The Blow Dryer that doesn't leave your hair dry!

6 out of 7 days of the week, I can't go out with blow drying my hair; blame it on my pin- straight, thin hair that gets messy and blown when air- dried. Blow- drying my hair gives it more volume, makes it look decent and as if I have a lot of spare time to beautify myself (even if I left the dishes unwashed for when I get home).

Blow drying is as awful as it is awesome. Did you know that blow- drying remove surface moisture, causing hair to be dry, brittle, rigid, and frizzy? 

There's a blow dryer that I recently discovered; I've been using it for two weeks now and I'm happy to report that it doesn't cause hair to dry; instead, it infuses it with moisture!

Ladies, meet Nanoe; she's specifically Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer, a premium hair dryer powered by Nanoe technology.

The one I got is the foldable, travel version that comes with a detachable nozzle for spot drying. It comes in a glossy hot pink color (posh!) and don't be fooled by its size because this baby is lightweight.

How does Nanoe technology work? How is it beneficial to our hair?

Nanoe technology draws moisture from the air and pushes it back to the hair strands through the air that comes out of the blow dryer; as heat dries up your hair and opens up the shafts, moisture is pushed back, which is necessary in helping hair recover from styling. The two dots that seem like eyes on the top of the blow dryer are where the moisture- charged nano particles come out. Nano particles contain 1,000x more moisture particles than Ions (another blow dry technology) that's why it's much more effective in infusing moisture into the hair- the result is smoother, shinier hair with reduced breakage from brushing.

So how is my experience with Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer?

Two weeks into usage, here are my observations:

- It's definitely quieter than the other blow dry tools I own
- Blowing action is consistent and the configuration of the air pathway helps direct air to where it's intended, therefore maximizing use.
 - My hair dries faster with this one! I take 6 minutes with my other blow dryer and only 4 minutes with this one!
- What I love most about it: Smooth, soft hair that doesn't feel dry!

Nanoe particles are invisible to the naked eye, but the results are there, at least to me; for this product, to use is to believe and I'm glad I encountered this blow dryer! No more dry, frizzy hair for me!

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer is at P3,000.00+. Visit PANASONIC PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I encountered blow dry like face to face way back in college because my BFF used to have her hair blow dried when she's going to perform as it makes her hair straight (She has a super curly wavy, fluffy hair hahahahah) And it indeed by looking how her hair looks originally it uses a lot of heat. Then this is cool as it has moisturizing and blow drying effect all at the same time.

  2. Jessalee Dela FuenteSeptember 14, 2017 at 10:33 AM

    I need a hair dryer! Pero whoa 3k!

  3. Me too! Naghahanap ako ng hair dryer na hindi nakakadry. I also have thin hair although straight naman siya pero nagffly away kasi pag hindi maganda yung blow dryer na ginagamit ko. I might try this soon. Thanks Ms. Martha!

  4. Kahit medyo pricey siya, maganda naman ang quality I think. :)

  5. Whoa I just notice that faux fur so cute ;)

  6. Wow amazing product and amazing review. 😀 It True !! My experience pag blow dry my hair talagang nag dry ung hair ko nd brittle. This one i think ill give it a thumbs up. 🖒 Sana meron din siyang dupe parang makeup hehehe mas affordable.😁

  7. gaaadd. 3k for blower? Must buy parin.. kahit pricey kita naman na hindi nakakadry ng hair unlike yung bibili ka ng medyo mura tas masisira naman yyng hair mo. Better invest sa mga bagay na makakapagmaintain ng ganda na meron ka.. diba po ms Martha? Dami ko natutunan sa pagbabasa ng blog.. mamaya babalikan ko pa ulit yung ibang blog.. babasahin ko ulit sila isa isa. 😊

  8. Where did you buy this Ms M? I would like to have one as well. Blow dried hair gives my hair volume too.

  9. I've had bad experiences with blow driers growing up. :( That's why I only use it whenever I REALLY REAALLLLYY need to. (For events, etc.) My sense of hearing's very sensitive so I tend to abstain from using blow driers even if I want to. I usually end up using a fan for drying my hair especially when I'm on the go. Hindi ko talaga kaya na umaalis na basa yung buhok for some eason. It feel uncomfortable and tacky. Good thing this new one from Panasonic is more efficient than the older ones. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  10. Wow ang ganda neto ate martha! Yun lang talaga yung hindi maganda sa blower eh nakakadry, actually lahat naman pati pang curl at plantsa pang straight. But this one sounds interesting kaya lang wala pa akong 3K hahahahaha I would really love to have it because based on your review hindi sya nakakadry and di na frizzy hair mo. My hair will be always my biggest insecurity kasi super thick nya, wavy, dry and frizzy lalo na nga nung bata ako, hindi talaga maganda yung hair ko at hanggang now yun pa din ang problema ko gumagamit lang ako ng mga treatments like keratin pero di ko din ma maintain dahil minsan kulang talaga sa budget. Anw, thankyou for sharing this ate martha! 😊

  11. I used to blow dry my hair everyday and the result, of course dry hair. My mom kept on reminding me not to blow dry them but I didn't listen because nakakaloka sumakay ng jeep or publicg tranpo na tumutulo ang hair mo, but then I stopped it, tinamad na din ako and it takes me 30-45 mins to dry them because ang haba and ang kapal ng hair ko. But this product is a good news to us that wanted to blow dry hair everyday, I also love the color!


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