Super Creamy Lipsticks from Colourette! Review, swatch, and price

Here's a review on Colourette Creamy Matte, Matte Metallic, and LiqLacquer.

PRICE: LiqLacquer- P599.00; Creamy Matte- P499.00; Matte Metallic- P549.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available online and at Colourette pop- up shops


Discovered this new local makeup line called Colourette and they have the creamiest lipsticks I've tried in a while! Check out my thoughts on Creamy Matte, LiqLacquer, and Matte Metallic!


Colourette is a local makeup brand that primarily offers lipsticks, but the brand is slowly rolling out new makeup products. Their lipstick collection features Coloursticks, Creamy Matte, Matte Metallic, and LiqLacquer.

 Lipsticks in Matte Metallic and LiqLacquer.

Creamy Mattes in a packaging that reminds me of Inglot's lipsticks; they feel and look posh!


L-R: LiqLacquer in Loja and Vieja, Matte Metallic in Liberty and Bronze, Creamy Matte in Petra, Dakota, Kendal, and Persia

LiqLacquer starts off as glossy and dries into a semi- matte finish; it has a pigmented payoff so a little goes a long way.

Matte Metallic has medium pigmentation and a soft matte finish.

Creamy Matte isn't exactly matte; it's satin, but I think Colourette was referring to the pigmentation of matte lipsticks that's why they had to call it matte? I could only speculate. 

All products have a bubblegum floral scent.


UNO (Creamy Matte)

Uno is a clear lip balm with a demi- matte finish; it's perfect to use as base for all of Colourette's lipsticks, as well as other lipsticks.

DAKOTA (Creamy Matte)

Dakota is a deep, bloody red that's both fierce and sexy!

KENDAL (Creamy Matte)

Kendal is a pretty parrot pink shade; perfect for cool, casual weekends.

PERSIA (Creamy Matte)

Persia is your classic dark red.

PETRA (Creamy Matte)

Petra is a true red that will look good on all skin tones.

BRONZE (Matte Metallic)

Bronze is a dusty peach with tone-on-tone metallic sheen.

LIBERTY (Matte Metallic)

Liberty is the lighter sister of Bronze; both have the same type of metal finish.

LORA (Lip Lacquer)

Lora is a pinkish red shade, perfect for brightening any skin tone.

VIEJA (Lip Lacquer)

Vieja is a cool pink; it's a pretty pink, but not for my skin tone.

Colourette's lipsticks leave a staining effect; your lips are still covered with color even if the lipstick wears off.

Staying power is okay; it has to be retouched after a meal just because the products have a naturally creamy finish, except for LiqLacquer, which, btw, has pretty good staying power. These lipsticks are just a bit on the pricey side

Overall, these lipsticks are good for you if you like it creamy and moisturizing; my favorites are Bronze, Loja, and Dakota!

Have you tried Colourette's lipsticks? Share your experience!


Please visit COLOURETTE on Facebook for more information about these products.

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Their lipstick tube somewhat reminds me of Inglot.

  2. Really? This is a local brand? Oh my! Pero I noticed your winged eyeliner right away. hahaha. Ganda!

  3. Persia, Liberty and Lora is ❤! I love Colourette lippies though I don't have one,but I'll surely buy soon. 😊😊

  4. Wow, loving the colors of the Colourette lippie. Opting for the LiqLaquer. BTW, love your photos as well. Your eyes are sparkling!

  5. Havent tried any of Colourette. But it reminds me and similar to the Sleek Matte Me Lipstick the True Color Kipstick. Bagay sayo lahat ng color! Fave ko na si Liberty ang ganda ng shade! Please review naman po nung Color Collection thank youuu!

  6. i haven't tried any colourette products and also this is the first time that ive seen this brand, i can say by the swatches that it looks good and i like how most shades compliments pinay skintone. Actually ms martha ur my eye opener in terms of local brands coz before i use to buy just the brands that are well known but after reading ur blogs i was able to purchase some great local brands of skincare and make up and some become my holy grail. Ur reviews are very helpful for us ❤️❤️❤️ Btw i fell in love with liberty and bronze πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  7. Been seeing this brand in BeautyMNL but haven't tried any yet. I am particularly incline to the matte metallics though.

