TBJ 8th Mega Anniversary Meet and Greet: Highlights

It took me a while to blog about this highlight of my year because I wanted to make a vlog out of it, but sadly, my video footages have been corrupted and I can't retrieve the file anymore. Oh well! Back to good ol' writing!

I just want to share the highlight of TBJ 8th Mega Anniversary and acknowledge all the supportive brands and friendly faces who made this even possible. :)

Before the event, I asked everyone to come at strictly 1pm so we can start on time and make the most out of everything. To my surprise, everyone obliged and some even came way before me! :D

Participants Katrina, Angel, and Pam.

Participants Debbie, Pam, Ivy, Monaliza, and Diane.

Celebrity Cai Cortez and Project Vanity's Liz Lanuzo who joined me in this celebration and delivered lovely talks to the attendees.

 Cai and her wonderful family.

 Cai's little man, Hbib with dada. So cute, Bibbo (we call Hbib Bibbo)! :D

Minutes before I came in. :D The talented Janine Talens volunteered to man the registration booth and do a bit of hosting for me during the event. When she started doing her spiels, I was surprised at how good she is at it! I learned after the event that she does hosting on the side too so if you're interested, contact her at jhatalens@gmail.com. :)

After the spiel, I'm finally in! I started with a short thank you speech to all those who attended and gave them a preview of what to expect in the next few hours. :D

In the meet and greet, I debuted my PAK PLAKADO! FOUNDATION technique and spilled my tips and tricks in achieving a flawless, long- lasting base. Would love to do a string of workshops for this technique soon! My model for the day was Trina Asis of the blog The Multi- Hobbyist.

After the foundation workshop, Cai took the stage and talked about Body Positivity. Cai was the perfect speaker for this segment because as someone who's in her size working in a harsh world called show business, she has always amazed me at how she's stayed strong and successful despite the industry's demands and pressure.

Take aways from Cai's speech:

1. Never mind the haters. They're doing just that--hating!
2. It's important to have a group of supportive people who will always get you through. Cai admits that sometimes, she gets pressured when it comes to body matters, most especially when there are projects demanding her to go slim, but she stayed true with herself and pulled through everything with the help of those who love her.
3. Fat doesn't always mean unhealthy, according to Cai, who also engages in swimming as exercise and has been eating healthy.
4. When you begin to love yourself, everything else will follow.
5. Don't let anyone tell you you can't be successful at anything just because you are fat and that has been proven many times by Cai!

After Cai's wonderful talk on positivity, we go to Liz for her talk on Passion to Profit. Liz is one of the Bloggers I look up to because I see some parts of my self in her: Never to back out on challenges, always striving to be better, and always looking for the next big step in whatever she does.

Take aways from Liz's talk:

1. Have a mentor, someone to look up to and pattern your work after. Mentors have been through it all and their wisdom and experience will help you a lot.
2. Find out what your real passion is. Start with that.
3. Follow through in everything you do.

There's also another special guest and he's Mr. Mirage. Unfortunately, he wasn't in the mood to talk lol.

Sharing and Q&A time! Donna, one of my long- time readers sharing her experience with my blog and the things she's learned from it. I also have a new reader named Abigail and she shared how my blog has changed her life: Abigail's suffering from Aloepecia and my blog, videos, and all the beauty information I've been sharing has helped her see beauty and beautifying oneself in a new light, thus helping her overcome the stress of her condition. Seriously, I felt teary- eyed while listening to that; reminded me again why I do what I do!

After Liz's talk, I ended the session with my Billion Dollar brow technique! Will create more workshops about my brow techniques soon! :)

And that's a wrap! Thank you to everyone who joined and came on time; there were some who even came from very far places like Laguna, Batangas, and Cavite, and I appreciate them for coming too!

Check out the vlogs created by some of the participants too!

