What You've Been Waiting For: Maybelline Fit Me Collection Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 310 Sun Beige, Fit Me Concealer 25 Medium, Fit Me Powder 310 Sun Beige, and Fit Me Stick Foundation 330 Toffee.

PRICE: Concealer- P199.00; Liquid Foundation- P399.00; Stick Foundation- P399.00; Powder- P399.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


A lot have been asking me to review this much anticipated Fit Me collection by Maybelline so here ya go. Here's what I really think about it.


Fit Me, a best- selling foundation collection by Maybelline in the US has just hit our shores. It features a powder, concealer, and two foundations, and claims to stay put the whole day while controlling oil. Great for normal to oily skin types.

The concealer has a medium- sized doe foot applicator and I love how big the tube is. The powder, though affordable, doesn't look as such and I appreciate the extra compartment for my sponge. The liquid foundation comes in a glass bottle (which I wish came with a pump) and the stick foundation has a hydrating center, which I also think is an extra foundation that helps fix the main one.

One great thing about this collection is there are a whole bunch of shades and yes, there are ample shades for morena skin tone.


Bare under eye

One layer of Fit Me Concealer

I really like this concealer because it's light, really easy to blend, and has medium coverage; It minimized the look of my dark circle, plus it stays the whole day without creasing and caking. I like how lightweight it is yet provides good coverage. If L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer is out of stock, this is a good alternative.

My shade is Medium 25, a medium light beige with yellow undertone.

Bare skin

with Fit Me Concealer

Consistency is a light cream that is spreadable and leaves no streaks; works well either with a sponge or brush. It has medium coverage and sets into a semi- matte finish. I didn't use corrector to cover my marks here because this is pretty good coverage.

Sun Beige 301 is my match in this product; 

I was actually looking forward to the foundation stick, but I got a shade that's good enough for contouring. I was advised that for Sun Beige ladies, best match with the stick foundation is Toffee. Wrong. It's dark. Best shade would be Natural Beige, although it is fairly light; just fix it with a shade- matching powder.

The stick foundation has medium to full coverage and dries into a semi- matte finish. No need for a corrector with this one also because it has good concealing properties.

Products set with Fit Me powder

The powder is my second favorite; it provides medium coverage and improves the coverage of your entire base even more; on its own, it has good oil controlling properties at 3-4 hours before retouching. I like how it provides a smoothing effect as well.

So how does it hold up on oily skin?

First off, I like the coverage of the products: they're great and impressive for an affordable range so I recommend it to those with blemished, pigmented skin. Finally, I commend its wide array of shades; finally, morenas can have a lot to choose from.

As for the oil control claim, unfortunately, the foundation left my face slick and oily after 5 hours of wear; when I checked the mirror, my face was so shiny. :/ Also, I noticed that the foundation tends to oxidize so it's best to choose a shade lighter if you want a brighter look or if you want to unify your facial skin with the rest of your body, then go for your exact shade match.

My verdict? Fit Me is okay if you have semi- oily skin; didn't exactly fit my idea of a great foundation for oily skin, but maybe wearing a primer underneath can help. Between this and L'Oreal Infallible Matte, I'd choose the latter. Btw, you want a foundation showdown between the two?


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27 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yes please ms. M i would like to see a showdown between loreal infallible and maybelline fit me foundation. I haven't tried yet the maybelline fit me foundation but i am a fan of their fit me concealer as ive been using it since last year and im in the shade cafe and i use it for contouring. Ive heard a lot of good reviews about the fit me foundation and will surely give it a try because it has a reasonable price.

  2. Fit me matte is here!! I'm in the shade of 128. Ang ganda po talaga nyan ms. Martha kaso di ko naenjoy yung concealer ko kasi wrong shade yung nabigay sakin 330 :( pero okay lang worth it naman yung foundation!

  3. Woaaaahhhh! Maybelline! Im a proud maybelline girl kasi halos lahat ng gamit ko maybelline saka kasi yan lang ang afford ng budget ko ate martha hehehehe I would love to try this new fit me din, ano kayang shade ang pwede sa fair skin ko? Btw, ang ganda ganda pa din ng kilay mo kahit wala ka pang nilalagay! Sige ate magshowdown ka between the two, I heard maganda din naman kasi ang loreal kaya kahit sino ang mas aangat sa gagawin mong showdown, I wanna try them both pa din. Thanks for the review ate martha! Cant wait to see more of you! ILY! Godbless! :)

  4. So pretty of you Ms. Martha 😊 with or without makeup 😘 ang bongga lang din talaga ng maybelline, yayamanin ang quality pero at a very affordable price siya .. nice review Ms. Martha, continue inspiring us. 😊 and please continue being a blessing not only to your family but to others 😘 have a nice day πŸ˜„

  5. Yes for the battle of Loreal Pro Matte and Maybelline Fit Me! Im torn between 128 and 220 some says it does not oxidized and from you, sabi mo naman yes it oxidized. I have oily on tzone and normal/dry on my cheeks. Nag ooxidize din ng bongga sa face ko yung funda kaya laging maputi binibili ko. I have the Loreal Pro Matte, problem ko lang nag ccrease sya ng bongga. Cant wait to have the Poreless Foundation and try it on myself. Thank you for this review!

