All Day Affordable Coverage For Oily Skin: Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret All Day Coverage Foundation Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret Full Coverage Foundation.

PRICE: P399.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in SM department stores


I know a lot of people who love Pink Sugar's Our Lil' Secret Concealer because it's very pigmented and stays put AF. 

Now here's something that will make you rush to your nearest Pink Sugar counter because that concealer now has a foundation counterpart! Introducing Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret All Day Coverage Foundation, an affordable foundation that's perfect for oily skin!


A waterproof liquid foundation that promises all day wear. Contains Aloe Vera extracts that provide hydration and Green Tea extracts for antioxidant properties. Comes in 5 shades.


L-R: Light Medium, Light Warm, Beige, Medium Deep, Medium

Texture is a light cream with heavy coverage. There is very little presence of oil in the formula, which makes the product a bit hard to spread on the skin. I find that a traditional foundation brush is effective in spreading the product on the skin.

TIP: If you find the formula a bit too pasty, add a dollop of tinted moisturizer or regular moisturizer in the foundation and mix.

Bare skin

One layer of the foundation in Medium Deep

Medium Deep is the darkest in the range, but it's a wee bit light for me; it's like NC40-ish, but completely tolerable anyway. I just noticed that this particular shade's formula is a bit watery and needs to be shaken vigorously before usage to mix the pigments and liquid properly; I did not experience this with the other shades.

The foundation sets on the skin like...SRSLY. Once it sets, it is no budge and will take 5 hours before oil seeps through the makeup (but it doesn't choke your skin or something like that). Indeed, long- wearing AF and outstanding at oil control, plus yields medium to heavy, look-ma-no-concealer coverage. 

However, my face tends to feel a bit dry with this one because I don't have extremely oily skin to begin with, but that goes to show that this baby is perfect for the common skin type in our country!

TIP 2: To counteract the dryness, I moisturize my skin properly and use a hydrating primer. Also, if you apply too much, it may look caky so apply sparingly and mist your skin afterwards to take out the flatness of the look.

I've been out and about the city since Tuesday and put this foundation to the test; it does stay put for a long time minus the heavy feel so you're sure that you'll look amazing from your meeting in Ortigas to the one in MOA. Despite my minor problem on dryness, I like this overall because of its intense staying power; not a huge fan of retouching nowadays that's why I fancy long- wearing foundations like this one!

My dear, if your skin is oily AF, you've met your match. If your skin still oils up with this foundation, then girl, you better open a gas station (just kidding :D)!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! waterproof ah! galing! very interesting to try! bagay yan sa mga bumibyahe ng malayuan from home to work, work to friends hang out and long dates! tandaan lang ung tamang proseso ng paglalagay para di masobrahan hehe

  2. I'm in between Medium and medium deep and they still looks pinkish on my skin waaah but I super love the staying power and its spreadability it is not streaky even I applied it using a foundation brush (I'm more of a foundation brush girl than sponge girl).

  3. I would love to try this bb cream. I am more a bb cream girl than foundation. Nabibigatan kasi ako sa founda. And as per bb cream with full coverage, woaah. This is a must have. Super excited to try this one out. I hopw di ako mag breakout dito :)

  4. I have an oily face ate. Do I need to keep my face moisturized??? Hihihi

  5. Wow! super pigmented nga! sana may isa pa sila shade na perfect for morena. I love the long lasting power perfect match sa oily fez. infairness bongga ng gold sequence. hehe ✨ ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. "My dear, if your skin is oily AF, you've met your match. If your skin still oils up with this foundation, then girl, you better open a gas station (just kidding :D)!" HAHAHAHA thank you maam for this honest review! Gusto ko rin itry. Sana okay siya kahit sa init ng Tuguegarao! Hihi. �� More reviews please pati Rimmel. God bless you po! ✨

  7. Another good product from pink sugar!! Definitely will try this one out, thanks for the great review!! ����

  8. Mukhang okay sya. Affordable yung price nya. Yung foundation nila same packaging ng concealer nila before.

  9. Wow ang ganda ng coverage di na kita halos yung blemishes. Bongga!

  10. I like it but my budget cant afford to buy it!

  11. One of the good thing I found in this product is the Aloe Vera content and Green Tea extract. And since I have an oily skin and this will surely fits me without needing to add moisturizer before applying. In addition, it's waterproof properties is suitable for a sweaty like me. Will surely buying this one soon.

  12. Price seems reasonable. This could probably work out as a dupe for the Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation! It's cheaper so it's easier to save up for this one. Pigmentation looks amazing! Plus, it's like I won't have to use concealer anymore to fix blemishes. Blotting won't be an issue as well. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  13. Ganda ng coverage plus affordable pa. Will check this out next time. ๐Ÿค—

  14. Wow pangmalakasan ang coverage! Now ko lang nalaman/now ko lang nakilala ang brand na to ate martha! I would love to try that BB cream! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. I've seen other reviews (video) about this. It comes in a small packaging but it really delivers when it comes to coverage. A little goes a long way indeed. I think this is a must try foundation.


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