Thanks to Commune for providing the lovely venue, tasty food, and refreshing drinks! :) Thank you also to the following sponsors: Sleek Makeup, Pink Sugar, BYS, Deoproce, BI-ES, Strip It, Dashing Diva, Jordana, Deborah Milano, Essence Cosmetics, Golden Rose, Flormar, Belo SunExpert, Belo Essentials, Burt's Bees, Zen Zest, Baby Foot, K Palette, Morgan Taylor, Nippon Esthetic, Catrice, Nature Essentials, Inglot, and Belle De Jour for providing planners to all of the participants!

Gifts from some of the attendees. Made me feel fuzzy and warm all over. These are not expected, but very much appreciated. Thank you Jenny Andres, Di Arwen, Rita Sebastian, Christine Galope, Sheena Cantor, Tintin Grape, and Mich EreΓ±o for these!

Thank you again and again to those who joined the giveaway and those who attended. Thank you for filling my heart with love and see you all on my 9th year. :)

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  1. So sad that i didnt make it to ur Anniversary meet and greetπŸ˜” But still happy for those who luckily got picked and got a slot 😊 Im still hoping to see u in person ms martha sana ma meet tlaga kita before i leave ph 😌 Ur really my fave beauty blogger 😘

  2. I'm happy to be part of this event. I'm a new fan of yours pero sobrang na amaze ako how you do your blog.Npka detelyado. Tpos ngaun you do YT na. Tpos may group na sa FB.Ang dami kong natutunan sayo Ms.Martha. I'm happy for you Ms. Martha. Sana next year kasama pa din ako. ❤❤❤

  3. Hi Ms Martha, wrote about your event on my blog. I immensely enjoyed your TBJ 8th Anniversary. You've gone a long way. I wrote two blog posts about the TBJ 8, and one about beauty bloggers in the Philippines. Your event served as a catalyst to making my blog BEauty Health Positivity Etcetera. It's still a diamond in the rough.

    A million thanks to you. I found your blog The Beauty Junkee when I was at the lowest point in my time. I wanted to do something to make myself better. I wanted to be in control of my life. Yup, and beauty was the way to go, and I browsed and browsed and I found your blog. Prior to being active and commenting in your blog, I was taking care of my sister's child while she goes to work. You have inspired me to be better Ms. Martha. You have inspired a lot of women to be better. Here are the links to my blog about your event, and about you as one of the beauty bloggers here in the Philippines. Kudos to you! More power to The Beauty Junkee! Cheerio!




  4. Oh my. It feels like yesterday. More of this po Ms. Martha. I learned a lot and gain friends along the way. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  5. Me jelly! Really wanted to be a part of this! Sana next year maging part nako ☺️❤ road to #TBJ9thMegaAnniversarry

  6. OMG! Super gusto ko po sana sumali nuon para umattend dito medyo na shy lang po ako ms. martha hihi pero next time talaga kasama na po ako sa picture :)

  7. I missed this event! I hope nakapunta ako pero Im soooo happy for you Martha! More people and more followers sana pa ang mainspire mo and share you wisdom. We love reading wand watching your reviews and were here for you no matter what. Spread love! No hate! We love you sooo much!

  8. I'm so happy na talagang nakapunta ako Ms Martha,..:) It was an Insriring and successful event..:) More Meet and Greets pls..:D Thanks for featuring a new beauty vloggers like us on your blog..:)

  9. Lucky them!! super saya naman ng event na yan! d crowded na tlgang di masisira kagandahan ninyo madam at ng mga nanonood! sayang tlga di ako makapunta huhu...sana every year po may special event ka po especially for your anniversary! Congrats madam!