  6. Parang same or katapat neto yung L'Oreal na TrueMatch foundation. It also have a wide range of shades. Ms. Martha please do a foundation showdown of the Maybelline Fit Me to L'Oreal TrueMatch instead. Iba pa din kasi ang Infallible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Fit Me Ms. M! 😊😊

  7. This foundation it is so hype, that it made me almost buy. Good thing I read and watch reviews, I have very oily skin that is why I didn't bought it. I have tried the powder when it was available only online. But I would love to try the concealer which has good reviews. It is nice to see a side by side conparison of both hype foundations.

  8. Thanks for the review Ms. Martha! Others prefer Maybelline fit me than L'Oreal Infallible Matte kasi mas mukha syang natural. Maganda siguro gamitin si Maybelline pag tipong mga ber months na hehe. I'll be waiting for the comparison of the two foundations :)

  9. Hi! Did you also use the liquid foundation or just the stick? Thanks!

  10. After reading your review Ms.Martha, I think I should get myself the concealer. I badly need a lightweight concealer but still gives coverage.

  11. I agree 100% Ate Martha!! At first, I was very impressed that 2 shades matched my skintone depending on when I got tanned or not. So I bought two shades (of the liquid foundie). I love the coverage, but it did crease on the undereye. Na-disappoint din ako sa oil control. 😒 Very oily kasi ako at hindi ganun kaganda yung oil control in comparison with Loreal ProMatte. Powder helped pero nag-crease nga sakin. This line is great for the not so oily skin! πŸ˜„

  12. I've been waiting for this review kasi sobrang hype ng line na to ngayon. I'm also torned on which of the two I should get, so please do a foundation showdown Ms.M! It would be a great help for us. Will definitely wait for that. This review is really helpful. Thank you! ❤

  13. Looking forward to a beauty battle between Fit Me and Infallible! Thanks in advance, Ms. Martha.

  14. I'm currently using the Dream Foundation for my daily use but I'm seriously contemplating into switching between the Fit Me and the Infalliable Matte. But after reading how it holds up to oily skin, I'm gonna go with Loreal on this one. A showdown will be much appreciated, Ms. Martha. 😊

  15. I tried this first before the infalliable and I love infalliable waay better. This foundie works longer if you do jamsu.

  16. I have been considering buying a foundation once and for all (makeup noobie right here who's afraid of venturing into the world foundations plus, I cannot seem to find the perfect shade whenever I try some testers) but I am quite torn between Loreal's Infallible Pro-Matte and this Fit Me from Maybelline. I am a college student with a sensitive combination acne-prone skin so need something worth my buck and that will not break me out. Your review helped me weigh out a decision. Thanks!!

  17. Yaaas L'Oreal Infallible Matte and Fit Me foundation showdown Ms. Martha !!!! That is what I have been waiting for and I asked you before which is better and thank you for your answer, but still I would love to see a showdown :) I have L'Oreal Infallible Matte and I am still thinking if Fit Me is worth to try :)

  18. Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Foundation vs. L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte video please Madam. Walang tulak kabigin,same maganda for me 😍😍😍. Sa prize lang talaga mas mahal si infallible matte at super friendly price si fit me poreless πŸ‘πŸ’– Thanks for the honest Review Ms.Martha. I also found my fit,I'm on a shade 220 sa foundation. Wala pako nong 3.

  19. Now I Can say it is really nice and affordable foundation the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Can you make a full tutorial on this in YT??

  20. Yessss!!!! I would definitely like to see a showdown since I have both. πŸ˜„ for me ate, mas okay yung Fit Me. Maybe because di naman ako oily kaya okay sya sakin. Been using Fit Me concealer too since last year and I really love it. Pwedeng pangmadalian lang kasi super blendable kahit daliri lang gamit. ❤ Will wait for your video ate! 😍😍😍😍

  21. Ms. Martha, how do you choose your shade for Maybelline's concealer? I'm 220 in Fit me + poreless. Do you also apply on the eyelids?

  22. Thank you for this honest review miss Martha it enlightened me on what to buy 😊 keep going in helping beauty newbies like me here. You're always a great help, never forget that..god bless!

  23. I am so in love with this. It's so affordable. It stays on my skin the whole day and gives off a dewy, poreless finish!

  24. I love the look you made in this review! regarding it's staying power I have read reviews din about it na nag o oil up daw faster compared sa infallible. I'm still thinking of buying this one and try it myself! Thanks for the review ate martha ❤

  25. Yes Ms M. Showdown between L'OrΓ©al and Maybelline please. But for me, I think I will go to L'OrΓ©al. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  26. I love the finish! I actually am an avid fan of Maybelline because of the performance and price. Most of my make up are from Maybelline. But I don't think the foundation will work that well on my face since I have severely oily skin. Thank you for putting this up! I now know that I should opt of the Loreal Infallible ProMatte. Thank you, Ms. Martha!


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