Fashion21 Double Up Mascara

Fashion21 Double Up Mascara review.

PRICE: P239.00
FROM: Landmark, Festival Mall, Alabang
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading department stores


Fashion 21 is one of the brand's best- selling products, thanks to Beauty vloggers, bloggers, and gurus who have been raving about how good this product is. I picked up a tube when I passed by their stall in a mall and have been using it for about a week now.

Is it really as good as Beauty influencers say?


Double Up mascara is a lengthening mascara that promises to make lashes two times longer and stronger. It promises to be long- lasting and comes in one shade, black.

For starters, I think the packaging of this mascara looks quite stylish. I like the popping red color and the shape of the tube.

The applicator is a plastic bristle with evenly- spaced bristles, which is a giveaway that this is a lengthening mascara. I have a slight aversion to plastic bristles because they feel a bit irritating when they touch the underside of the lids, but I'm pleased to know that this one has soft, rounded plastic bristles that don't irritate at all. P.S. I love using this wand on my lower lashes!

A lot of beauty influencers, particularly vloggers would sing praises for this mascara; I've watched videos saying "It's the best", "it's amazing", "i love it", and so on so I had to try it myself. Here's how the product fared on me:

Bare lashes

One coat

Hmmm. Promising. I like the pigmentation and the way it lifted my lashes. 

Second coat

The product has a smooth cream texture and it doesn't dry up quickly plus has a tendency to clump and give a spider lashes effect; that is if you try to go beyond the second coat so I would advise you to stop by this round. The mascara gives a pretty good lengthening and defining effect in the first two rounds so no need for a third.

It lasts the whole day, but it is not tagged as waterproof so I don't use it to my work out. 

Formula can be a bit better, but I can see why this mascara is well- loved by some because it has its merits: One, it lengthens effectively, two, it lifts lashes and keeps it that way for hours, lastly, it lasts long. It's a breath of fresh air from Maybelline and other popular mascara brands in the market, and I can see myself picking up another tube when I finish this one because the wand is so perfect for my lower lashes!

Have you tried this mascara already? What's your verdict?


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  1. I remember using Fashion 21 make-up when I was still studying in college. The brand is affordable and it really offers great products. Hooray for this red tubed mascara!!! Can you also try the Benefit Bad gal mascara? :)

  2. Fiona Aileen ValleMarch 7, 2018 at 9:47 PM

    Fanatic po ako ng Fashion 21 before bago lumabas ang giants ng make-up industry. Naalala ko having the concealer, blush on pati eyeshadow girl. At dahil sa review na ito, gusto ko ulit balikan yung brand para matry yung mascara. ��

  3. Wow it separates your lashes beautifully.

  4. isa yan sa gusto ko itry. ok na lashes ko sa mascara kya dina need mg falsies minsan curl nlang. hehe

  5. WOW! Kudos to Fashion 21! Akala ko before same sila ng Forever 21 LOL! Also isa sila sa may mga affordable makeups. Would love to try this one.


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