#RANawaywithMartha Wedding Blog 3: The Best Wedding Coordinator + Cake Rental For your wedding?

A wedding coordinator is a very important supplier in any wedding because they make sure that everything goes according to plan, control what happens in the event, and troubleshoots on your behalf; a wedding coordinator has one of the biggest tasks in any wedding that's why you have to be sure that they are good.

As an event organizer, I have my own standards when it comes to great event handling that's why I had to research on who my wedding coordinator will be. After a lot of research, I settled down for this team and I'm glad that I did because they are amazing!

Day One Project is an event coordination specialist that specializes on socials (weddings, debuts, birthdays, etc.). Day One was recommended by a friend who got married and she vouched for their services; for wedding coordination, I wanted to hire a team that's been tried and highly recommended so I went for them right away, not to mention they're one of the most affordable in the industry.

Angela Ibarle of Day One Project

Angela is the sweet lady behind Day One. She's very prompt, knowledgeable, and my husband and I felt that she was really doing her job; she'd even update us often on our progress when we'd fall silent in our message thread just because we were so busy. In short, we felt that Day One did their job well.

We went for ON THE DAY COORDINATION: this package includes 3 meetings, a team with dedicated assistants for the bride and groom, text blast for guests, and overall wedding day assistance. They also offer other services such as Full Coordination and Half Way Coordination.

I went for On The Day Coordination because we were pretty much done with all the main elements of the wedding when we started working with Angela and her team; hubby and I figured that we only needed on ground support on the day of the wedding to head the event on our behalf.

Come wedding day, everything went smoothly; there were a few kinks due to many factors, but these are inevitable things in any event, but everything was pretty much under control, thanks to Day One. I had guests who are working in the event industry and they commended how smooth and organized my wedding was, all thanks to Day One. I highly recommend these guys!


1. The type of package that you will choose depends on your needs: if you're going to have a big wedding and very busy with work, full coordination may work for you; if you are pretty busy and need assistance after booking the main elements of a wedding namely venue, caterer, and photo and video team, half way coordination should suit you; if you're pretty much hands on like me, on the day coordination should work.

2. I highly suggest that you go for teams that have been tried by close friends.

I'd also like to share with you guys my cake for the wedding. Our wedding felt like a celebrity wedding because of this, and it's only P8k!

My 6 ft., boho wedding cake. Why settle for a tiny cake for a big occasion? :)

This is my cake by Caketella, the first cake rental service in Manila. As a cake person, I've always wanted a huge cake for my wedding, but since I don't have the budget for it, cake rental is the answer.

But what is Cake Rental? It's a wedding concept that I think will soon become very popular among wedded-to-be couples. Basically, the cake of cake rental is styrofoam lined with fondant and adorned with various accessories; cake sizes vary from three layers to 8 ft. and you can have the design customized; there's a slice of real cake in the cake tower for the cake cutting ceremony, plus Caketella will provide a personal cake for the couple and offers free delivery within Metro Manila. Best of all, the cake looks very real up close and from afar!

Cake Rental is the answer if you want your reception to look more festive, grand, and classy; it's the answer if you want a gigantic, celebrity- inspired cake without shelling out too much money; it will make your cake cutting ceremony more impressive...but at an affordable price.

There goes the third installment of my wedding journey. Tomorrow, I'll muse about my process in choosing the right wedding souvenirs for my guests!

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My directory of wedding suppliers:

Day One Project
Contact: Angela Ibarle- 0917 886 7441
Meg and Jane Studios
Contact: Jane Moreno- 0956 589 6568
Caketella Cake Rental http://facebook.com/CakeRentalPhilippines
Contact: Mac Chan 0908 894 0144
Shebby Chic Makeup Artistry
Contact: Shebby Liquete- 0917 673 5887
Raffy Viernes Couture
Contact: Raffy Viernes- 0917 722 7232
Zen Zest
Contact: Catherine Ong- 0917 559 9046
JS Mina
Hillcreek Gardens
Tita Sonya Tagaytay (Manuel Francisco)

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31 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Didn't know na may Cake Rental pla. Bongga sya kasi afford mo magkaron ng malaking cake to show sa guest na you have a big cake for cake cutting pero it's made of styro lang pala. Perfect sya sa mga on budget talaga. Reference ko tong blog mo Ms. M if ever na mag plan na kmi ni partner ng wedding. 😊😊😘

    1. Thanks, Lizlee! Super bonggang discovery ni Caketella!

  2. #RanAwayWithMartha

    naku hirap talaga pag big day pero worth it. lalo kung pinagplanuhan lahat bawat detalye

