20 Best Korean Beauty Products to Try

Since the Internet is all about K-Beauty nowadays, here's my contribution to the growing obsession; I shamelessly admit that I am into Korean beauty products nowadays too so here's a list of 20 Korean beauty products that I have personally tried and will recommend in a blink of an eye. ;)

- A wonderful, lightweight skin care collection for oily skin. Wonder Pore resolves excessive sebum and helps smooth the skin by minimizing the appearance of pores. 'Tis refreshing on the skin too!

- It's a small, simple, affordable powder that you will easily miss when you visit an Innisfree shop; one would never think that this will amount to anything, but this tiny pot is a powerful oil controller! It's lightweight, and a little amount is enough to cover the entire face and control oil, 4-5 hours maximum before retouching. It has a slight cooling effect as well and doesn't leave dry patches and white cast on the skin. Don't miss it when you're going to shop at Innisfree!

- Laneige is one of the finest makers of BB Cushions around; this particular product got me hooked on the BB Cushion trend. Snow BB Soothing Cushion has an airy texture and feel, and is suitable for combination oily/normal skin: it leaves a matte finish, but dewy. Can't help but feel like Song Hye Kyo when I'm wearing this product!

- This wonder duo helps zap zits, whether it's cystic, papules, or pustules. The dual phase spot treatment is my alternative to Mario Badescu Drying Lotion!

- A wonderful softening product that you can use before toner or as a substitute to toner. This one helps rejuvenate the skin and gives it a nice glow after you go through one bottle. Also, I noticed a decrease in breakouts when I was using this product.

- I love this mascara so much, I used it for 1 year straight! This is a legit waterproof mascara with really good volumizing properties. It's just a little hard to remove though, but at least you'll still have pretty lashes even if you get soaked! :D

- Newcomer Esfolio has just introduced me to one of the best makeup remover formulas ever: cream oil. This is a cream type oil cleanser that is never messy and concentrated enough that you can only use three pea- sized dots to remove every single trace of makeup no matter how waterproof it is.

- Leaders is developed by a league of dermatology students in a Korean university and has been best- selling ever since. The products are generous with all the right ingredients to give you that Korean glow.

- The first- ever Korean hair care brand I have tried and I am in love! This duo softens hair and makes it smell really pretty. Best part, the softness and pretty smell last the whole day no matter how sweaty you get!

- Hands down, one of the best concealers I have tried in my 8 years of beauty blogging. This concealer set features a highlighter pencil, concealing pencil, and liquid concealer that is so concentrated, waterproof, and provides full coverage goodness that doesn't look off!


- Banchic is a hip Korean skin care brand that I discovered through one of the Althea boxes I have received. This small but terrible bottle controls oil effectively and prolongs makeup wear too! 

- If you're having dull and dehydrated skin, slap on this best- selling product from Laneige and watch your skin go from dull to doll in just 3 days of consistent usage!

- This one has everyone raving. A lot claim that this toner is an effective hydrator and helps give the skin a healthier appearance, thanks to its very high concentration of rose water. I've been using it for 1 week straight now and I'm loving how hydrated my skin looks!

- This one ain't a best- seller for nothing. It practically feels invisible yet effectively improves makeup coverage and wear time. There are lots of variants to choose from as well including one for sensitive skin!

- Another huge best- seller from Banila Co. This award- winning product is a balm- type oil remover that's very concentrated, gentle, and removes makeup effectively. It's so good that I had to buy the jumbo size!


- Surprise! This product is Korean! Quick FX started out in the Philippines as the sachet skin care brand and finally, they have introduced tube versions including a new product, Sun Screen. No Shine Mattifier is VERY EFFECTIVE: It controls oil really well for up to 5 hours and locks makeup in place. I can't believe that it's P249.00 only! 


- One of the best full coverage BB Creams I have tried and also, one of the Korean BB Cream brands that has options for warm skin tones.

- If you're looking for a pressed powder that's affordable and covers like powder foundation, this is one of my top recommendations. On top of that, it controls oil really well too!


- An affordable multipurpose skin care that soothes the skin. What I love about this product is it doesn't leave the skin dry even if it has alcohol in it; it's a perfect alternative to body lotion, especially during summer!


- One of the first concealers that made an impression on me. This creamy, pigmented concealer helps hide dark circles and the salmon tint immediately covers dark circles; this concealer has the best correcting tone for me because it fits Asian skin tones and doesn't need a concealer anymore to adjust its tone to the skin!

