on Make Up For Ever Brow Collection.

PRICE: Brow Pencil- P1,100.00; Brow Liner- P1,350.00; Brow Gel- P1,200.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Make Up For Ever Greenbelt and SM Mega Fashion Hall


Reviewing one of the most extensive brow collections I've seen in a while by Make Up For Ever. This satisfies the brow lover in me so much! I have here all the pieces from the collection and let me muse about them.


Brow Liner is a pigmented liquid brow definer and shaper. It comes with a pointy felt tip and formula features Polar Oil that prevents a clumpy finish, and Mica and Polymeric Gel that bind for long- lasting coverage. It comes in 5 shades.

Brow Pencil features an innovative tip wherein one side dips to deliver easy definition and 30% pigments for an intense, bold payoff. Features Silica for a long lasting hold, Japanese and Castor Waxes for improved wear, and Polybutene Oil for seamless pigment distribution. It comes in 5 shades.

Finally, Brow Gel is a setting and defining brow mascara with a flat and pointed brush applicator for customized application. Formula has Mica and Glycerin that help the product last long and Red Algae extract that helps strengthen brow strands. It comes in 5 shades.

Here are the shades I have:


Brow Liner (40 and 30)
Brow Pencil (30 and 40)
Brow Gel (20 and 40)


Brow Pencil in 30

Brow Pencil has medium to heavy pigmentation. It has a semi- creamy texture with high spreadability, but isn't too creamy that it takes a while to set and makes hair strands clump like crazy. The dipping portion of the pencil proves to be very useful as well; it lets me cover my entire brows in just a few swipes, plus it makes shading of the brow edge much easier: conventional brow pencils sometimes block my sight and inhibit me from creating precise hair- like strokes or shadowy coverage and this pencil format does the trick for me.

Brow Liner in 30

Brow Liner is very pigmented, therefore it is very tricky to use. You would need full control over your hands and as much possible, maintain light force all throughout the application (which is hard, btw) if you want to get a natural- looking finish. If you're always on the go, this is not the best option for you; it's best to leave Brow Liner to the experts and avant garde brow looks. On the brighter side, it doubles as an eyeliner!

TIP: Application should focus on the central part of the brow only since it's very pigmented; spread out the product on your entire brow right after applying.

Brow Gel in 20

Brow Gel has a light to medium pigmentation and provides light, all day hold. I like how it keeps my brows in place without the 'hard' look and feel. 25 is a good neutralizing shade; as seen in the photo above, it neutralized the redness of Brow Liner in 30. I also like the applicator that comes with it because it offers two formats for the bristles, thereby providing me options to either flatten out my brow or comb it upwards for a feathery look.

P.S. Everything is long- wearing!

Make Up For Ever's Brow Collection is for the serious brow lovers out there and I like how wide the selection is, catering to pros or everyday girls. I highly recommend the brow gel and brow pencil!


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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's heaven for brow lovers like me but i find the brow liner quite difficult to use πŸ˜” I like the brow pencil and the brow gel that u used ms martha it really looks good on you.

  2. OMG! The brow liner is the bomb! Hope all of us can afford yo buy one. I love how the look you come up with Martha. Brow goals ka talaga! Any recommendations para sa brow na mura lang para saming mga beginners and konti lang ang budget? And also what do you prefer po, brow pencil, pen type, wax, powder or pomade? Please share po and para mag kaidea rin kami which one dapat bagay or ok para samin. Thank you!

  3. Naalala ko po tuloy yung workshop na dapat start sa gitna ng kilay di po ba? more workshops po and meet up :)

  4. Super mahal nga po mga yan ah! But they're good naman tlga and the quality is wow! It'll better be long Lasting! ��

  5. I haven't tried eyebrow products from MakeUp ForEver. But I know it is a great highend product. I do have travel essentials from the brand like primer, hd powder, mascara, eye pencil and lipsticks. I'm excited to use them, haven't tried any of those yet. I just got it from a giveaway.

  6. Ang ganda! I have never tried any brow liner, kakatakot gamitin pag di ka gaanong marunong hehe. Palaging brow pencil and brow gel lang. Parang gusto ko itry yung brow liner nila since medyo kakaiba yung tip nya. Ang uso na kasi ngayon yung feathery look sa eyebrows. Mukhang natural lang din :)

  7. On point talaga, Ate! By your review, they all look (and sound) promising. Plus, the photos gave justice to your review. Na πŸ’” lang ako sa price haha. I'm just starting to learn how to do my brows. Maybe someday pag expert level 99999999 na ako, I could try these products as well. ❤

  8. Yaay! Usapang kilay :) Kahit po ata anong product gamitin nyo ms martha kilay goals po kayo lagi ihh hihi :) Question po Ms. Martha ano po kayang magandang drugstore na clear na eyebrow gel? Thank you <3

  9. For the Kilay Goal! Make up Forever is one of the best brand of make up but it is too expensive. I remembered the first time that a MUA do my make up for a photoshoot, I asked her if what is the best brand of eyebrow pencil that she would recommend for me and she said Make up Forever but when I asked about the price range I was shocked! but she said that Make up forever is one of the best brand of make up. How I wish I can afford this.

  10. Hands down Ms. Martha, you are the kilay queen...at least for me. πŸ˜™ You deliver amazing pak plakadong kilay every time whatever product you are using!

  11. Yung gusto mo ng kilay on fleek kaso di afford huhu. Super mahal ms.martha! Pero sabi nga nila mas mahal mas maganda kaya walang duda nung tinest mo na sayo. Question po Ms.Martha, pano ko po kaya maayos yung lipstick kong naputol any tips po para po di sya masayang di ko po kasi magamit ng maayos. Thankyou po !

  12. Brow wish list! Kilay is life. Gonna get one soon! They look great on you Ms Martha!

  13. Great review as always! And eyebrows on fleek! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  14. I've always been loyal to Maybelline's brow products, primarily dahil mura. But now that I've read about the Make Up Forever's eyebrow products, boy do I now want to invest in high end brow products! Thank you for this review. It's very detailed and informative. The swatches look good! aaaand your kilay is always on fleek, Ms. Martha! Keep it up ;)

  15. Hi The beauty junkee ang gaganda. G mga blogs mo. Sobrang naaappreciate ko although minsan lang ako mag comment pero ito maganda dn talaga dahil swak na swak saken d ako marunong magkilay masyado hehe

  16. Just got home from a trip at wala akong matinong connection. Grabe Ms.M di ako mapalagay kasi di ako nakakavisit sa blog mo. Hahaha! Sanay kasi ako magbasa muna dito bago matulog. Anyway, hail to the kilay queen! Hanggang testers lang talaga ako sa Make Up For Ever kasi can't afford talaga. πŸ˜… But they have really good products that's super worth investing for.

  17. Kahit gaano kamahal, basta pag kilay ang pinag uusapan, para ka narin kumuha ng life insurance, dahil kilay is life. haha. Mabura na lahat wag lang si kilay. And I think this is one of the best to invest kung gusto mo talaga magkaron ng pak na kilay, knowing Make Up Forever for their good product. :)


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