What A Mess- Free Oil Makeup Remover! Esfolio Multi Oil and Peeling Cleanser Review, Price

Here's a review on Esfolio Multi Oil and Peeling Cleanser.

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Is cream oil the future of oil makeup removers? Then it's going to be a bright future indeed! One of my latest, amazing skin care discoveries is Esfolio Multi Oil and Peeling Cleanser, a mess- free oil cleanser that melts away makeup without leaving any oily residue. Did I mention that it's mess- free?


A 2-in-1 cleanser that removes makeup, cleans skin, and helps take away excess oil and dead skin cells.


Product comes in a clear plastic box; bottle is pretty big and shape's just perfect for easy storage. Love the pump bottle packaging too because it's more hygienic to use plus easier to transfer onto cosmetic jars for traveling.

The product is a cream- type oil with a soft powdery scent with a hint of acidic odor, possibly due to the natural acid ingredients; don't be put off by the acidic odor I just mentioned because trust me, it's insignificant. It's pretty rich that you only need a dot or two per area of your face to thoroughly remove makeup.


Look at all that gunk!

The product is easy to spread and you can really feel that makeup is coming off your skin. I think it can effectively remove eye makeup, but I have never tried just because methinks it may cloud my vision due to its consistency. It rinses off easily, leaving no oily residue and even leaves the skin soft and a bit moist. 

As for the peeling claim, I'm not exactly sure how that works or if it works at all because this product is something that you don't leave on for a long time to find out if it has another effect aside from cleansing; I prefer using this as a plain makeup remover as I have other go-to peeling/exfoliating products.

I like the concept of the product: concentrated cream oil and comes in a pump bottle, thus it's more hygienic. Would most likely buy this product again!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oils and Balms are now the in thing to remove makeup aside from the micellar water. They say it is more effective than the micellar. I think I have to try it, Esfolio has lots of product that is (I think) worth trying.

  2. Looking for a nice makeup remover right now, I might try this but what's holding me back is the price lol.

  3. Been hearing a lot about esfolio. Hope you could review their other products too :)

  4. Gaaah! Nung nakita ko yung price nya I was like, "Hala! May halo ba tong ginto?" tapos nung binasa ko pinaka review mo about this product, "Ay, wow! Kaya naman pala! Worth the try!" Never tried any make up remover aside from Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water kase kaya sguro gant reaction ko 😂

  5. Mama likey!! Good deal na 'to for P950, you can use an adequate portion of the product tapos it's a 2 in 1 cleanser pa. SPLURGE!!

  6. Esfolio is a new brand bloggers and vloggers are talking about right now. I am excited to read more reviews about them like their best sellers or what you can recommend for us to buy that will worth our money :) I'm not a fan of oil based cleansers (even cleansing balms, creams too) since I usually break out when I try to use one. So I might pass this one.

  7. Mejo mahal to Ms M para sa makeup remover. Pero effective naman. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  8. I like the idea that it's 2 in 1 cleanser but pricey. Worth it din naman kasi kita naman sa result. I haven't tried any cleanser but pass muna ako sa product na ito dahil sa price. ^_^


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