That's my list of 20. What are your best Korean beauty finds? Share!

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27 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ang dami ms martha! Hihi Some of my favs are included on your list and I really wanted to try wonderpore skincare line :) sooper kinilig ako ms martha while reading your blog, I really love everything about Korea from their makeup,skincare,food, kdrama etcetera and I am so happy na song-song couple will be getting married too! Like what? they even said that they are not dating and now OMG hahaha! I love DOTS sooooo much! Thank you for your list ms martha!

  2. Jinjja?? QuickFX is Korean? Great job! Haha favorite ko yung No shine Mattifier. As in di ka mag ooil talaga. When it comes to sleeping mask naman I love the Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask. It does a great job! It brightens my fave as well as my pimple marks. Paubos ko na yung isang jar at tinitipid ko na huhu mahal kasi 600+ kaya alternate ko nalang ginagamit with The Face Shop's Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel. NaniniwLa talaga ako sa kasabihang "When Korean hits you, there's no way turning back!" Haha. Feeling Korean na rin eh. Sana we have the same skin rin katulad sa kanila. Hirap lang humanap ng shades lalo na foundation or cushion ang puputi. Mask super hilig ko na rin.

  3. I just bought a quick fx no shine mattifier and so far okay naman sya. I use it in daily basis then kapag important events nmn i use my banila co primer and i swear to this product kasi super ganda nya tlaga. I also love the clio kill cover concealer grabe sa coverage 😝 Maitatago lahat ng gusto itago. Im looking forward to try some products from skin food, tony moly and laneige.

  4. Cant believe na ung Auick FX ay Korean?! 😱 Akala ko made in ph hihi. Mura kasi niya and super effective. Tapos ung Banila Co. Primer the best daw talaga yun. Sa dami ng nababasa kong blogs at napapanood na vlogs lagi syang kasama sa favorites. Will try that Rose toner!

  5. Thank you for these recommendations! Gusto ko rin matry yung mascara ng Etude house especially yung Club Clio kill cover concealer. Saw several beauty bloggers/vloggers na nireview rin sya and mukhang maganda talaga. Maraming nagrerave kaya mukhang worth it, yun lang limited ang shades nila. Maganda rin daw yung kill cover conceal-dation ☺

  6. I love Leaders Face Masks, Nature Republic's Aloe Vera gel and Quick FX products. The rest I haven't tried them.
    I have few Korean products like The Saem lip tint and concealer which I really love. Etude Zero sebum just like the Innisfree. The Elizavecca Gold Snail 24K facial foam and the Skin Liar Primer which I got from Althea. I only buy products when I get to rwad good reviews about it.

  7. Good brands! No wonder why Koreans has dewy poreless skin. Thumbs up to Innisfree and Nature republic which I am fan.

  8. Wow.. I want to try that Etude House Wonder Pore Skin Care, baka matatanggal niya na black heads ko and ma minimize yung pores ko lalo na sa T-Zone ko huhu my #1 problem.. Andami ko na rin nababasang magagandang reviews about sa Nature Republic Aloe vera, gusto ko siyang itry huhu Kaya pala ganda ng skin ni Ms. Martha πŸ‘

  9. Korean products are really a must. If onlt they're all so cheap oh my I will hoard them.

  10. OMG! I want to try everything you listed on your blog Ms. Martha. I also want to achieve Korean skin. Parang gusto ko tuloy mag purchase ng Althea box. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  11. I just had my first ever Korean product... a face mask! This will be my first time to try Korean products so I'm excited! If all turns up all, I'll definitely consider trying some items in this list coz like what I always say, I TRUST YOUR REVIEWS AND RECOMMENDATIONS! Plus, currently saving up for the Quick FX products and Club Clio concealer. I fell in love with a lot of products coz of reading your blog. Thanks always, ate! πŸ’ž

  12. 😱 Lalo ko gusto ma try talaga ung Club clio! Love this blogpost most of the brands di ko alam na korean pala πŸ˜…

  13. I didn't know Quick FX is from Korea pala! Been using the pimple eraser and no-shine mattifier for years and I have no idea that it's Korean. Haha! Thanks for the fun fact! Tried only four products on your list and I super love them. I'm still saving up for Laneige products though. This is really helpful, thank you Ms.M! ❤

  14. I really wanna try Mamonde's Rose Toner and Nature Republic's Aloe Vera. After reading the review, I realized maybe it's time for me to get them from one of my friends' IG online shop so I can try them, too.

