FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: DIY Skin Care- Bad or Good?

Hello guys! Bummer, because of the storm and awful Internet, I wasn't able to upload my YT video yesterday. It's super interesting and it's now up - FINALLY- so click HERE and watch the 5 looks that you can create with Anastasia Modern Renaissance.

I'm also getting married tomorrow! I'll try to do an FB live on my Facebook fan page so I can share the moment with you guys. Let's all pray for a sunny day tomorrow and fast Internet! :D

Question from today is Sheryl:

Hi Martha,
I've been seeing a lot of these DIY skin care lately like mixing Dalacin-C with Eskinol, homemade Apple Cider Vinegar toner, etc. I just want to know if these are safe to use?

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Hey Sheryl!

Thanks for the question. I've been encountering A LOT of these DIY skin care products on social media lately; some are okay, while some...uhm, let me just say, I would not advise my readers to use.

DIY skin care is okay as long as you have basic knowledge on compounds and chemicals, and you know which products and ingredients go well together; I myself would use DIY skin care products too of my own creation, but I only use the gentlest or most stable food grade products available and most especially, products that do not break me out. Most of the products I use are masks and body scrubs, products that I wash off completely and don't have to use on a daily basis. 

DIY skin care may sound cool, but in general, I will not suggest it. Here's why.

First, commercial skin care products have been formulated and tested with high respect for skin and health; brands have hired scientists, dermatologists, and researchers to formulate, test, and create these skin care products you see on the market. There is expertise behind the products to ensure that you are less likely to break out, they produce desirable effects or at the very least, won't kill you.

Second, formulas of retail skin care are made in factories that are certified and guaranteed fit to produce beauty products - they have the means, machineries, tools, knowledge, licenses, and most importantly, hygiene. Sure, you can clean your tabletop before you cut that lemon for your DIY lemon toner, but how sure are you that the lemon you picked up from the market is clean and btw, what did you use to clean your surface?

Third, some ingredients, when taken in pure form, can be extremely harsh for the skin. An example is Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon; these are VERY ACIDIC substances and may cause chemical burns if applied to the skin in its purest state.

Fourth, natural ingredients don't necessarily mean good for the skin; take for example, honey: it may contain certain bacteria that can cause irritation to the skin if used in its pure form; factories that produce honey ingredients and extracts in skin care ensure that these bacteria are eradicated before usage.

Finally, retail skin care formulas are stable; they won't cause severe breakouts, won't break down easily, less susceptible to bacterial contamination, and the concentrations of the active ingredients are just right to produce an effect without necessarily harming the skin.

So there. My stand on DIY skin care is it's good if you know the products you're dealing with, you've researched and read peer- reviewed or legit analysis and studies on the ingredients you will use, you will not use them all the time and near mucous membranes, and your skin is not sensitive.

How about you? What's your stand on DIY skin care?

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ms. Martha, ikaw na po ang pinakabridechilla sa lahat. Tomorrow na ang wedding and still blogging! How to be you po? :D Praying with you to have a fair weather tom and of course a blissful marriage. :) Congrats and best wishes! :)

  2. I will do DIY only if the brand says it could be. Hihihi. I am so afraid to use products that are not tested. Baka imbes na umokay ang skin natin lalong maging worse

  3. I agree! Actually I tried yung Dalacin C and Eskinol. Hindi naman ako nagkaron ng skin irritation or nag break out pero napansin ko na pumangit skin ko parang nagmukha akong haggard. Then hininto ko. Bumalik ako sa dating skin care routine ko and mas nag gloom yung face ko. Kaya agree ako kay Ms. Martha hindi kasi lahat safe.

  4. Yes true, kasi d khit papaano ay iba2 po ang skin type natin at meron tlgnag ibang gumagana sa kanila ung DIY, pero sa iba, ngkakadamage more ang kanilang face skin, delicate kasi skin natin lalo na sa mukha. THank you madam for sharing your thoughts about it po!

