Brow Cushion for your brows? I tried it and here's what I think.

Skin Potions Brow Cush Brow Cushion review.

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I realized that the liquid brow product is such a versatile format because you can achieve natural to dramatic brows with it minus the effort. Brow Cushion is a rising format for liquid brow products out there.

Skin Potions Browcush Brow Cushion is the first of its kind I've tried and I've been using it ever since because it's so convenient and lets me do a lot of brow looks and finishes!


Skin Potions Browcush is an innovative brow product that promises to provide a natural finish; it comes in shades 1 and 2.

Skinpotions Brow Cush comes with a cute, foldable dual- ended spoolie+angled brush. I actually like using the applicators that came with it because the brush as the right flexibility and sturdiness to it and the spoolie works fine.

If you look closely, there's a darker portion (left) and lighter portion (right). You can use either of the two or both for ombre brows.

The shade I have is #2; left one is the darkest shade and right one is the lightest shade. I tend to use the darker one more and sometimes, the lightest when creating hair- like strokes at the edge of my brows.

Consistency is liquid, texture is light, and sets efficiently into a no- budge finish. It is unscented.


Bare brow

With Skin Potions Brow Cush

This product is very easy to use and lasts the whole day; I can even use it during a work out and it doesn't come off, but it rinses off easily with cleansing oil or a lip and eye makeup remover.

What's the advantage of Brow Cushion over other brow product formats?

1. For brow gel lovers, it provides the same dramatic effect and 'painting' experience that some people love about this product (me!) minus the waxiness and effort.

2. It can provide light, moderate, heavy color payoff; it's like having a brow pencil, liquid liner, and brow gel in a cushion.

3. Compared to a liquid liner, Brow Cushion can be more pigmented.

4. Since cushion packaging is designed to deliver product gradually, it's perfect for those who have heavy hands.

5. Cushion packaging allows enough air to pass through the product, preventing it from becoming stale.

One note regarding cushion packaging: always keep the lid closed if you are not using it because the product will dry up faster than usual.

I love using Skin Potions Brow Cush lately or Brow Cushion for that matter because it's like I have all the brow products in one handy compact!


Please visit SKIN POTIONS on Facebook for more details about the product.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! it really looks beautiful po sa mata nyo.

  2. Wow! Ngayon ko lng nalaman na may brow cushion na din pala 😍 Sa TonyMoly ung Blusher cushion nila is one of my fave. And yung sa Cathy Doll ph na Contour cushion, nakaka intriga din. And now, itong Brow Cushion for Skin Potion is a must try! Ang affordable din sa price range na 299. Ang kainaman pa nito, its easy to use. Ang light lang nya pero tumatagal ng whole day. Diba ang bongga! Want to try this for my kilay goals! 💓

  3. kakaiba sya ah! parang mapagkakamalan ko yang foundation or pang contour kit hehe. Over all maganda po and very easy to apply nga po eh, gusto ko yan! d rin heavy yung shade kapag nilagay na sa brows, yan lang po oks nako.

  4. OMG! Ms. Martha gling tlga ng skin potions lging my bgo lakas mka cc nito. Mukhng promising po nito. Sna matry ko eto kc bet ko din mga cc, mukhng mdli lng xang gmitin din. Kilay is life tlga!

  5. I have to test this on my upcoming hiking trip.

  6. I will buy po nito, na check ko na din po sa FB nila after ng sale sa Lazada punta ako SM Mega para bumili nito... nagustuhan ko po thank you po sa pag review

  7. Yep, another local product that is very promising! Finofollow ko sila sa IG and have also purchased some of their products already. Mukhang ayos din itong Brow Cushion nila kasi very handy! Then less touch ups pa, amazing!

  8. HALA <3 It's my first time to know that a cushion, specifically for brows (!!!), exist! Not only hat, but it's available for 299 PHP???? GRABE. I have got to get me one of these! I'm very impressed becauseof the ratings as well. THanks for sharing this holy grail, Ms. Martha!

  9. Wow! Another great make-up for brows! Because you know, kilay is life! To be honest, kilay is my most favorite part of my face that’s why I always highlight it by using make-ups. I’m currently using k-palette’s brow mascarra or BYS brow powder. I think another line will be added to my “kilay is life” must-haves!

  10. Yay! Ang ganda ng Brow Cushion na to ah! Thanks for this Review Ms.martha. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may Brow cushion pala. Ang ganda ng finish nya. Very light and Natural ang dating. Walang buo buo unlike eyebrow pencil and gel. So pwedeng pwede pala ito sakin dahil ang bigat ng kamay ko ( sa totoo lang ). Thank you again Ms.Martha!

  11. Been trusting Maybelline for my kilay goals but this really got me with your ratings. Just woooow!!! Will definitely check it out for myself. Thanks for the review Ms. Martha!


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