  10. I super love this blog �� kahit wala ako dito nung nangyari to feeling ko parang nanjan na din ako. Thankyou for sharing this Ms. Martha! It was supposed to be an exclusive talk pero nag effort ka padin na mashare to saming mga hindi nakasama on your 8th anniv. It was indeed a successful event. Busog na busog sa information aside from the nakakapanglaway na foods at syempre freebies. Haha! I hope I'll get the chance to see you in person at makita yung mga techniques mo when it comes to makeup artistry. ������

  11. Wow!!! This is really amazing!! Looking through the lovely photos and reading this blog post really made me very happy. It made me feel very proud to be one of your supporters and hoping that I'm one of the people who went there. I can say that it was really an amazing and beautiful event. I really wish I'm in there. I'm very much happy for you Ate Martha and I believe that you greatly deserved all the best and the most beautiful things in life. You really deserved to be loved by so many people. I may not be there but I'll always be here to support, mapa Instagram man or Facebook and other social networking sites. You've always been an inspiration and will always be. I consider your blog as a bridge of our connection coz you've greatly inspired me. I'm looking forward to read more updates and posts here on your blog. Lots and lots of love from clarisse_styless I'll support you always. Love you Ate Martha😘😘

  12. Awwww 😍 If only I found your blog earlier, I would have come! They are so lucky ate for meeting you. Plus, hindi lang makeup products nauwi nila pero they learned a lot esp sa pagmmake up and talks ni Miss Cai and Miss Liz. I, myself, is chubby. And I've been hearing harsh and degrading words from people just because I'm like this. Minsan dumadating yung time na naiisip ko na "Sige. Magpapapayat na ako" pero hindi ko ginagawa. Not because tamad ako, kundi dahil mahal at tanggap ko ang sarili ko, at mahal din ako ng mga taong mahal ko kahit ganito ako. Yung mga taong importante sa buhay ko, tanggap at mahal ko, so bakit ako magpapaapekto sa sinasabi ng iba diba? πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Thank you, Ate Martha. I will try my best to come sa next meet and greet mo. I want to meet you, hug you, thank you personally for influencing me and touching my life in a way you don't know. Just keep doing what you do, Ate! And know that we will be always here to support you all the way. Love you so much, Ate Martha! 😘

  13. Hoping makapunta ako next time. Last year lang kasi ako nahumaling sa mga bloggers/vloggers/youtubers. Tapos minsan ang layo pa ng events dito samin huhu. Swerte ng mga nakakapunta :) Congratulations for reaching this far :) Please keep inspiring us and thank you for publishing helpful and informative posts. God bless! :)

  14. Even before the event happened I was so excited to join not really knowing if I will be part of the guestlist. And then I did get an invite and on the day itself..I was even more excited and happy at the same time to be able to meet you, see (again) the people who I became friends with thru Ig and other events, and of course the learnings we heard from Ms. Cai and Ms. Liz. Most especially your secrets in achieving the Plakadong Foundation and the Billion Dollar Brows, thank you for sharing it to us. And other stuff about your life, career and lovelife too! Hehehe!
    I'm so happy to be part of it..and I'm looking forward for the TBJ 9th event. Thank you again and more power to you Ms. Martha! God bless!

  15. Super inggit me kasi di ako namili. Pero congratulations Ms.martha! Sana next meetup kasama na ko hihi. Thankyou sa pagInspired samin and review sa products super nakakatulong samin sa kung anong bibilhin namin and nagkakaron kami ng idea kung ano yung maganda or hindi. We're always here for you ate Martha! Godbless πŸ’œ

  16. It feels like the event was last weekend lang, daming exposure lol! Anyways I enjoyed the event so much I can't stop talking about it. Thank you Ms.Martha for hosting this kind of event, more events like this please :)

  17. Grabeee po πŸ’• Thank you Ms. Martha for hosting such a wonderful event. I can't stop looking at the lovely photos!!! You've come a long way and I would never want you yo stop what you're doing. You're doing such an amazing job in being a blogger and everything else in between. Good luck and God bless on your YouTube journey as well. I'm always looking forward to more and more of your new posts and videos. Here's to more fruitfulness in your career! πŸ’•

  18. Me so jelly. 😭 I love Ms.Liz din po. Grabe pangarap ko talaga makapunta sa mga events mo Ms.M but sadly di nako nagwowork sa Manila. 😭 Sana magpameet and greet ka din po dito sa Mindanao. Sa Davao, perhaps? Thank you for your honest reviews and sharing your passion with us Ms.M. ❤


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