Not Your Usual Body Wash: Zenutrients Hand And Body Wash Review + Price

Here's a review on Zenutrients Hand and Body Wash.

PRICE: Hand and Body Wash- P248.00 (200ml), P530.00 (500ml), P945.00 (1L)
Body Scrub- P245.00 (100g), P450.00 (300g)
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Zenutrients kiosks


Ladies and gents, presenting my favorite body cleansers as of late: Zenutrients hand and body wash; these products are more than your average body wash: aside from being a hand and body wash, I use these to rinse my brushes too to get rid of makeup, dirt, and bacteria, without sacrificing the quality of the bristles!


Zenutrients Bath and Body line features a range of body wash products to clean the skin thoroughly while providing a bevy of skin care benefits.

Whitening Glutathione Hand and Body Wash ingredients

This whitening cocktail features Papaya and Glutathione, well- known effective whitening agent.

Refreshing Cottonmint and Tea Tree Hand and Body Wash ingredients

A cooling and refreshing body wash with Tea Tree that helps minimize body acne.

Calming Lavender Hand and Body Wash ingredients

A body wash I love using because the generous Lavender aroma really helps calm the senses.

The body wash are low foam and don't cause skin to feel dry, taut, or itchy; on brushes, they give the bristles a nice, gentle yet thorough clean.

Whitening Turmeric and Lemon Body Scrub ingredients

This whitening body scrub is enriched with environment- friendly apricot kernel exfoliators that's why I love it, plus it has a lemon scent. This is a concentrated scrub that gets rid of rough areas without the dryness; I love using this on my knees and elbows.

I recommend the scrub and Refreshing Cottonmint and Tea Tree, and body scrub!

Have you tried Zenutrients Hand and Body Wash? Share your experience and faves!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Im so late discovering this brand only last month i purchase my first zenutrients product and i got their strawberry lip butter, oh my im lovin every bit of it!!!! Now im intrigue to try their other products as ive been reading good reviews on it 😊 And i think im gonna start by their body scrub as u also recommend it ms martha. 👌🏞I always rely on ur reviews. 😉

  2. I think Zenutrients is a promising product. And I really really want to try at least one of their product. Soon I'll check their store. 😊😊😊

  3. I am using the Cherry blossom bidy scrub from zen zest that I got from your workshop as of the moment Ms. Martha :) But I am hoping for body scrub to come in pumps hahaha para it's easier to use at hindi ko iniiscoop ng iniiscoop at minsan nalalagyan pa ng water while taking a bath. pero is it that creamy kaya na it can't be put in a container with pump.

  4. When "cooling" is in the description then it is a "must buy" for our family because we all love minty products.

  5. The Zenutrients Hand and Body Wash looks like it's super packed with nutrients! It seem really perfect for cleaning make-up tools like brushes as well. I've been using bar soaps before, but hand wash seems like a way way waaaay better option. The hand wash from this line seems like the best choice! The Whitening Turmeric and Lemon Body Scrub seems really interesting considering that the product consists of 2 amazing skin food (Turmeric and Lemon).I looooooove lemon! Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha! Looking forward to more of your posts!:)

  6. I only tried the Avocado oil for hair. It was one of the products I got from the Project Vanity event in Podium. The cottonmint and tea trea oil wash looks like it can double as a makeup brush cleaner! The body scrub is also a nice product to try. Hope they are allowed for lactating moms too!

  7. Love the Whitening Turmeric and Lemon Body Scrub. I also like the fact that it's using apricot kernels as exfoliator. Great post Ms Martha!

  8. Haven't tried any Zenutrients products and now I'm intrigued! The whitening turmeric and lemon body scrub looks promising. I found out that they have branches here in Mindanao pala. Kala ko Luzon lang. Yay! Will definitely check them out.

  9. First time to know about these products as well as the brand. I wanna try the body scrub kasi mahilig ako dun. Parang ang sarap kasi sa feeling pag nagscrub plus pwede pa sya sa face. A must try for me :)

  10. Wow :) Thank you for sharing this Ms. Martha :) Wanna try Whitening Turmeric and Lemon Body Scrub :) Been hearing a lot of good things about turmeric, but I had no idea what turmeric really is hihi, will search on google later :)

  11. Im not really a fan of body wash or body scrubs but i would really love to try them soon because i think skin care is really important not just for the face but also for the body! Pak ganern! 😂 Thanks for sharing this body cleansers to us ate martha! Love your reviews as always, talagang detalyado! 😊

  12. Another Zenutrients product that u love ate! And another one na idadagdag ko sa list ko. Still looking for Zenutrients Coconut Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner and now this!!! Lately ko lang sya nadiscovet (and all thanks to youuu ❤) kaya naman gustong gusto ko syang itry. As always ate, love the review. Sobrang detailed. No questions, lahat nasabi mo. ❤

  13. Plus they are all so affordable!! Gusto ko yung Refreshing Cottonmint and Tea Tree Hand and Body Wash, kasi I tend to have body acne (lalo na sa back) lately. I know these products are definitely worth the try coz of u ate ❤

  14. Now ko lang nakita na may body wash na ganito kasi laging ganito ginagamit namin sa house. Isusuggest ko nga to sa mom ko para matry namin. Yung ibang body wash kasi ang lagkit kaya medyo nakakadismiya bumili kapag walang review then finally, buti kpa ate di lang makeup nirereview mo as in lahat ata ng products nireview mo na hehe. Cant waut to try this!


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