The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Powder Pact in NB35 Review

Here's a review on The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Powder Pact in NB35.

Price: P395.00
Bought From: The Face Shop, The Fort High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Other Locations: Please inquire via The Face Shop's official fan page


When I'm wearing BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers, I prefer setting them with tinted powders for additional coverage. My powder usage is pretty much like how I use toothpaste so I always prefer something affordable, but unfortunately, it's hard to find a cheapo pressed powder that fits my skin tone.

And then I encountered The Face Shop's Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Powder Pact.

Quite frankly, I was on the fence about purchasing this product, but since it's only P395.00, I got it anyway to see if this will be my go- to affordable pressed powder and if not, my cousins, friends, aunts, and house helpers are always there to adopt the products that I discard. :D Anyhoo, I asked the SAs if they have testers for this product-yes they have and I even found out that its shade range is pretty impressive-there are around 5 or 6 shades! NB35 is the darkest and it's the closest to my skin tone.


Lovely ME:EX is a sweet and girly collection intended for a younger market, and the themes of its products are angelic, cute, fun, and light. Angel Skin Powder Pact says it can give the skin a soft, translucent, angel- like texture and look, and is made with spherical powders that absorb sebum with a time difference (What the heck does that mean? Maybe it absorbs oil continuously throughout the day?).


More about this fave affordable pressed powder of mine after the break!

Compact's sturdy and has this cute egg shape, although surface is a lil' slippery so handle with care-you don't want to see powder particles flying in the air, right? The puff that goes with it is super soft and smooth (I could feel that those with sensitive skin will like it!), and the material used is the type that doesn't grab too much powder in one swipe, therefore you can achieve varying kinds of coverage with it.

NB35 is a medium/dark beige shade with an olive undertone-it's a tad bit light on me (because of the undertone), but it doesn't look weird and bothersome. Powder's well- pressed in the pan and yields no fallout. Texture is soft and dry borderline creamy. Coverage is light to medium and pigmentation is surprisingly good-I could really see that it makes a difference on my skin. It has this fun, baby powder scent that brings to mind Johnson and Johnson's classic face powder.


Concealer + 2 layers of Angel Skin Powder Pact only

Hmmmm....I think I'm missing the "angel- like skin" promise here. If used alone and on skin that is not moisturized properly, it tends to appear a little grainy. This is my minor issue with the powder, but that can be resolved easily by applying a generous amount of moisturizer to help the powder particles melt seamlessly onto the skin. (That's a tip for 'ya!) Regarding the coverage, it's awesome for a very affordable pressed powder-it has evened out my skin tone significantly even on its own.

Angel Skin Powder Pact + BB Cream

I think this product performs better on top of a liquid face base: it just looks smoother and blends in naturally. 'Tis great for retouching too because it adds coverage without looking cakey. Staying power is unexpectedly good: On my oily skin, it holds up for up to 4 hours with very, very minor fading at the end of the day-wear time is very comparable to some of my well- loved pricey powders. Payoff is light and natural, although it cannot cover medium to heavy discolorations. It can somehow conceal light discolorations, but you could still see 'em peeping through.

Do you have those products that you didn't think will deliver, but did so and greatly at that? This is mine. I like everything about this powder: affordable, cute, has a ton of shades, colors my skin nicely, and boosts the coverage of my light face bases but without the heaviness. Texture of this powder is very friendly to dry and oily skin, and will suit those who have perfect skin and only need a little enhancement from a tinted pressed powder. I just hit the pan on my compact and I'll be sure to repurchase. :)


Packaging- 4/5
Performance- 4.5/5
Quality- 4/5
Staying Power- 4.5/5
User Friendliness- 4/5
Availability- 5/5
Price- 5/5
Experience- 5/5

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have that powder compact for a year and I really really love it so much!! <3

  2. I'll try this next after my powder from maybelline.. Thanks for the review ms. Martha.. More power to your blog!!!! Stay pretty.. :))

  3. Aura: Yay! me too! :D

    Claudine: Welcome to my blog dear! Thank you! :D

    Sincere: Go dear! i swear it's good. :D

  4. Hi Ms. Martha, what did you use for your eyebrow in this post? It's awesome! - avid fan hehehe

  5. Hi Ms. Martha, what did you use for your eyebrow in this post? It's awesome! - avid fan hehehe

  6. way back when i'm on my first yr college (2009)..i went to the face shop to buy some compact powder or foundations. the cheapest that i've found costs 790+ which cuts my allowance really short. hahaha.

    knowing that they have already the affordable, nice coverage and many shades to choose from, ok i need to go to the face shop and buy this now! haha!

  7. oh the pink compact already made me attracted to this powder. Price is not bad for the performance. I just bought two powders but your review makes me wanna purchase this. I guess i will inquire where and how can i buy this, how i wish they sell online because I am too far from Manila.
    Thanks ms.Martha for this awesome review.

  8. i always tend to buy pressed powder that costs 200 and below.. eat ang ending di ko sya nauubos.. siguro dahil i always do look for cheapos na would end up not using it anymore would toss it on the bin or it would end on my sister's pouch hee hee.. i would give a try on this one =) since its korean brand and due to curiosity na rin hee hee

  9. How long did you use this powder? Mine is NB45. :)

  10. Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to my blog. :) Thanks for being a fan! I used Majolica Majorca's Brow Customize in the photo. :)

    Rhain: LOL. This is very good so I will recommend it to you. :)

    Liza: Hi there and welcome to my blog! It's been with me for two months now and I just hit pan last week. I feel it'll still last me for 1-1 2/2 months. :)

    Leilani: You're welcome dear. :)

    Katrina: Yeah, I remember the time when The Face Shop was so pricey! Glad they came out with affordable lines already. :)

  11. ONe reason why I like reading your blogs is because of your skintone which tends to be more accomodating to traditional Filipinas.
    I am a morena by nature, and because of this I would definitely check this pressed powder out. Pressed powders is a staple for me :D

  12. High five! :))
    i'll share this to my friends!

  13. This post has been helpful. I've been using your reviews on my eshop for reference so thanks a lot! =)


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