The Famous K-Beauty Toner: Mamonde Rose Water Toner Review and Price

Here's a review on Mamonde Rose Toner.

PRICE: Around P500.00+
FROM: South Korea
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through local resellers


This week, I've decided to blog about the most popular (which also happened to be my favorites) Korean beauty products and one of them is this toner with a cult following: Mamonde Rose Toner. This gentle toner is a favorite of many Korean girls who want soft, hydrated healthy skin! (Thanks to my friend, Sophie, for this wonderful pasalubong from Korea!)


Mamonde Rose Water Toner contains 90.89% Bulgarian Rose extract obtained through a low temperature distillation process that retains the extract's key ingredients and benefits; it's a gentle, hydrating toner that's good for sensitive skin and is free from synthetic pigment, animal oil, and mineral oil.


Product comes in 250ml and 500ml; it comes in a frosted plastic bottle with a flip top cap, but the cap on my bottle is loose so I have to keep it standing up; could be an isolated issue though.

I mentioned at the first part that it is 'obtained through low temperature distillation process'; how is this critical to producing this extract? According to some articles I've read, Rose Water is obtained by "cooking" the Rose petals; however, some manufacturers can burn the petals pretty hard that a significant amount of the potent compounds are lost during distillation, thus resulting to low quality Rose Water. With Mamonde's product, the low temperature process extracts the water (and oil) while maintaining as much of the important compounds as possible. The labels are in Korean and I couldn't understand a thing, but I read in one blog post saying that this is primarily made up of Rose Water, but has other emollients such as Glycerin and Castor Oil to help keep skin stay hydrated.

First, this product smells AMAZING; it's laced with the beautiful scent of Rose due to the Rose Water extract. Consistency is literally like water and has no color.

I've been using this toner for a month now and I particularly love it for the sensation it gives me; I feel pretty whenever I use this product because FYI, that's what the fragrance of Rose really does to the senses! Not only that, this toner is gentle: it doesn't sting, doesn't have a strong alcohol scent, yet it manages to remove trace dirt from the skin. My face immediately feels balanced after usage as well and overall, my skin feels much more hydrated.

Addendum: A month and 2 weeks of usage and I've noticed that my skin feels bouncier now and I haven't been breaking out! My skin looks and feels healthier overall!

This toner performs great overall and I can see why it's a hit: it's gentle, smells good, hydrates, and cleans without the need for alcohol! A must try for any skin type, specifically those with dry skin!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You should try their mamonde rose water soothing gel I super love it.

  2. Woah! I want to try this as well parang ang sarap sa feeling.

  3. I love the pinky packaging! I think yan na ang pinka d'best na rose water na nagamit mo Ms. Martha.

  4. Perfect! I love its packaging! Hihi So girly :)

  5. Pag korean skin care gamit ko, feeling ko napakasmooth ng skin ko kahit hindi. hahaha Thanks for this Ms. Martha!

  6. Aa of now puro local toners palang nattry ko kasi sa twing maghahanap ako nito, lagi akong nauubusan. Pero walang sukuan, kailangan maitry ko rin to since minsan yung local toners dito sa pinas hindi na ko tinatablan.. thank you ms martha for this review!

  7. I have got to get me one of these! Toners are a must in a K-beauty routine. Products, especially toners that contain rose water extract has been raved for months now by some ig bloggers. Hopefully this will help people (like me) who suffer from breakouts and eczema. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha! :)

  8. Woooahhhh good for dry skin 😍 I want! Nakakatakot lang bumili minsan sa reseller eh kailangan maingat tayo. Thanks for sharing ate martha! 😘

  9. I hope this will be available in Althea soon I wanted to try it, I am using a rosewater too and it's a locally made one, nabibili ko lang siya sa bazaars but meron siyang online shop kaso hassle ugn shipping kaya inaabangan ko talaga siya sa bazaar.

  10. I'm on my 3rd bottle na Miss Martha and I'm never going back!! Super love ko itong toner na ito kaya nung nakita ko syang buy 1 take 1 for 15000 KRW sa Aritaum sa Korea, talagang napabili ako!!! 💖


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