Club Clio Philippines Trinoma Store + My Top 5 Picks + Virtual Tour

Club Clio has just opened its first flagship branch at Trinoma mall sometime around 1- 2 months ago and I've visited yesterday; I even did an FB Live video so check that out on my Facebook fan page (The Beauty Junkee) if you want an animated store tour. :)

If you're the reading type, then read on and take this virtual tour around this Clio's first store in Manila!

The Trinoma branch is the biggest to date; there's a newly- opened one at Lucky Chinatown Mall so for south and Manila peeps, you can get your Club Clio fix right there.

This store houses three brands: Club Clio, Goodal, and Peripera. 

 Here's a makeover bar where you can get up close and personal with the products.

This is the Kill Zone, a proud display of Club Clio's best- selling products, which are mostly from the Kill Cover range. If you want a quick summary of the brand's best- sellers (because there are A LOT of products and if you're a newbie, you can be overwhelmed), just ask the friendly SAs to lead you to and assist you at the Kill Zone.

Upon entering the store, you will be welcomed by Kill Zone and Goodal. Goodal is placed at the entrance of the store because the store is true to one of CC's principles: Skin care before makeup; the store concept encourages everyone to adopt this brand principle in order to have good makeup and healthy skin.

Btw, Goodal means 'Good for All". Goodal's products are inspired by nature and each product contains a lot of skin care benefits plus formulas are concentrated and fermented so you don't have to use a lot of products in one go, thus shortening your prep time. Sounds like an anti-Korean skin care routine concept, but Club Clio's all about efficiency!

Next to Goodal is Peripera, the more hip sister brand of Club Clio. Peripera is famous for their tints and Ink Velvet mousse lipstick.

And here's the Kill Cover range; it's a wide range of bases that all have one thing in common: long- lasting coverage. Here's a quick breakdown of the types of coverage and skin types that each variant is suitable for:

Kill Cover Conceal-dation- Full Coverage; combination oily
Kill Cover Moisture Cover Stick Foundation- Medium- full coverage; combination dry and oily
Kill Cover Conceal Cushion- Full coverage; oily
Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion- Medium coverage; normal and dry
Kill Cover Founwear Cushion- Medium coverage; normal and dry

And here are the Kill Cover concealers, my favorites! There are 3 types of concealers:

Kill Cover Liquid (Concealer and Correctors)- medium to full coverage
Kill Cover Pro Artist Pot- full coverage
Kill Cover Stick- medium coverage

Moving to more best- sellers, here's the Kill Brow range with Kill Brow Cara as the best- seller; it's very long- lasting according to fans!

Next best- seller is Kill Black, a waterproof, intense eyeliner that is apparently the best- seller in Korea and from the brand. It's out of stock so that speaks of its effect and popularity!

Clio Pro Artist Shadows. These are being sold individually and there is a customizable palette that you can buy to house these. Refillable palette is P450.00 and eyeshadow singles are P450.00/each.

Blush (cream and powder) and shading/highlighting duo. These are P750.00 each.

Tools of the trade. A Facebook fan of mine said that their cleansing oils are amazing. I wanna try, but it was out of stock. ;/

Nail bar. Club Clio's products have a gel formula and come in matte, glitter, metallic, satin, and shimmer finishes, and retail at P250.00.

Club Clio is also well- known for their makeup sets and these are my top picks; each set contains either a hydro sponge, extra cushion, and even a primer! The face makeup sets are at P1,650.00 each and you get more than what you pay for!

And here are my top 5 picks from Club Clio:

1. Kill Cover Concealer- I think I've raved enough about this product already LOL.
2. Ink Cara- super long- lasting mascara!
3. Ink Velvet- a mousse lipstick with a matte finish, comfortable, and super long- lasting finish.
4. Kill Cover Moisture Foundation Stick- stick foundation with a complementing brush; it's the only Kill Cover base with a shade that somewhat fits my skin so that's why I'm recommending it, if you're a morena.
5. Kill Cover Founwear Set- this set is P1,650 and contains an extra bottle of Founwear (you will pour it in the cushion when you've emptied the previous one) plus a primer. WHOA! What a good deal!

So there's your virtual store tour! Just keep on checking back and use this as your guide if it's your first time to visit Club Clio's store and most especially, if you are new to the brand!

For more information, please visit CLUB CLIO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. We definitely have fun watching the fb live video. The store is amazing and if you're into korean skin care and make up then this store is for you coz they have it all. Its also generous of you ms martha to include one lucky viewer on ur shopping spree thats so cool. My fave was the kill cover founwear set kasi sulit na sulit na sa price and like you my all time fave in clio kill cover line is their concealer so sad lang n they dont sell it in set like in korea. Please ms martha more fb live video in the future 😘😘😘

  2. WAAAAAAA! I'm really really interested with the Kill Cover Concealer! I've seen the product almost everywhere in social media. It's basically everywhere! Never thought it actually is that good until I read it up in this post. I will so pin it for future reference. I hope Club Clio will put it up on sale sometime. I'm a college student on a really tight budget. I really hope it will work on my eye bags na sobrang g na g HAHAHA Thank for this tour, Ms. Martha! Looking forward to your next tour!

