HOLY MOLY: The Face Shop X Marvel Makeup Collection!

Here's a review on The Face Shop X Marvel Makeup Collection.

PRICE: Jelly Eyeshadow Singles- P300.00+; Lipstick- P593.00; Mascara- P778.00; Cushion- P971.00; Mono Pop Eyes Eyeshadow Palette- P500.00+
FROM: Korea
OTHER LOCATIONS: No information


When I was younger, I associated myself more with super heroes as much as I did with Barbie; I've always been that girl who loves dressing up and playing with makeup, but would punch someone in the face if need be.

When The Face Shop announced their collaboration with Marvel, I activated one of my super powers, which is my skill in research, and found a seller who was able to source these for me.

Here's a look at THE FACE SHOP X MARVEL Limited Edition Makeup Collection!


Marvel X The Face Shop is a collection that features makeup and skin care for men and women. The line features Marvel's most popular super heroes namely Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow,  and Captain America.

I got a few pieces from the collection; I was so lucky because according to the seller (Omo Omo, btw), the collection is selling like hotcakes and it took her a while to curate this small collection for me.

The Matt Touch lipstick collection features Spiderman; the lipstick comes in a textured tube; the shade I got is PK05.

Inkgel Pencil Eyeliner features Iron Man, Black Widow, Spiderman, and Thor; this one is Iron Man.

Single Eyeshadow Jelly is a soft, jelly- like pigment with a high shimmer finish.


CR01- muted peach-champagne
BR01- Chocolate brown
RD01- Pinkish red
WH01- silver

These are soft eyeshadows that yield medium to heavy pigmentation; it can be worn alone or on top of an existing, more pigmented eyeshadow. However, since these are jelly eyeshadows, they are a bit delicate and will break easily from a hard fall.

Mono Pop Eyeshadow Palette features two shade collections: one with red and brown tones, and this, blue and pink tones. I am impressed at how pigmented and smooth these eyeshadows are; it's such a big improvement from the brand's previous formulas. That stark red with berry undertone swatch on the rightmost part of my arm is the Ironman Inkgel Liner- it's crazy pigmented and waterproof too!

2-in-1 Curling Mascara comes is innovative! It features a bigger wand for volume and a smaller wand for curling effects; the small wand is housed inside the big wand; so cool! The mascara also comes in 4 colors each represented by a fitting Marvel super hero.

Anti-Darkening Cushion features Captain America; this is one of my most favorite products in the collection because of the packaging. Coverage is medium to full, has no scent, finish is semi- matte, and has incredible staying power, making it great for oily skin; it took a hard rub (I eventually ended up removing it with cleansing oil) for me to get it off my hand! The shade I have is N203, a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone; it's two shades lighter than my skin tone so I fix it with contouring and shade- matching pressed powders.


I used the mascara here. Volume is okay; what's worth pointing out here is it helps keep lashes curled for hours and doesn't feel heavy at all, plus the small wand is amazing for coating the lower lashes. Formula is waterproof.

Wearing the lipstick, cushion, and eyeshadows here. My fave from the Jelly Eyeshadow collection is RD01; it brightens up the eyes and gives it a truly Kawaii look. The lipstick has a soft matte feel and finish, is pigmented, and doesn't dry out my lips. PK05 is a red pink shade and it flatters my warm skin a lot.

Anti-Darkening Cushion stays put on my combination oily-normal skin and it takes about 5 hours before my T-Zone oils up; very good, I must say.

The common denominators in all of the products are great staying power and pigmentation; fitting makeups for super gals indeed. The packaging is amazing too, most especially the cushion! The Marvel fan in me would like to thank The Face Shop for this amazing collaboration!

P.S. According to a source, this collection may come to the Philippines. LE GASP!

That said, what will you get from this collection?


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  1. I want my hands on that mascara. I love it!

  2. Hala ang cute! Ganda ng eyeshadow ate martha :) and also the cushion. omg holy grail ko ang mga yan!

  3. So cute talaga ng eyeshadow palette! Kainlove ang glitters! Hihi

  4. I hope available na siya soon here in PH!

  5. Love your blog!!!

    You are such an inspiration for me. I have never seen a blogspot domain as successful as this one... This is a huge inspiration for me :) and wanted my own blog to be successful as well...

    :) God bless always!!!


  6. I want to try the eyeshadow! Oh my that reddy color or like pink red or something looks really good. And all the packaging as well are amazing!

  7. Great!!! I really like the Design and I'm a big Fan of Marvel =)

  8. maganda lahat!! Pinakabet ko po ung mga Single eyeshadow jelly with a high shimmer finish. Super nakakaganda sa mata lalo na po sau madam..nakaka goddess look po! 😊😊😘

  9. Wow amazing makeup collections! daming bago hanggang tingin nlang hihi! 😛😲

  10. Oh my i love the cushion and the lipstick. Sorry ms martha but i cant wait for it to arrive in phil and the good thing is i can ask my korean friend to get it for me as he will arrive this 28th in manila. 😊😊😊 btw i love the shade of the lipstick u pick ms m it really flatters pinay's morena skin 😉

  11. I love the cushion and lippies. (Just figured out how to make comment sa mismong blog, muntikan na kong kainin ng fone ko! Hahaha). Kahit pricey, worth it namang bilin kasi maganda yung coverage. More more power ms martha! More blogs like this. Nakakatulong talaga to sa mga wanna be make up artist kagaya ko. 😁

  12. So pretty niyo po Ms. Martha! The reason why I really love your blog is because I want to hear your honest thoughts regarding the products that you already tried. :)

  13. Love the packaging! Hopefully it'll soon be available here in the PH. 😍

  14. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'm drooling over these! I'm such a geek when it comes to Marvel I swear I'd go crazy if these were to be released here! Although pricey, I'm glad the concepts for this line came to life! The quality looks good! I love the shades! I love everything about this ARJHGDHASDJA Thank you so much for sharing this, Ms. Martha! Can't wait 'till these hit the stores nearby!

  15. Cool makeup collection. Feeling ko I will be a superhero after using this. I feel so empowered!

  16. Grabe ang ganda ng mga babies mo ate! I want the single eyeshadows jelly yun nga lang bakit wala pa dito sa PH hahahaha sad 😞

  17. I love Marvel movies especially Captain America because Chris Evans is the perfect character for the role. And now a makeup line, my goodness these companies kept on coming up of good products


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