Perfect Sunscreen Partners: Belo SunExpert Hair And Scalp Shield and After Sun Cooling Gel Review and Price

Here's a review on Belo SunExpert After Sun Gel and Hair and Scalp Shield.

PRICE: After Sun Gel- P259.75; Hair and Scalp Shield- P349.75
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


Sun protection doesn't just begin and end with sunscreen; it's only the beginning of a proper sun care regimen.

After sun care products are just as important as pre- sun exposure products; these will ensure that your skin remains healthy and external sun damage is controlled before it becomes worse.

For post sun care, I use a couple of products, but lately, I'm loving Belo SunExpert's After Sun Gel and OMG! Hair And Scalp Shield; it's sunscreen for the hair!


After Sun Gel helps the skin cool down after sun exposure and provides immediate moisture to the skin; infused with Almond Oil and skin vitamins to relieve skin of dryness caused by the heat of the sun. Hypoallergenic, paraben- free, and dermatologist- tested.

Hair and Scalp Shield has UV filters and Vitamin E to protect and provide free- radical protection, plus formula helps tame frizz and flyaways.

After Sun Gel ingredients

Hair and Scalp Shield ingredients

L- After Sun Cooling Gel
R- Hair and Scalp Shield

The after sun gel is light, watery, and feels nice on the skin; it gets absorbed quickly while leaving a light barrier of hydration; it yields a light cooling effect, although fleeting.

Hair and Scalp Shield is a light oil with Belo's signature sunscreen scent; it doesn't smell like perfume and tends to smell a bit sunblock-y, and I hope this will be changed soon. The oil is absorbed quickly and keeps hair soft, shiny, and smooth the whole day, but just like any other hair oil, do not over apply.

Best part? Both are really affordable! If you want to have good, well taken care of skin after sun exposure, don't neglect your after sun products!


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wooow! Good thing Belo has these products plus it's very affordable. We really need these lalo na SOBRANGGGGGG INIT sa Pinas kahit tag-ulan na. Yung saglit na exposure lang sa araw sobrang sakit na agad sa balat. Buti talaga Ate may ganito ang Belo na affordable lang. Yaay thank you again Ate for featuring these products πŸ’ž

  2. I'll put the hair and scalp shield on my list for new products to try this month. Thanks Ms.M!

  3. Ever since Belo products are great. Thanks to Belo cause they expand their target market. Before kasi when you hear Belo talagang yaymanin cause only Class A and B people can really afford Belo but now Class C ans D can afford Belo products too! They have good quality products in affordable price and I'm starting to loving each Belo product. 😊

  4. Wanna try that after sun gel ms martha :) I am guilty for not using sunscreen or sunblock,but I bought belo tinted sunscreen to apply before foundie and I am satistfied with it :) I will surely try their other products too :)

  5. Bongga Madam,bago pong labas tong Hair and Scalp shield by Belo? Maganda to sakin kasi laging nagpapainit kaya Yong hair ko lutong-luto sa araw kaya Yong split ends niya at sobrang dry kahit nagkoconditioner ako.

  6. I love the idea of protecting the scalp - you're right, it is so important! xx

  7. Awesome Belo products. Yeah, kailangan talaga ng magandang sun protection product lalo na sa weather natin.

  8. I usually hoard special edition of my favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner during summer because it is the only time they release "anti-sun damage" variants. Which I think they should release it all year round since the sun shines all year round too ;) I'm glad that Belo is available even after summer season.

  9. Belo is always coming up with new nd great products for us women and men as well. There is always something to look forward too..when it comes to taking care of our skin and whole body in general. I've tried some of their products and it really works.

  10. I am guilty for not using sunblock or sunscreen and after kong mabasa to I think i should really take good care of my skin especially my face and im amazed na may pang shield na din for hair ang belo. I wanna try them! Thankyou for information about this ate martha! :)

  11. May sunscreen din pala for hair. Good thing affordable sya kahit Belo hehe. Yung lotions nila maganda para sakin, so baka ito rin.

  12. I dont know about this before na need mo rin palang iprotect yung scalp mo from UV Rays. All I know is sunscreen for the face and body. I didnt know na you need to protect yung scalp pala. Maybe I should give this a try. Thanks for the review Miss Martha! Alam ko lang shampoo conditioner lang haha

  13. Yung akala ko sa skin lang merong protection, meron din pala for hair. I think advisable to sa mga medyo wala ng hair sa ulo like panot ganon. Para maprotect yung ulo nila from sun damaging and syempre pwede din gamitin natin for protection kasi para satin mga girls hair is our precious.

  14. I also have this Belo after sun gel, and you're right! Post-sun care products are just as important as pre-sun exposure products. :)

  15. Wow 😍 I really need this .. true din na kapag narinig mu yung salitang Belo, naiisip agad, ay pang mayaman lang πŸ˜‚ but this one, it's very affordable ☺ ma try nga to ..

  16. I love belo products and im a big fan of their skin care kasi its effective and its very affordable. Im glad that they come up with new ideas para ma protect ang hair from the sun. Thanks for the review ms martha

  17. I wanna try the new one the belo spray with very unusual commercial. Hihihi.

  18. Thanks for this post Ms M. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may sunscreen din pala for hair & scalp. Good thing at affordable pa. Bagay to sakin kase tamad akong magpayong.

  19. It's a good thing that these Belo products are more affordable than the Mist/Spray type of Belo sunscreen I saw at the grocery store. I was hesitant to buy that one because of the price huhu. But now that I've read about the gel type, I am considering to buy that one instead since I learned from a Korean friend that sunscreen is one of their secrets to good skin! Plus, I actually never knew that there's a sunscreen for out hair??? I might invest on that one too since my hair's been acting up this summer :( Thanks for this lovely review, Ms. Martha! Looking forward to more of your videos and reviews. :)


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