  3. I was brokenhearted yesterday 😒 nung nasa concealer ka na na empty batt ako and the horror begun when I realized that AYAW MAGCHARGE NG PHONE KO! 😑 nagcharge and naopen sya around 6 pm, may nanalo na huhuhu. But the most important part is ang saya ng experience kahapon, its like shopping while sitting. So layo lang ng trinoma from Cavite huhu. Anyway Im still positive (sa COM) hahaha! Thank you sa shopping experience kahapon Martha ang ganda ng mga Clio products. I might try someday hihi..god bless you always and best wishes! Go girl 😚

  4. I watched the FB Live yesterday. super lucky ng nanalo :)

  5. Watched your FB live yesterday and sobrang natuwa ako sa tour mo Ms.M. Club Clio is heaven and I love Peripera! I super wanna try Kill cover products especially their cushion and the much raved concealer. Kinda pricey pero worth it and sulit naman yung sets nila. Hopefully I can buy one soon! πŸ™πŸ» Thanks for the virtual tour and for sharing your picks with us Ms.M! ❤

  6. Ang cute ng outfit mo dyan Ms. Martha ❤ Sana magkaroon pa sila ng other branches. Yung Kill Cover Concelaer talaga ❤ Parang okay rin bilhin yung Founwear Set kasi maraming included items :) Sana magkaroon po ng reviews yung mga products na to :)

  7. Ughhhhh ������ Grabe, Ate!!! I fell inlove sa products nila ❤ Plus I really like the concept na ilagay sa entrance yung Goodall. I really really want to try Kill Cover Concealer �� Medyo pricey sya, but I know it's definitely worth it! Will look nga if may online store sila �� thank you for the detailed review ateeee. ❤

  8. Nun lang po ako super ngenjoy sa isang fb live Ms. Martha :) Sooper saya ng comment sections at alive na alive at sooper love din po ung mga products nila lalo ung kill cover na line :) Wanna try peri ink na talaga ms. Martha :)

  9. OMG kill me now! Heto na naman tayo wooooh may pa picture ka pa madam! Im so excited yesterday actually kinagabihan palang tapos sumakit ulo ko kakaisip, naeexcite ako ng sobra di nako masyadong nakatulog. Super heaven talaga sa loob ng club clio! Goals talaga magkaron ng mga ganyan na k-beauty brand/products kasi isa ako sa mga oppa lover at kinain ng sistema hahahaha ang ganda kasi naman talaga ng mga skin ng koreans. Nakakainlove ang mga products nila tapos cute ng packaging lalo na ng peripera tints and inks saka yung cushion din na mukang french macaroon! Ang ganda din kasi may mga sets sila, napaka wide ng range nila lalo na sa kill cover medyo nakakalito yung mga cushions pero keri lang, ang nice din nung kill cover foundation stick na may kasamang brush at yung mga gel na nail polish omg! Agree ako sa top 5 picks mo ate martha, kasi same tayo ganyan din akin hehehehe sila din ang bet na bet ko sana more live tours pa sa future, nag enjoy talaga ako ng sobra sa panonood. Thankyou again ate for choosing me to win for your giveaway. Iloveyou! 😘😘😘

  10. I heard so much good feedbacks, reviews and first impressions on this product and it makes me dying to buy it but I kennat! hihihi.. I hope their third store would be at Megamall para naman I can check their product. I'm excited to see you Ms. M wearing all the product you bought from Clio. 😊😊😊

  11. Im actually saving for goodal goodies.

  12. Oh my gosh! Club Clio!!!Love the Live FB video you did. It's like being inside the store without being there at all. I was so excited seeing it. It's like being a kid inside a candy or a toystore!!Love it!

  13. The day after it opened my cousin went their to look at the products. But no plans of buying. My cousin took notice of the Kill Cover Founwear set, she wanted to buy it when she comes back. It was really a "great" deal for us. Hope you coulddo a review for it Ms. M is it good for oily or combination skin? So I could share the review for her. TIA!


  15. Hello po ate!!!! Sobrang nag enjoy po talaga ako sa FB Live. Super fuuuuun!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Though super daldal ko and everrrrything. haha! super natuwa po kasi ako sa happenings there! Especially the peripera inks! Grabe! Gusto ko na din mag hoard ng make ups from Club clio. hihi. Thanks ate for giving us great info about those products po!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• ILY!!! πŸ’•

  16. Waaahh Club Clio πŸ’œ Napanood ko po yung live nyo nyan last time then pinakta nyo din po yung mga mgagagandang items and must have po nila. Grabe angaganda. Then last time pumunta po ko sa trinoma then pumasok ako sa shop nila para magswatch, damn sobrang pigmented ng products. Grabe ang worth it netong products na to πŸ’œ


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