FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How to get rid of split ends

I'm dreading this whole Uberless situation because it's furthering monopoly and causing imbalance in the private car transportation sector. Dear God, please enlighten LTFRB! :(

Let's all pray for our transportation situation and I hope you're all having it easy today. Let's lighten up the mood with some cool information on how to reduce split ends; thanks Diana for the question!

Hi Martha,
Any suggestions on how to fix split ends?

Hi Diana!

Thanks for the awesome question. Before I begin with the remedies, it is first important to know how we get split ends:

- Everyday heat styling (curling iron, blow dry, etc.)
- Wrong comb usage
- Harsh combing
- DIY hair cutting
- Genetics

When your hair at the bottom or top looks thinner and has a slight sheen, it means that it's time to address your split ends condition.


- Dryness is one of the causes of split ends so make sure to moisturize your hair properly; use hair masks with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and Keratin to help repair damage.


- Leave in products coat your hair, making it less vulnerable to external aggressors that dry out and damage hair. Personally, I love using oil because it's more moisturizing, adheres better and stays longer, and overall, it protects my hair better.


- When split ends get severe, best thing to do is to cut the damaged ends to prevent further damage and allow hair to grow better.

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- When you use the wrong comb, most especially when detangling hair, you cause hair to get entangled more, thus causing split ends. If you are detangling hair, best to use wide- toothed combs and brushes to minimize tangles, cracks, and split ends. 

Your type of hair also depends on the comb you will use: for curly hair, best to use wide combs, for straight hair, best to use regular combs and paddle brushes, and for wavy hair, best to use brushes.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Gumagamit rin nyan friend ko! She said yan tlga recommended nya sa mga office mates nya and friends din kasi bukod sa effectively safe na, magaan pa sa bulsa! No need mga mamahaling shampoos for split ends! Yan tlga, bongga na!

  2. Those tips are great! Tama naman tlga! Satin mismo manggagaling solusyon sa split ends natin!

  3. Number one hair problem. 😥 Tried all your recommendations noon din Ms.M pero every time I get a hair cut, after 2weeks balik nanaman mga split ends. Baka genetics na talaga to. 😞 Thanks for this po.

  4. I do have a natural wavy hair but I didn't experience split ends or maybe extreme split ends as I always see the tip of my hair so healthy. I don't know I just shampooed and conditioned it but sometimes I also skip it once in a while just for my hair to breath like free from whatever's inside the shampoo and conditioner. I also use some oil on it because well I have a really wavy hair that's going to different places hahaha.

  5. I've never experienced split ends again once I started using organic, sulfate-free and silicone-free hair products. I only use shampoo and conditioner; sometimes I use clarifying shampoo (also organic) but I've never needed hair masks or deep conditioning since I switched to organic; no leave on or styling products either (too heavy for my fine hair plus they either give me rashes or pimples). Even my hairstylists have noticed that my hair has become healthier in recent years-- no dryness, no split ends, kahit pa gamitan nila ng razor yung hair ko to layer which used to cause split ends or I blowdry almost every day. The only extra thing that I do is go for keratin treatment every 3-4 months. :)

  6. Owww very informative ate martha nakadepende pala sa hair type ang dapat gamitin na hair comb. Hindi naman din kasi ako mahilig magsuklay 😅 Yes, i also agree na wag mag skip ng haircut sched. kasi noon bata pa ko takot na takot ako pag nagpapagupit, ayokong binabawasan ang hair ko pero now kahit minsan kapos sa budget every 2 months talang nagpapacut ako kahit trim lang para maiwasan nga din ang split ends 😊 Thanks for all of this info ate martha!

  7. Naku guilty-guilty ako sa maling pgsusuklay lalo na't ngmamadali yung ramdam mo tlga yung ganit pgsuklay sa dulo haha! mhlaga tlga may treatment khit once or twice a week.😊

  8. This is so true. I agree with everything you said. Been there, done that. I've been experiencing this hair problem for as long as I could remember! I remember picking every split end from every hair when I was little. :( I finally had it and decided to finally take care of my hair and not just set my hair problems aside. I've used a proper brush, used the right shampoo, conditioner, and treatments and voila! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha! Hair care is truly an investment.

  9. Golly been having trouble with split ends as well. Thanks for this enlightening post. It's worth having these products!!!

  10. Yay comb matters pala ms martha:) I will buy paddle brush na :) I have a very short hair ms martha and still I have splint ends due to bad bleach that I had before and I will not dare to do it again even in a salon.

  11. I didn't know that our hair has the right comb to use.Kaya siguro aside from split ends i have also falling hair because of the wrong use of comb. Long hair ako before and may kulay,I actually don't use any hair mask for my hair and after a few months super dry and haba na ng split ends so instead of saving my long hair I decided to cut my hair na. And for Ms. Diana who ask about this,thank you sis,this blog reminds me of I should take care of my hair na. Thank you Ms. Martha for sharing this.

  12. Don't use hair brush when your hair is wet. I use old cotton shirt in drying my hair because I find that towel rubs my hair so much thus causing split ends.


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