    1. True! Everything was absolutely worth it because my partner and I worked hand in hand too :) Welcome to the blog!

  3. Gorgeous cake!! Ganda tlga ng theme! we feel all the love sa wedding! Sarap tlga mainlove sa tamang panahon at tamang tao. ☺️😊😍

  4. Oh my is this even for real? Cake rental? Oh my this is so cool. Hahaha. But I want a real cake :D But it's still good to have something like this sana included yung price hihihi

    1. The price is 8k for this cake, but you will get a personal cake with your order. :)

  5. Let me just start by saying that THE CAKE IS UNBELIEVABLE! I love everything about it! The colors, the design, the details ugh it make me want to bake and eat a cake right now, being a total food lover and all. It's my first time knowing that these so-called cake rentals exist and I'm so glad you found the perfect one for you, Ms. Martha! This is such a big deal. Hands down to your wedding coordinator! Looks like they did a splendid job! Bongga! So glad that Day One Project got recommended to you. :) Looking forward to more of your posts!

  6. Only 8k? Wow! That's good news for budget conscious brides and grooms. Thanks for suggesting this wedding coordinator team. Yes it's true, it's better to get the one that friends have tried, and has great reviews, and most of all affordable. You look lovely in your photo here Ms. Martha. Gorgeous talaga!

  7. WOW!! I love this cake rental ngayon ko lang nalaman na pwede pala yung ganito. Thanks for this blog, napaka helpful ng mga tips.

  8. Good job Day One Project team!👍 That was an awesome cake Ms.M! panu kayo ng slice ng cake? sobrang taas hehe galing! well organized lahat, ang dami idea at tips na mkukuha dito. very helpful! bukas ulit goodnight Mr.& Mrs.Villarama. 😘

    1. There's only one edible slice and we were guided to it naman. :D

  9. Grabe Ms. Martha :) I am so amazed po sa details ng wedding mo :) I am thinking din po to get a wedding coordinator pero iniisp ko po mahal :( But based on your experience I should hire on in the future since pag wedding dapat relax lang and you're enjoying your day :) Super love ko ung cake nyo Ms. Martha! Nasa top 1 list ko po ito Ms. Martha :) Thank you!

    1. Oh you should definitely get a wedding coordinator! There's a lot of things going on in a wedding, not to mention, troubleshooting as well; you wouldn't want to take on this kind of stress on your wedding day! :)

  10. Wow. I didn't know na meron palang cake rental. I think that's a really good idea for those who want na bongga pa din without spending too much. 😊 Will wait for your upcoming wedding posts Ms.M. 😊😊

    1. Thank you! Glad you learned something from me today. :D

  11. I really like the idea na cake rental and good to know na pwede meron slice ng cake para hindi ma obvious na fake talaga sya. Kasi personally, i do not enjoy fondant icing and i think yun talaga dapat for wedding para hindi mag melt agad ang cake.Will definitely consider this cake rental. Great find!!

    1. True! Not a fan of fondant cakes so if the whole thing were real, I figured it would be such a waste. Thank God for cake rentals! :D

  12. Cool! 😎 from place, dress and now cake 🎂! Have rentals...dream wedding is can easily be at my reach...where can I get a rental husband to marry? Lol!

  13. Woaaaahhhh cake rental?! Ang cool naman ate martha! Hindi mo kailangan gumastos ng sobrang mahal 8K lang may panmalakasan cake ka na, grabe na amaze ako. 😊 And i love it, love the color, design and everything! Sobrang pak na pak ang wedding mo ate martha! 😍

  14. Your smiles on that last photo, priceless. :D
    Cake Rental is a nice concept. Just curious po, on your wedding cake, how many or which layers were edible? We had Red Ribbon for our wedding cake. Also affordable and delicious! :D

    1. Just one slice is edible; it's only for cake cutting purposes. :)

  15. First time to hear about cake rental! That’s an amazing concept. Usually, cakes are not really consumed during weddings so I guess this is really a great idea if you want to have a bonggang cake at an affordable price!

  16. During my planning, i realised din na the more popular yung coordinator, the more bookings they have and the less time they have para magfocus sa isang bride..so hindi din siya win win always... :(

  17. Their staff was amazing, lovely and truly professional. I could go on and on about these guys. All of the wait staff at these wedding venues NYC were great at their jobs but very warm and nice people. There is no better place in the city to get married and no better guide than their manager.


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