#RANawaywithMartha Wedding Blog 2: I chose the best makeup artist + my wedding gown and accessories

This is probably the most asked about portion of my wedding: my makeup. A lot asked if I will do my makeup on my wedding day and I said no, I won't do it even if I know how to do my own makeup very well and I have a good reason.

My wedding lipstick: MAC Mehr from my friend, Thea Jamila of @beautycallph on Instagram

There's a reason why makeup artists do what they do that's why I left my makeup for my most special day to a professional. Also, I wanted to wear Airbrush makeup because I have experienced how long- wearing this is and how perfect it is for all- day events such as a wedding. Airbrush makeup can be done by anyone including myself, but this is a pretty complicated and enhanced kind of makeup technique that when done incorrectly, it can result to patchy, bad- looking makeup; that's why most makeup artists would even get a license for it.

My makeup artist for my wedding is Vlogger and makeup artist extraordinaire, Shebby Liquete; she is a licensed Airbrush Makeup Artist and specializes in bridal makeup. I like how clean Shebby's makeup is and her style: clean base with heavy focus on the eyes and brows. Shebby gave me the makeup look that I envisioned for my wedding and I felt really beautiful that day; she also did the makeup of some of my important guests and they all loved their makeup; a lot paid wonderful compliments to our makeup look!

You deserve to feel special on your special day so I suggest get a makeup artist so you can focus on other important things like your wedding vow, chatting with your loved ones, and most especially, absorbing the moment; not only that, you're assured that your makeup will look good!

My wedding gown is a simple A- line dress with a small train and lace bodice; it was made by my friend, Raffy Viernes. I initially wanted to buy a dress off the rack, but my muscular, curvaceous body didn't find a fit that's good enough. When my dress was finally made, I realized why a customized gown is an important aspect in a wedding: it makes you feel like a million bucks and most especially, COMFORTABLE.

What I loved about Raffy is she's willing to go the extra mile for clients like doing emergency meet ups just to perfect the fit of my gown, plus she can work in as little as two months, depending on the complexity of the design, of course.

For my accessories, I only bought a pair of semi- chandelier earrings from H & M, white wedge from Parisian because I want to reuse it as regular footwear, and our wedding bands are from Marry Me, one of the most affordable jewelry shops to get wedding bands.

That's all for this portion! Next post, I'll talk about my wedding coordinator that my guests commended a lot after the wedding!

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My directory of wedding suppliers:

Day One Project
Contact: Angela Ibarle- 0917 886 7441
Meg and Jane Studios
Contact: Jane Moreno- 0956 589 6568
Caketella Cake Rental
Contact: Mac Chan 0908 894 0144
Shebby Chic Makeup Artistry
Contact: Shebby Liquete- 0917 673 5887
Raffy Viernes Couture
Contact: Raffy Viernes- 0917 722 7232
Zen Zest
Contact: Catherine Ong- 0917 559 9046
JS Mina
Hillcreek Gardens
Tita Sonya Tagaytay (Manuel Francisco)

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39 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I really love your wedding makeup. So fresh, so bridal, so lovely. <3 Congrats again Ms Martha! :)

  2. Yes you are so beautiful at para stress free na din you won't have to worry having your make up done if you'll do it your own.

    1. Agree! Felt really relaxed knowing that I entrusted my makeup on my most special day to a professional :)

  3. I agree with everything youve said ate martha! Less hassle pag nagpa make up ka kahit marunong ka, kasi may time ka pa para magawa kung ano pa yung mga gusto mong gawin habang minemakeupan ka. 😊 I love your wedding gown, napaka simple pero ang ganda. Youre so gorgeous ate martha! 😍

  4. i really love your wedding ate martha. from the music , gown , makeup specially ung kulitan moments sa reception 😳 so cool lalo na ung dance nyo ni kuya 😳😳 .. and most specially ung saya ni kuya when you walk down the aile 😍 sana ganto din kaganda ung magiging kasal ko. simple but sweet and elegant 😘😘 congrats to you and kuya 😘😘 loves and kisses . ( cant wait sa magiging bagets na mangungulit sa vlogs πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

  5. Saving this as a bookmark and future reference if ever I get married too. You look so beautiful. Great suppliers. Congratulations to you Ms Martha and Randy.

  6. I'll take every suggestions written here, as if I'm planning my wedding now (dreaming). Once again congratulations and Best wishes.

  7. Perfect. Wala nako masabi, I want what you did too pero mas maganda pa rin na originality hehe..Congratulations madam!! Videos please! Of your wedding 😊😊😍

    1. I also took inspirations from different weddings so I can't take all the credit, but we just added our own twist to it. :)

  8. Love your wedding makeup Ms.M. You look so fresh and radiant. Galing talaga ni Ms. Shebby. Ganda din ng gown mo, sobrang bagay for your wedding theme plus the flower crown. 😍

  9. congratualions ate martha! May you have a happy and full of love in your life with your husband!

  10. You really look beautiful po. I love your makeup, gown, everything. And agree ako about sa makeup during the wedding. Mas okay nang ipaubaya sa makeup artists kasi weding is a very important event. Will be waiting sa mga next posts ❤

  11. Beautiful bride ever! 😍 Ireally love the concept of your wedding Ms. Martha! Enjoy your married life! πŸ’“

  12. I like the idea sa shoes, na pinili mo yung alam mong mggamit mo pa uli. I super love the make up. Simple but glam yung make up, especially yung make up sa eyes ang ganda. For sure kinikilig si Randy nung naglakad kna papalapit sa kanya. And the Wedding Dress, ang ganda nung kulay para syang cream simple pero yung details ng design sa upper part ang ganda. Parang gusto ko na tuloy makasal.. hehehe.. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Your time will come, Lizlee. :D Thanks for reading :D

  13. Congratulations, Ms. Martha! You're bridal makeup is so on point! Super love the dress too! <3 Best wishes to you and to your hubby!! :)

  14. There are no words for how beautiful you looked on your wedding day, Ms. Martha. Ang ganda ng make-up. Not too much and not too little. Literally perfect. And don't even get me started on the dress! I love it! The design and patterns plus the fit kinda reminds me of a fusion between Michael Cinco and a Francis Libiran's gown. :)

    1. Awww thanks for the compliment on the dress. Loved that it turned out exactly how I wanted it. The material at the bottom is called Illusion tulle, btw. ;)

  15. I am also following Ms. Shebby po Ms. Martha and grabe ang galing nya po talaga lalo po kayong gumada :) I am thinking of doing my makeup Ms. Martha, but now hinde na po :) Maybe I will give some instructions nalang po on what look I would like to have on my big day :)

    1. Yup, same thing I did. I told SHebby my peg lang :)

  16. Ang galing ni Shebby! I really like your dress simple lang parang ang gaan suotin but still elegant!! Congrats Ms Martha!

    1. Yes! That's my primary instruction sa designer: dapat magaan haha :D

  17. I love the details in your bodice Ms. M the design is great yet it is not overwhelming and attention grabbing...I can still focus on your face I super love it I appreciate that you share the details of your wedding to us we feel so belonged. Anyway, as they say...money can buy designer brands but it can't buy style and taste...you nail it Ms. M!

  18. You are such a beauty befoore and of course more on your wedding day. Shebby is such a great MUA artist, no wonder she ia very much in demand. You are such aglowing and happy bride on ur wedding day! I'm happy for you Mrs. Villarama!

  19. I've been following Ms. Shebby. Her work is really awesome! You look gorgeous Ms. Martha! Reading your wedding posts and blogs makes me look back to our special day too. I've been browsing our photos. Though me and hubby look at them all the time. :))

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