FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My New Best Eye Cream Discoveries for Puffy Under Eyes

This blog post is just so timely because I woke up with puffy eyes yesterday and it reminds me to brush up again on puffy eyes tips and tricks. Thanks Mika for the question!

Hi Martha,
What can you suggest for eye bags and puffy eyes? I really need it!

Hi Mika!

It seems like everyone's been having puffy eyes these days; there's you, me, and I just saw a couple of people yesterday with puffy eyes too haha!

I wrote a blog post on how to deal with puffy eyes last before (plus discussed if wearing eyeglasses can really cause puffy eyes); click HERE for the link.

Now, here's a new list of eye creams that I love using when dealing with puffy under eyes!

- A lightweight, moisturizing eye cream that is formulated to help get rid of puffiness, thanks to the light cooling effect that immediately relaxes the puffy nerves around the eye area.

- This formula has caffeine, an effective energizing ingredient that wakes up the eyes and helps soothe puffy under eyes.

- A de-puffing eye cream with a metal tip that helps relax the nerves around the eye area. Formula has a cooling effect that instantly minimizes puffiness.


- This nutritious eye cream is ripe in essential oils that boost the skin, thus helping it recover and look brighter, fresher, and younger.

- An eye cream for sensitive skin that has Toleridine that helps reduce puffiness and sensitivity around the eye area; it has a hydrating texture as well.

That's all and don't forget to share your favorite under eye depuffing techniques and products at the comments section!

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The loreal advanced revitalift eye cream is also good ms martha coz it has caffeine that help to minimize the puffiness.

  2. I love that Olay.. Perfect sya cause so east to buy. Meron ata nyan sa Lazada. Then yung Origin, I saw it sa mga online seller and ngayon ko lng npagtanto na para pla sya sa puffy eyes. Now I know what to buy kapag nagka puffy eye din ako. 😊😊

  3. I just use the mask from Leaders for my eye bag. But I'm not using it now kasi I am saving it kung may event so I can have a ready to use and easy to use remedy for eye bags hahahahahaha. But how much would it cost kaya for eye creams?

  4. Benefit is my HG before I use to freeze spoon to de puff my eye but it becomes a hassle when I sleep out of the town.

  5. I didn't know wearing glasses could cause puffy eyes! Whaaaaat. To think that I've been wearing glasses for eight years now. :( I always just thought that my puffy eyes were caused by sleeping late and nothing else. Thank goodness I've read it on this post! Thanks for including the link as well. <3 sml. I've used the QuickFX cream for eyebags, it didn't work. Not sure why (maybe because of my heavy duty eye bags) but I probably have to invest even more on products that are a little bit on the high-end range for the quality as well. Thank you for explaining and detailing the products one by one, Ms. Martha! I now know further background on each of the products. Hopefully I'll end up with the best one for me. Looking forward to more of your posts po. <3

  6. Yeah I need this too, been waking up with puffy eyes din as well. Thanks for these suggestions Ms Martha

  7. Thank you Ms. M for this list! Just turned thirty this year and I am long overdue with using eye creams religiously! I don't have very dark raccoon like circles so I tend to skip my eye care in general but this reminded me that prevention is better than cure. Thanks again Ms. M 😊

  8. This post is so timing Ms.M because I definitely need this dahil laging puyat kakapanood ng Kdrama. πŸ˜… My mom used the Olay before and I remember that she loved it. Will ask my mom to buy Olay again and makikigamit na din ako. πŸ˜… Thanks for sharing Ms.M! ❤

  9. That explains why I have puffy eyes even though I have slept for more than 10 hours lol! I should stop wearing eyeglasses because I've been wearing them since high school, need to have lasik surgery - but it costs a fortune and I am afraid that I'll get blind so no thanks hahaha! As for eye creams I also tried several and most of them my eyes gets irritated that is why whenever I need to try them or buy the full size I always asks for samples, sadly most of them doesn't have sample size or sachet size, you need to try them on the spot because that's their only way you can test them out. Anyways I am curious on the Bioderma, I might check it out one of these days.

  10. Currently, I'm using Loreal Revitalift it has metal tip too which relaxes my undereyes when I applied bcoz of the cooling effect of the tip.
    When my eyes are puffy usually I put a spoon or a wet towel in the freezer leave it there for a couple of minutes. Then after it gets cold I put in my puffy eyes to relaxes my eyes.
    I also read from a blogpost,Aloe Vera gel soak in a cotton pad, put it in a ziplock bag then leave on the freezer for a fee minutes too. Then you can use it as n relaxing eye patch for puffy eyes.

  11. Andami products! wow! I know them all kaso di ko pa yan nagagamit! olay lang hehe, Bioderm pala is effective? I have too sobrang laking eyebags dahil sa kakapuyat! khit ano na nga lang pinapahid ko eh..mali pala, meron pala tlgang mas ok na products for it,

  12. Ang cute ng packaging nung sa benefit! ❤ Yung sa akin ang problem ko hindi sya puffy, lubog sya with dark circles. Mukha tuloy akong zombie lalo pag puyat haha. Yung sunflower oil from Human Nature maganda rin po for dark circles plus marami pa syang uses aside from that :)

  13. Searching din po ako now ng eyecream Ms. Martha :) I have puffy eyes po talaga :( I used before po ung innisfree eye cream and parang di naman po sya naging effective saken :) Have you tried po ung Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on?

  14. Thankyou for this ideas/suggestions ate martha! Can I ask you something? Are you familiar with other skin problems? Like skin tag? Coz I think i have one small skin tag under my eyes. I dont know if skin tag talaga sya but base kasi sa pag sesearch ko yun ang pinakamalapit na kahawig ng nasa eyes ko. Nakakabother sya kasi medyo masagwa syang tignan. I only use tea tree oil for this (kasi yun ayon din sa nabasa ko kay google yun daw ang ilagay so bumili ako ng tea tree oil) mga 1 month na siguro ako gumagamit pero parang walang nangyayari hindi pa din sya nawawala or natatanggal. I would really love to know if you have knowledge about this matter ate martha, or kahit anong pwedeng information na pwedeng makatulong. Thanks ate martha and more power! ❤

  15. Problema ko rin ang puffy eyes πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ actually di ko alam na puffy eyes tawag sa kanya, ngayon lang πŸ˜‚ Kaya wala ako masearch na kung alin gagawin kasi di ko alam ano issearch ko πŸ˜‚ will def try yung Olay (kasi yun lang yun tingin ko meron dito samin 🀞🏻). Thank you for this. ate ❤

  16. Problema ko din po ang puffy eyes haha. I love olay talaga and shiseido din ate maganda para sa eyes! Dati wala po kong ginagamit kundi eskinol lang kasi natatakot ako na pumanget yung face ko then now natuto na po ako gumagamit ng iba pangKeme for beauty purposes.

  17. These are the best eye creams I have found: http://www.styzzz.com/top-5-chamomile-eye-creams/


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