  5. This is a good read po Ms.M. I'm against DIY skin care also. Baka kasi magkabreak out pa or worst mas mapalala pa yung skin condition. To those na gusto talaga, I respect their decision naman po baka naman po kasi hiyang talaga sila like dun sa mga gumagamit ng Eskinol with Dalacin-C. Exited for your wedding tomorrow Ms.M! Abangan namin FB live mo. Best wishes po! ❤

  6. Ive once tried the eskinol with dalacin C and it actually works for me 😬 That time i have had severe acne and in my frustration i ask my sister for an effective remedy and she told me about that. After a month i was amaze with the result as it didnt leave a pimple mark as well but it was just that time that ive tried it.

  7. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ATE!!!! DIYs are all interesting but not all of them are good for our skin. If ayaw ng beauty products, maybe it's best to go natural na lang instead of diy skin care blah blahs. Lemme just share one thing that I saw sa FB way back na madalas ko ring marinig na ginagawa ng ibang tao. Mixing DALACIN-C with ESKINOL is a big NO NO. Dalacin C is an antibiotic. Yes, it might cure and eliminate pimples. Good right? Pero in the long run, there is a BIG POSSIBILITY that when the time comes na you'll be needing Antibiotic, it won't work for you anymore. Kasi immune ka na sa antibiotic kakagamit ng Dalacin C and eskinol e. Kaya pag need mo na uminom nun, wala ng effect kasi sanay na katawan mo dun. And I do believe in that. Kaya better to buy from known brands or just go natural just to be safe. 😊

  8. Same thoughts ate martha. Mamaya kasi imbes na gumanda ang skin lalo lang lumala dahil baka harsh pala talaga sa skin yung DIY na gagamitin o ilalagay mo. 😊

  9. Yung sa dalacin keme po di po ko naniniwala dun kasi nagtry ako nun nung first year di effective. Siguro hiyangan lang din po yun sa face natin kasi may mga face na medyo sensitive and yung iba hindi.

  10. I totally agree with this! 100%! I've tried several DIY skin treatments myself and none of the actually worked out the way I expected. One of the worst ones for me was the apple cider vinegar as a toner. I've seen an article on google stating that Scarlett Johansson's been using apple cider vinegar as a toner. So ako naman tinry ko, thinking it wasn't gonna do any harm since it's organic. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. It only gave me this stinging sensation and gave me cystic acne. :( I figured a good way to use it though para hindi masayang. I use it with bentonite clay now and it helped me deal with my leg eczema! :) Thank you for this, Ms. Martha! Looking forward to more of your posts!

  11. Since college pa, nakikita ko na sa mga forums and blogs yung Eskinol + Dalacin-C. Gustong gusto ko rin yun itry dati nung pinipimples ako ng bongga. Marami kasing nagsasabi na effective talaga. Kaya lang nakakatakot magrisk lalo na sa mukha, baka imbis na mapabuti eh lumala pa. For me, pagdating sa skin care, hindi recommended ang DIY. Marami namang affordable products, tyagaan lang mahanap saan tayo hiyang. Better be safe than sorry 😊

  12. I bought DIY mask and aloe on Mumuso Ms. Martha. Since I am a facemask addict, I want to make mask myself. But after reading your blog maybe I will search further details to do it or I will not just try to do DIY and just be safe to use readily available mask in the market. Thank you for your tips Ms. Martha :)

  13. I have tried some DIY skincare before. At first it did really work but eventually nothing happens after a few days or weeks. I have a very oil skin but using those dried up my skin so much which I didn't like. So I stop and tried some organic products which actually work for me.

  14. Best Wishes !!
    Quite interested in these diy skincare but i lack the energy to do it.. Id rathet try buying.. Hehe..
    Thank you for all info. πŸ˜ƒ

  15. Great post! We really have to read up before trying DIY skincare, mahirap na rin kasi lalo na kapag allergic ka pala sa mga ingredients, best to consult a derma talaga :)

  16. Hi! How about mixing papaya with honey and using it like a cream? Have you ever tried that? A friend of mine suggested that and I've seen her article about her article about DIY Skincare products. I'm still skeptical about it. Is it effective on reducing acne scars?


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