  15. I've been using the Quick FX No Shine Mattifier as my primer and it really is an amazing product! I like them coz it has a nice soft, velvety feel to it and it does provide a nice matte finish. I didn't know they sell it in tubes now. Where can you buy them please, Ms. Martha?

  16. Big thumbs up! πŸ‘ sa mga products na iyan! Although d ko pa po yan nagamit lahat, sa masks I do, hehe, I love korean masks tlga kasi it is trully effective po! LHat naman yan for sure! Korean has the best beauty and skin care products indeed! 😍

  17. Super thumbs up on this Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, ang sarap gamitin ang lambot sa skin, ambango pa. Gusto ko matry ko ibang nasa list mo Ms.Martha. Super idol kita for giving a honest Reviews on skincare and makeups. Thank you

  18. I agree with you ms. martha! Super dami na palang korean products dito sa pinas and I didn't expect that Quick FX was also made from korea. For real? I'm into K-dramas and that was also started of my addiction to korean products and even korean foods. Omo! πŸ˜‚ I love their nature republic and face masks. Any thing of the two was so heaven for me. Don't have enough money to try them all, but I will soon. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow! Skin food salmon dark circle concealer cream is what I neeeed! My eyes always look tired making me feel old 😐. Kaso bakit so hirap nila hanapin? Except etude kase meron sa sm bacoor, hehe.. thanks for this Miss Martha..mwa!

  20. So much love for aloe vera! Every night ko siyang ginagamit. Okay sana yung product ng etude and tony moly kaso medyo pricey sa mga katulad kong student pero siguro worth it naman why not diba? 😊

  21. Yayyy k beauty products!!!! Na surprise din ako na korean product din pala ang quick fx! Yung tinted moisturizer ba nila maganda ate? I mean hindi po ba malagkit sa face? Thanks ate! :)

  22. Iba parin ang effect aloe vera gel!!! wohooo small budget lang kasi :((( hahaha Love this recommendations ❤️❤️

  23. Wow, thank you for these product reviews! This was exactly what I needed as I have been considering to try out korean skincare and have recently been doing my research. Your honest reviews are very reliable so I will take note of these. I started with the Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Gel and I just added the Innisfrew No Sebum Mineral Powder to my shopping cart upon having read this blog post, haha. And I am surprised to know that QuickFX is actually a korean brand! It is my go-to primer for college students like me who try to stick to a budget. Kansahamnida!!

  24. THE Korean Product that I've tried is from MUMUSO KOREA. Not bad for the Aloe Vera Gel nila and their arbutin oil. And the charcoal mask is also good for a nigh time skin care routine..:) Ill try that skin food soon. thanks for this review Ms Martha.:D

  25. I love this post, most of my skincare kase came from Althea. My favorite is the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. Meron din akong Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist, Mamonde Rose Toner, Tony Moly Nutra Energy Cream, Skinfood Brightening Eye Cream. Meron pa kong unopen na skincare from Chica Y Chico, Aritaum, Rire, Witch's Pouch, Calmia, Son's & Park, Skinfood and It's Skin. Hindi ko lang alam parang hindi ako fan ng sheet mask. Para kaseng panandalian lang ang effect eh.

  26. I never knew that QUICKFX is Korean! Grabe I've been so loyal to their products! All this time I never really knew hahah! I thought it was a local brand. Anyways, I agree! I love their Pimple Eraser and No Shine Mattifier (Primer). Those two are my top picks so far. The Eye Lift cream didn't work out for me. Baka hindi na kinaya yung Architecture Eye Bags ko HAHAHAHA Pero still kudos to them 'cause I heard it did work out for some people. Will try the other products soon! Can't wait to try the Banila Co Primer and the Club Cleo concealer! Looking forward to more of your reviews! :)

  27. ahhh!!! This post makes me so excited about discovering something I'd keep for years in my vanity! hehe
    So curios about the Etude House AC Clean Up, Leaders Masks,Clio Concealer, Those Serum shampoo and conditioner (I just realized that I've never tried any korean shampoo and conditioner before! Good idea!! 😁 ),Esfolio - I wonder where can I find this brand? Never heard or seen it before (well, most of 'em πŸ˜… ) I'd love to purchase that cleanser! And also I was so surprised when I first saw the picture for TUBE QUICK FIX!!! Ang galing!! huhuhu they have it in a bigger size na 😍 ( I'm also a believer of their No Shine Mattifier! works really well).

    And as for Nature republic's aloe vera and missha's bb creams or cc creams they are still in my lists to try. hehe


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