    Bronze and Liberty look good on you, Ms. Martha!

  8. The two matte metallic shades looks good on you! 😍 I have the Dakota too Ms.M pero di ko masyadong gusto yung finish kaya pinamigay ko nalang. πŸ˜… Try ko po next time yung matte metalics nila mukhang maganda.

  9. Never tried Colourette Ms. Martha :) Pero super naiintriga talaga ako sknla dahil kay momshie misyel :) Thank you for sharing swatches Ms. Martha :) Super love ko ung Dakota <3

  10. All of the shades look good on your, Ms. Martha! I've used the creamy matte shade in Bethany. I do agree with the staying power, I had to reapply after a meal or so. But I love the quality! Very creamy and comfortable, I;d give it a 4 on all areas as well. Thanks for sharing this! Looking forward to more of your reviews. :)

  11. I saw their pop-up store as SM North EDSA. I only found out that it is a local brand pala thru your blog! I like the LORA lip lacquer for you! It is too pricey for me tho.

  12. COLOURETTE IS ❤!!! I personally believe Ate na they are the perfect lippies for us morenas. Grabe. I am so inlove with their lippies, kaya naman isa sa wish ko ay makabili ng kahit 1 lippies nila πŸ˜‚ wala kasi dito sa Bats. Pwede naman online kaso I want to swatch them muna 😁 btw, my fav here sa review mo Ate is yung Liberty. Ang ganda nyaaa. Tamang tama lang 😍

  13. Lovely shades! I love creamy lipsticks! Those are amazing! Tlgang colourette is one of the amazing cosmetic brand ������

  14. One of my favorite brands! ❤ I love coloursticks esp. bethany and olivia shade! Hindi nakakadry, super light nya sa lips and basta hahahaha love ko to pricey nga lang kaya laging iniintay ang sale πŸ˜‚ I hope you like them too ate martha, tumatanggap din po ako ng mga donations kahit gamit na hehehehe ✌ ILY ate martha, thanks for the review! 😘

  15. Hi ate. I've tried colourette lippies before. Bigay ng mama ko po. I really like the satin lippies before.The only reason why hindi ko na masyadong bet ngayon kasi po medyo smugdy nga po. Just because I am still a student, medyo hassle po yung every after kumain, mag aapply ulit ako kasi napawi na yung lippie ko. Haha. Alam nyo naman po struggle pag ganon. So these past few sems, I turned into Lip and cheek tints na nagla-last for almost a day. Haha. Pero Sobrang na addict ako sa colourette dati! Haha. As in everyday yun na lang ng yun. hahaha. Thanks for the swatches and review po ate!!!! Sayang, hindi po ako naka punta sa meet & greet. Huhu. Anyway, I am hoping for the future!!! Magkikita parin po tayo! Mahu-hug din po kita ate!!!!

    PS: super happy po ako na nakilala ko kayo. hihi. I found someone new to look up to when it comes to the things that I love. Parang naka kita ako ng bagong friend na makaka relate sa mga gusto ko sa buhay which is----make up. <3 Love you ate!! Sending all my warmest hugs!!!! mwa, xoxo. :*

  16. I've been seeing Colourette even before when Michelle Dy endorses it and even up to now seeing on Beauty b/vloggers like you. I haven't tried any of it but reading and seeing great reviews about it. I think a great local brand that can level up to international brands when it comes to quality.

  17. Nung second year college ko bet kong bumili neto kaso napaisip ako kasi feel ko di magmamatch yung mga color nya sakin and di ko din bet kasi di pa sya ganon kasikat then now mukhang need kong bumili kasi may nakita na kong review haha. Then yung mga shades makakapili ako ng maayos kung ano yung maganda sakin kasi nakaswatch sayo hehe. Thanks sa review ate! Nakakatulong talaga samin tong mga follower mo πŸ’œ

  18. Never tried any Colourette lipstick kahit palagi ko syang nakikita sa instagram. Mas prefer ko kasi yung super matte hehe. Pero ang gaganda pala ng shades especially yung metallic! ❤ I would also love to try the metallic ones ❤


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