Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Review

Here's a review on Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder.

Price: Around 100HKD (Approximately P500.00+)
Bought From: Innisfree, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Other Locations: Possibly available in or can be pre-ordered through local online beauty shops


I met some Korean beauty bloggers during my press trip with Mary Kay in Hong Kong, and had asked them what's the most popular affordable make-up brand in Korea and they said it's Innisfree. I suppose Innisfree meant "Chemical-Free", but don't trust someone who only has the word "Annyeonghaseyo" in her Korean vocabulary. lulz. Anyhoo, before leaving for Manila, I made sure to drop by Innisfree in Causeway Bay-which is near DFS Galleria and Lane Crawford-to have a look at this brand. I ended up getting this loose powder and the Volcanic Mask.


Innisfree is a proud all-natural brand that uses a lot of ingredients from the pristine Jeju Island of Korea for their cosmetics. No Sebum Mineral Powder is meant to be used as a finisher or retouching powder, can be used on any skin tone, and comes in loose and pressed form. Incidentally, it is also one of their best- sellers. Innisfree is a brand by Amorepacific, one of the leading cosmetic companies in Korea-they also own Laneige.

This powder claims to contain minerals and natural mint to help cool down the skin.

I deem this product, the loose powder for tropical countries or any hot, summery day! More about this fab product after the break!

The loose powder type only comes in a small pot-this is the only size. Great for traveling, and packaging is solid overall.

Texture is dry yet soft, (very much like finely- milled cornstarch) and has a very nice minty fragrance- reminds me so much of my first and well- loved translucent powder by Allison Raffaele as both products have the same key ingredient, cornstarch. FYI, Cornstarch is THE BEST face mattifier, at least to me. It's a low- dusting powder (which I totally love) and it does impart a slight cooling sensation to my skin-I don't know if that has helped minimize my pores' appearance, but what impressed me the most was how it helped me alleviate warm, itchy spots on my skin, especially when I'm sweating real bad or my skin's acting up and not being resisting makeup. It's very, very light, albeit finish can be flat matte.


With Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation

One layer of Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

It's absolutely translucent and quite spreadable. It just mattifies skin quickly and does not create a patchy coverage. Truly, it is a No Sebum powder because my face stays oil- free for around 5 1/2 hours without retouching! No wonder why this powder is a best- seller! I'm in loooove. :D Is there a con with this product? Yes! It's not available here and pot is small-wish it were bigger!

You know when it's hot, your skin just gets irritatingly warm? The minty sensation from this powder helps minimize that-heck, I even think it helps prevent my face from sweating! I would love to buy this product again and I shall be looking for someone who's selling this. It's one of the products that I'll go the extra mile for because it's so good yet so affordable!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is very affordable! who knows, maybe this brand will be available to us next time.... :)

  2. Parang it works like the essence translucent powder but this one is minty. :)

  3. yay new to me =) my first innisfree goodie is their Red Wine Peeling Softener =) (as mention on my previous comment) it works like CURE =)

  4. very cleaver of them to add a minty effect to the formulation! :)

  5. Issa: Heard it through the grapevine that a local company wants to bring it in here, but they're kinda' iffy with the name. They thought INNIS would put off some Filipinos lol.

    Misskatv: That's true!

    Rhain: Cool! I'll be looking for that when I spot an Innisfree store in my travels. :)

    Stephanie: Not to mention lighter than essence. :D

  6. how i wish they'll have it here in pinas, your face is shine-free making it look more dewy.! plus the mint or cooling effect is a superb need especially after applying loads of makeup product in our face making it feel lil' heavier and dry..

  7. Sounds like a keeper! parang I saw some online shop selling this brand. I believe it's on IG.

  8. Parang I have encountered a product not too sure if eto ba or other brand pero super same packaging on my sis' stash when she got home from Japan.

  9. Wow.. I definitely want to try this.
    Ever felt the stingy sensation like a chili has been rubbed off around your lips and the lower cheeks? I always feel that during hot season and I do not know what's wrong with my skin...thus the reason I seldom go out between 11-3 PM...
    If this does cool down the skin, I would definitely want to try it..
    Would put it on note since I tend to forget things :D
    thanks for the review..

  10. Issa: Me too! I'm running out of this powder already!

    Winnie: Welcome! I hope they'd make something with more intense cooling properties. :D

    Leilani: There's Innisfree in Japan so yeah, maybe this is it. :)

    Ravene: Great! However, be wary of fakes!

    Jerlyn: Agree! Sometimes, I even want to use this as a body powder haha!


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